September 2016

Let’s Ask GrimmGreen



How are the deeming regulations going to affect your videos and business?

Ralph Bennett – Flagstaff, Arizona

Hey Ralph, Absolutely the regulations are going to affect us. They are going to affect everyone. At Namberjuice, we are completely committed to the registration process, and fully intend to have all our products registered before the December deadlines. On top of that, we’ve been working with all our suppliers and plan to also meet the secondary deadlines for full ingredients registrations for all our products. The future is not entirely clear for the industry, but we’re committed to meeting every registration deadline along the way.

As far as YouTube goes, weekly reviews of new products will be a thing of the past. The fact of the matter is that since August 8 has passed, there will simply be no more new products to review. At least in the US market. Youtubers will have to adapt to this if they want to continue going. I have lots of vape and non vape related content planned for the future that I think people will be excited about, as well as loads of advocacy related content as well.


Hi Grimm,

As a vaper, the stress of all this FDA mess is really getting to me. Am I personally going to see any difference or does this only really affect business owners? Thanks for your work as an advocate!

Jeff Stalin – Bangor, Maine

Hey Jeff. Over the next 24 months what you will see happen is lots of vendors, shops and manufacturers closing down. The PMTA process for the FDA regulations is incredibly expensive (think millions of dollars) and even the large scale vape companies won’t be able to afford it. After August 8th of this year, there is a federally mandated “freeze” on the industry, meaning to no products can be released. No innovation, no new atomizers or mods. No DNA300 boards and no new liquid lines. What we have now, is what we will potentially have forever — unless we can change the law.

So to make a long answer short, yes, you will see a huge difference. Less options, less stock, less reviews, higher prices and no new products whatsoever.



How did you grow your name within the community? What does a typical day look like for Grimm Green?


Eduardo Torres – San Diego, California

Hey Eduardo. Great question actually. I never set out to grow my name, or create a brand. All i’ve ever wanted to do is maybe help some people have a good vaping experience. Of course, now it has become a full time job. A typical day is hard to explain — a typical week might be better. Monday is full on correspondence day, lots of e-mails/comments/social media. Tuesday is a lot of the same in addition to VLOG prep. Gathering lots of links, getting my beer lined up, and making sure all my first impressions are ready to go. Tuesday night is when I shoot the VLOG which takes anywhere from 3-4 hours. Wednesday is VLOG editing day, I’ve gotten pretty fast at it, but it still takes 4-5 hours of editing, in addition to the rendering and uploading time.

Thursday is VLOG day, so lots of comments and e-mails. Thursday we also record the Culture Of Clouds podcast, which is a 3-4 hour process from beginning to end. Friday is when I do the live streaming advocacy show with Kevin Skipper at 9 a.m.. I also spend Friday shooting my weekly review videos for the following week, which from beginning to end including the editing process takes probably 12+ hours. I try to take at least one weekend day off. But those days are usually filled with e-mail and other correspondence. I start work every day at 8 a.m. and don’t stop usually until after midnight. If I’m awake, I’m working. I try to fit in correspondence time as often as I can.

Also day-to-day Namberjuice operations and decisions/meetings are sprinkled in there as well throughout my days. Needless to say, I keep myself pretty busy these days.