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SEO for Your Vape Business (And Why You Need It)


Many business owners groan at the term SEO, either because they haven’t had the time to really understand what it means and why they need it, or because they’ve been burned in the past by rouge black hat SEO agencies that have over promised – or worse – gotten their companies under a Google penalty. When you’re already working in an industry like vaping and that tends to raise eyebrows, you need to be working your white hat SEO and building up as much qualified traffic to your site as possible. Here are a few reasons why you need SEO for you vape business.

Your Business is Online

With an estimated 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, even if you have a physical store where you sell your ejuice, tanks and coils, you’ll need to be visible online. And that doesn’t just mean getting a website designed. Your potential customers need to be able to find you online, so you’ll need to apply intelligent SEO strategies that will increase your ranking and make sure you attract the right customers.

You Can Implement SEO According to Your Budget

SEO is a very cost-effective way of generating conversion. And the great thing is, it doesn’t have to take a huge budget to do it. Much of SEO is really about common sense now that the age of keyword stuffing is behind us and Google’s crawl has become more intelligent.

Metrics such as bounce rate and time spent on page are now as important (if not more important) that total traffic. What does that mean? That you need to focus on providing your customers with high quality, relevant and interesting content that is targeted to them. You can also create a vaping blog, update your social media profiles and other SEO related strategies that are scalable to your budget.

Optimizing Your Content is Easy

While you need to make sure that your website content is well written and that your blog articles are relevant and shareable; make sure that you keep in mind the nature of your business – vaping – and that your content has the right keyword density to ensure it is optimized.

If you have entire site sections or articles that don’t mention keywords, such as eliquid or vaping, then your content is not optimized. Take the opportunity of using Meta information to boost your SERP and ensure that you include keywords in your on-page titles, Meta titles and descriptions.

You Can Increase Traffic with Alliances

Finally, there’s no better way of getting qualified traffic to your site than by building up quality links from respectable blogs and sites. Try to write articles that will be of interest to other blog’s readers, who are into vaping, and include a link to your website. Share the love and do the same on your own blog.

And if you can get endorsed by an opinion leader or local celebrity who’s a fan of vaping, then take advantage of all the potential traffic and leads that you can generate. The importance of SEO will only increase moving forward, so start implementing some of these tactics into your online strategy today and help secure the future of your vape business.