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FDA Issues Updated Compliance Policy For Vape Shops


The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) deeming rule governing vapor products took effect August 8, 2016 with many vape shop owners and employees unsure of exactly what updated practices to employ when selling to and assisting their clientele.

Until now.

A recent document released by the FDA provides current and detailed information regarding compliance for vape shop owners and employees, and the news is being celebrated for changes made that benefit customer relations.

Previously, many vape retailers interpreted the regulations as being such that they could not perform services including changing coils, assembling a device and discussing how it functions, along with performing simple repairs and general troubleshooting.

Some of these activities were thought to classify those who performed them as tobacco manufacturers and outside of being one those activities would be strictly prohibited under law.

Without qualifying a vape shop as a tobacco manufacturer, staff can explain how to use a store product, employees can clean and perform maintenance on a purchased product, they can replace coils with new and identical ones, and they can assemble a product for the customer from the components packaged with the device.

The FDA also allows for the refilling of tank systems so long as no modifications are made outside of what is recommended by the product’s manufacturer.

The announcement does specify that replacing coils with anything other than included stock coils is still prohibited, which means that shop employees still cannot build for customers.

To read the new FDA compliance document, click here.

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