October 2014

What’s Your Number?

By Alyssa Stahr

When Mike Baucum began vaping a year ago, he had just gotten married and his wife was done with his cigarette habit. He tried everything to quit smoking, bought an ego kit for $100, and found a home within the e-cigarette culture and lifestyle.

Baucum enveloped himself into the vaping community of Phoenix, Ariz. and found that there were a ton of shops in the area. Even though if he wasn’t at work he was hanging out at a vape shop until closing time, he wasn’t interested in opening up a store of his own. He also found that he was tiring of wearing clothing that didn’t fit his lifestyle.

“I don’t motocross, I vape. There wasn’t apparel for the true hard core vapers,” he said. “I was done wearing DC clothes; I wanted to wear vape clothes to show what I do and who I am.”
Baucum, who has owned more than 100 mods over the past year, hooked up with his buddy Robert Jaymes, who was smoking cigarettes around the time that Baucum started vaping. He traded Jaymes for an ego kit, and the pair has been in the vaping journey ever since.

The pair found that there wasn’t an entire line of clothing centered around the vaping lifestyle, so Baucum decided that he had no choice in the matter. Baucum, who is more into the vaping scene, and Jaymes, who likes more of the technical aspect, have proved to be the perfect fit.

“We decided to come up with five designs and partnered with Ghost Modder, pumped ‘em out, and people have enjoyed them,” he said. “We’ve made a huge name for ourselves in our local community in Arizona.

The name Low Number comes from a term that people in the vaping community use when asking what number a mod is.


Baucum says that the first question that comes out of everybody’s mouth when they see a mod is “It is a low number?”

“The words were already in everybody’s mouth. For instance, I’m running a gem stellar No. 6. I’ve had Ghost Mod’s No. 3. It’s part of the community—the whole aspect of it,” he said. “The lower the number, the higher the price. You think about low number mods and you think about the price going up and people who care about what they are doing. They want low number stuff.”

Low Number’s current items include a Blowin’ Clouds shirt that is popular, and a new shirt is coming out in March that says Vape All Day, which Baucum says is probably the best design yet.

Low Number currently houses a brick-and-mortar store in Phoenix, along with an online store. Baucum says that he and Jaymes are trying to find the best vape experience, and with that comes providing the best customer service possible.

“We want customers to feel at home and feel that they can ask questions, even if they aren’t experienced. They can feel comfortable and be able to hang out and learn more. That’s the kind of shop we want our clothes in, not liquor stores or smoke shops or head shops,” he said.

Low Number’s future plans include a women’s line that currently is being designed, along with some “exciting stuff that nobody’s seen with some pretty big names” with mod makers and juice makers, coming this summer.

Low Number merchandise is available at www.lownumberclothing.com and on GhostModder.com.