October 2014

VIP Vape Street: Salt Lake City Hosts Its First Event

This event was also unique since it was held at the State Fairgrounds, which was highly regulated and had a notable police presence sniffing around the periphery.

A point to mention is that events like this, once few and far between, are becoming increasingly common. Just a few years ago major events were held in only larger metropolitan areas and pulled in crowds of a few hundred people. Now those stages are getting larger and even smaller cities can sponsor and host an event and plan to bring in a decent crowd. Is having an outside event in July in a city more than 4,300 feet above sea level a good move? Probably not, but this industry is evolving and learning. These are just parts of the process and steps to generate better and better events.

Words and photo by Norm Bour

The first vaping event in Salt Lake City, Utah took place in late July, and it broke a few boundaries. This was the first 100 percent outside event, and one that was held in what many consider to be one of the most religiously and morally conservative cities in the country.

The more than 90 degree temperatures didn’t detract from the fun, though it may have impacted the crowd, which was less than expected. There are events and there are fests, and this one was a fest, with non-stop music, socializing, spraying of water and taste testing everyone else’s products. The three-day crowd was casual, tatted, pierced and ready to party, with beer and plenty of alcohol available from many of the attendees and vendors.

Promoter Joey Woodward and his team were busy throughout the day, orchestrating a cloud competition and a series of different drawings and giveaways.