October 2015



People ask me all the time if VAPE is a business-to-business or business-to consumer. The answer is that it’s both. We try to focus on every genre of the industry that’s out there, but the exciting thing is that there are so many subcultures in our industry that editorial space in each issue is at a premium. I recently had a conversation at San Antonio’s Vape Blast with an industry professional, and we almost said in unison: “This industry has everything from your 80-year-old grandma who just quit smoking to the 20-year-old who just wants to cloud chase.” And, it’s true. We have vapers who are trying or who have been successful in quitting smoking, cloud chasers, hobbyists, advocacy vapers, vaping events planners, vaping “celebs,” those who vape simply because of the business they are in, and yes, we have those high school kids who are curious about what vaping is, just like the generation before who were curious about cigarettes. Gosh, what an interesting time it is to be a writer.

For October’s issue, we threw it back to the thousands of people who thankfully read VAPE, with our first-ever Readers’ Best Survey. In August, we sent out a questionnaire on social media and via email, plugging this write-in survey. You, the people, chose your favorites in a multitude of categories, such as Best VAPE Column, Best E-Liquid, Favorite Personality and Best Regional Shop. We’re proud and excited to announce the winners and send a hearty congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

As we head into the fall season, I urge to you stay involved. Whether it is pitching me an awesome story that you’ve heard through the industry grapevine, attending an event or joining our many organizations that are fighting for your rights, being an avid vaper is a very important part of how we stand today.

Happy reading.

– Alyssa Stahr