October 2016

A Staggered Mess


In the last two articles we’ve covered the Fused Clapton in two variations. This article we’ll be covering yet another variation but a variation that, much like the tri-core alien, brings what seems to be a depth to the flavor production that the “standard” Fused Clapton just doesn’t offer and is somewhat of a markable difference.

As I stated previously, the Fused Clapton is in fact a much more flavorful vaping coil than your standard macro coil. After all,, the wetter the coil the cooler the coil will be which allows a much more flavorful experience. However, when that vapor production is happening with a “standard” Fused Clapton the two cores are making direct contact with one another. Hence the term, “fused.” The contact that is made with some other variations of builds can allow for a bit of clogging of vapor exhaustion which will heat up that vapor. So, staggering the Clapton is the solution to what some may view as an issue.

The issue being that when e-juice reaches a high temperature it can become unsafe so we as builders, well some of us, seek out ways to keep those builds cool while keeping a consistent and even wicking ability to the coil itself.

Staggering or spacing higher gauge wire over a lower gauge core wire then fusing that wire together will create a space where the fused portion is the is what is touching and leaves a bit of breathing room in-between. This boule type will still achieve the desired capability that the “standard” fused Clapton offers as far as trapping juice and wicking well but those spaces that are created seem to add that depth of flavor by allowing a bit more juice to be trapped in-turn allowing the coil to stay cooler during its ramp up until finally VAPORS!

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This type of build during its conception was some what of a wasteful build type. While this coil type was innovated by @squidoode on Instagram I personally learned how to build this type of coil by watching the Staggered Clapton build video tutorial on TwistedMesses YouTube channel where Kent shows how to parallel wrap the wire and then remove one of them to create the spacing. Again, this method is how I make these coils to this day. However, @r4yb4d_tvl introduced a loop method for creating that same consistent spacing that most builders use and is much more efficient in the usage of wire. To see this method in use check The Art of Vaping and Effect Coil Art on YouTube where @squidoode and @d4vidsm17h show how this loop method can be applied.

The staggered fused Clapton because of not only its functionality but sexiness brought on an onslaught of variations with staggering such as, the staggered framed staple, the staple staggerton, half stagger, staggered framed multicore, multicore stagger where up to 13 cores of 30 gauge have been used, staggered aliens etc, etc…

My suggestion, if you’re a new builder, be sure to know your batteries limits and the limits of your device.

Don’t be silly and go messing up that pretty face that your mother worked so hard on creating by experimenting with low ohm builds in an unsafe manor.

Also, take a few minutes and check out those tutorial videos. They are well worth your time and those gentlemen know what they are talking about when it comes to successfully pulling off these builds and are doing you a great service by telling you what you’ll need know in order to do so.

Please advocate for your right to continue vaping with the latest products on the market! Write letters, send emails, do all you can to keep this industry alive. Thank you.

Sam McClelland
@Build_Mode Hunk