October 2015



By Nick Green Photo by Metal Jeff

Should I stick to an Atlantis or buy a Kanger Mini?

– Vinny

Hey Vinny! If you like the Atlantis tanks, then chances are you will also like the Kanger tanks. They are very similar in design and airflow. The great thing about the Kanger Mini is that it does come with an RBA (rebuildable) head. So, you can build your own coils as opposed to buying new coils every time they burn out. The RBA head does take up more space inside the tank, so you will lose a bit of juice capacity, but it’s still very cool. When I’m using the Kanger Mini, I’m always using the RBA base. Saves some money on those coil purchases.

Hope that helps out!

– Grimm

I was curious about the Maganus DVC tank. Do you know the life expectancy of coils on average?

– Dizzy Murray

The Maganus is a great tank. The same goes for that tank that goes for a lot of other tanks. The coils should last a decent amount of time. In my experience I’ve got anywhere from two to three weeks on one coil. That isn’t always set in stone, however. Some coils seem to last longer than others. So, don’t give up if you get a coil that only lasts a few days. Just try another one and hope for the best. I also generally only change my coils when I notice a significant drop in flavor or performance.

– Grimm