October 2016

A Letter from the Right 2 Be Smoke Free Coalition


Dear readers,

The Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition continues to build steam as they prepare for their big day in Washington DC on October 11th. No, that’s not a typo, the date has been pushed forward from October 19th. RSF has always wanted an expedited trial, and now it looks like they are just that much closer to their day in court.

So what has happened in the last few weeks? To be honest, quite a bit. Back in July, both NicoPure and RSF filed their motion for summary judgment. In simple terms, they asked Judge Jackson to review their motion and find both parties in their favor. The FDA was quick to file their own cross motion for summary judgement asking the court to rule in their favor.

On August 16th 2016, RSF and Nicopure filed their joint response to FDA’s cross motion for summary judgement. As this article was being typed out, the FDA finally responded. It’s become completely evident that they are sticking to their guns. So much so that it honestly feels like they are not even reading RSF’s pervious responses. This will no doubt make for an interesting day in court.

Then there is the Right to Vape Fundraising Campaign. This campaign (organized by Rip Tripper) was put in motion to crowd source funds to aid in industry legal fees and lobbying. With $201,000 raised to date, there is a new sense of hope in the air that has been seemingly absent over the years. With 25% of the donations going to RSF, as per Greg Conley, RSF stands to receive $50,000 towards their mounting legal fees. This is nothing short of awesome.

One thing is for certain. No matter what happens on October 11th, there will be an appeal. This battle is far from over. Please visit www.r2bsmokefree.org to make a contribution and become a member.

Brian Michael Walters