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Vape Ban Considered In Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County

The use of vapor products could be prohibited in select areas if included in a countywide ban that already applies to cigarette smoking in Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

The county’s Board of Health recommended a ban on vaping in public places back in November, which is now being considered by Allegheny County Council members who will likely send the proposal to a committee for review, according to Trib Live.

The proposal calls for vaping to be banned everywhere that cigarette use is currently banned, and this includes enclosed workplaces, schools, theaters, restaurants and transit stations.

The state’s Clean Indoor Air Act would allow for vaping to continue in bars, private residences, private social functions, and tobacco shops, which include vape shops, Trib Live reports.

During a County Council meeting held last month, public commenting was welcomed with half of the respondents showing support for the ban and the other half voicing their strong disapproval.

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