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Vape Shop Openings On The Rise In the UK

The number of vape shop openings in the UK has been on the increase, with roughly 800 of more than 1,700 shops launching in just the last year alone.

Despite concerns over the longterm health effects of vapor products, shops that carry e-cigarette products and accessories are exhibiting signs of success, with the highest concentration of stores located in the North of England, Scotland and London, according to ECigIntelligence.

Studies released by some public health experts in the UK, including the Royal College of Physicians, whose findings last year suggested that vapor products are 95 percent less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, have provided incentive for vapers there to kick the habit and replace it with vaping.

The Royal College has even told its 52,000 members to recommend patients looking to quit smoking to switch to e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative, according to the Daily Mail.

That push seems to have been a heavy influence on public opinion as there are now more than three million vapers in Britain who are convinced that vaping is better for their health compared to conventional smoking.

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