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Vape Master Mobile Game Takes A Shot At Vaping


In the world of mobile gaming it would be hard to miss a game app that didn’t try to capitalize on a popular trend or draw inspiration from themes rooted in cultural relevancy.

It was only a matter of time then before an overzealous game developer trained his crosshairs on vaping, grinned and pulled the trigger.

Enter Vape Master.

The Vape Master mobile game released Jan. 5 puts players in the shoes of a vape avatar that blows clouds and avoids the clutches of security guards.

Released on January 5 and available on both Android and iPhone, the premise of the game is to select your vaper and earn coins toward upgrading your vape gear arsenal by blowing the perfect cloud and vaping in bars, theaters and stadiums while attempting to escape being thwarted by security guards.

The game ends when the battery of your in-game vape device dies or when time during each playable round runs out, with points scored against you for coughing on a deep lung hit.

It’s hard to measure the success of a game of this type, or to predict its impact whether good or bad, but don’t be surprised if the kid sitting across from you on the subway who’s prodding his iPhone’s touch screen just happens to be the next vape master in training.

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