October 2015

TECH REFLECT: The ProVape ProVari P3


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Words and photos by Chris Mellides

Since its first product release in 2010, ProVape has been revered for the quality and reliability of its devices. The U.S.-based company was created in 2009 after one of its founding partners purchased and essentially reengineered one of the first e-cigarettes to be commercially available in China.

Out of that initial tinkering, ProVape was born, and with a large team of engineers it witnessed four significant product launches, the latest being the ProVari P3.

The P3 is constructed out of top-grade stainless steel, utilizes an enhanced menu system and has many built-in safety features (one of ProVape’s top priorities), including thermal monitoring, reverse battery protection, overcurrent protection and over discharge protection.

The P3 is both a variable voltage and variable wattage device. In voltage mode, the mod is capable of being adjusted from 2.9-6.0 volts in 0.1 increments. And in wattage mode, it is capable of operating between 3-20 watts in 0.2 increments. The mod’s flat-top design and self adjusting center pin ensure compatibility with most tanks and atomizers on the market, and the device’s P3 threading allows for third party tanks and atomizers with complementary threading to “hybrid” on to the P3 for a more minimalistic look with a shorter overall profile. For instance, the Kayfun V4 by SvoёMesto has P3 threading and does look rather nice on the P3.

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Now, the menu of the P3 is certainly not for the timid. At first glance, it looks busy and confusing. And in a lot of ways, when you first start handling the device, it is. However, the same can be said of my ProVari 2.0. You just have to adjust to the learning curve.

What throws off a lot of people is the one-button interface that’s become synonymous with the ProVari product line. That one button, while easily accessible and a pleasure to use, is your only tool for firing the device, powering it on and off, and rifling through an expansive menu where you can customize just about everything, from your desired voltage or wattage, to your saved setting profiles, and even the color of your button’s LED.

One of the new features of the P3 is the HotShot Boost mode. This allows the user to get a spurt of additional power for increased vapor that lasts for a second or two on every inhale. It’s an interesting feature—one that, while noticeable, isn’t particularly striking. I found myself setting it once and forgetting about it almost entirely.

Another interesting thing I’ve found is that the internal firmware of the P3 is upgradable. The most striking update that comes preloaded on all new ProVari P3 models is dubbed “Version 38,” and it allows the device to sub- Ohm down to 0.5 Ohms, where previously, the device could only fire as low as 0.7 Ohms.

This was a good move on ProVape’s part, considering that it wasn’t long after the P3’s initial launch that our friends from China started pumping out sub-Ohm clearomizers like the $#@% was going out of style.

However, it is important to note that while the P3 is capable of firing sub-Ohm builds, this is not a mod for us cloud chasers. And it wasn’t designed to be one. ProVape has been very vocal about their noninvolvement in the wattage wars, and instead, they’ve chosen to focus on producing well-made, solid products that perform well for 85 percent of vapers—i.e., their target market. And in that respect, ProVape has achieved this in spades.

With that said, if you’re hip to RDAs and are looking for a new device, it’s probably wise to steer clear of the P3. Although, I’ll be the first to admit that a 1.6 Ohm build on my Kayfun Lite Plus pairs nicely with the P3.

The bottom line is that if you’re just someone who’s looking to quit smoking and is not concerned with blowing clouds or solely using rebuildables, but instead just wants a single device and a simple tank to last them well past the Second Coming, then the ProVari P3 is the “it” thing.

The ProVari P3 is available in various styles and finishes for the starting price of $199.95 and is available online directly through ProVape or at a number of its authorized resellers.

Chris Mellides began vaping in 2012 and witnessed the rise and fall of the cartomizer tank firsthand. A multimedia journalist, he has contributed to various local and national publications and has worked for WSHU Public Radio. Mellides takes an honest approach to reviewing the latest vaping hardware, separating the diamonds from the rough and suggesting where your money might be better spent. He works weekends at one of the first vape shops to launch on Long Island and lives in a fortified compound near Queens, N.Y.