September 2014

VAPE Vixen: Candy Mefferd

I'm a Oklahoma girl, but I live in Nebraska, an area filled with corn fields and small towns, where it would come as no surprise that if you had asked me anything about vaping more than about a year and a half ago, I could honestly tell you that I’d never even heard of such a thing. As far as e-cigs went, all I really knew of them were the cheap ones that were sold at the local gas stations.

About half a year ago, when I was approached with the opportunity to help found an e-cig store, I knew a little about the topic, but decided to do a little bit of research first. What I found changed entirely the way that I look at smoking and vaping. I realized then that through this store, we could create so much more than just another place that sells e-cig supplies. We could change the way e-cig and vaping stores were viewed.

In the beginning I had a tough time with people leasing me a nice building because they wouldn’t lease to vape stores in the nicer, more upscale areas. I think their view of vape stores was that they were these dumpy old cig shacks that they were used to seeing on every corner. My vision was to create an upscale place to vape and to buy top of the line e-cig products. I also wanted to show people that vaping isn’t something you have to do out back by the trash bin in a little designated section like smokers have to do with cigarettes nowadays.

Vaping isn’t so much something you do, but it has become it’s own sort of lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to a healthier life by quitting smoking with a simple starter kit, or an enthusiast who can spend hours working on building the perfect coil setup in your newest mod, or anywhere in-between, vaping fits numerous lifestyles. I quickly saw just how appealing this lifestyle is.

In a few short years, I went from barely knowing a thing about e-cigs and vaping to being a partner in owning a few e-cig and vape stores.

The key to our stores is simple: we don’t aim to sell somebody a product, we aim to promote a lifestyle, a healthier choice. Where instead of coming home smelling like an ashtray and smoke, you smell like pina colada, mocha, cinnamon or mint chips. Yes the e-juice smells that good! My favorite e-juice is Backstage Blends Metal Milk.

A lot of people are still unsure about what vaping is. I want to change that. That’s also why I decided to create the Vi Vape Girls for promo events to help vaping get noticed more. Our stores have the chill vibe of a lounge. It even has it in our name, “Vi E-cig and Vape Lounge.” It is a place that allows those who vape to kick back, relax and sample flavors, as well as to socialize with others in the vaping community and to exchange ideas. It is for the starters to the extremists, and everybody in between and beyond. Like I said, from everyone from those who may be completely new to vaping, as I was not so long ago, to those who view it as I do now, a lifestyle, we all have one thing in common, and it’s the love to vape. 

-Vape on, my friends.