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Two Suspects Filmed Burglarizing Iowa Vape Shop

Surveillance footage captures a robbery at the Central Iowa Vapors store in Des Moines, Iowa early Tuesday morning with as much as $5,000 in stolen merchandise reported. (Photo Credit: Central Iowa Vapors/Special to the Register)

Two unidentified persons were filmed breaking into the Central Iowa Vapors storefront early Tuesday morning and making off with as much as $5,000 in stolen merchandise.

At roughly 4:30 a.m. the two robbers struck the glass door of the family-owned-and-operated vape shop, badly cracking it and setting off the store’s motion detector before fleeing the scene, according to Ashley Lambson-Halfhill, director of marketing for the Central Iowa Vapors chain of stores.

Lambson-Halfhill reported that the vape shop’s security provider called about the breach, but told the shop that no one had actually entered the store, according to The Des Moines Register.

Sometime after the call from the security provider the two suspects returned when they realized that the alarms weren’t triggered, before making their way inside, The Register reports.

“They popped back later and the guy barreled his whole body through the glass,” Lambson-Halfhill said.

The duo spent less than a minute grabbing whatever products they could carry while the store’s alarms pierced the air.

Central Iowa Vapors released the surveillance footage on their Facebook page and are requesting that anyone able to recognize the burglars from the footage or has information about the theft to report it to the Des Moines Police Department.

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