October 2014

Vapers Helping Vapers: The story you may not know

Occasionally I post on there as well, however the group hasn’t gotten a lot of action, and it would be nice if more people posted. Because along with the charity, one thing that the community is great at is coming together as a family and supporting each other on a spiritual level. For example, if we need to vent, we have friends to vent with. If we need to ask for advice or help on something, there is someone who might know or who might know someone who knows. It’s probably one of the greatest communities for something like that.

So that begs the question, if this is such a great community, and the community helps each other, why isn’t this story being told? Why aren’t we appealing to our governmental bodies and telling them that if they implement bans on e-cigs, they are also disbanding businesses as well as community. If they think they are saving lives, they really aren’t, they are killing them (but that’s another rant for another time).

The point really is this: This is the story that needs to be told. Besides our own personal stories about e-cigs helping us to become healthier as well as those around us (which not enough of those stories are being discussed), the community coming together and helping each other in a time of need is justas important.

So why aren’t we telling that story right now (when it’s most needed)? Perhaps it is because we are too stuck in the drama and care more about what another person says about us or what they did to someone else. Maybe we are so burnt out by all this political stuff that we feel as if nothing can be done or accomplished (yet it can, it has and it will). Perhaps we are relying too much on the activist angle and other people to fight for them, when as vapers we are all a part of the fight and all need to do our part. Maybe as some people have stated, we are too stuck on the shinnies and the clouds.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but the more we help and support each other (especially on an activist level and charity level) the stronger we can become. Instead of just being part of the online community we need to also reach out to the real community and the small businesses who care like we do and who would be willing to support a charity event that we are behind or sponsor. In addition, it’s time to put whatever disagreements, skepticism and whatever divides us aside and come together for the greater good. If other movements and communities can do this (especially if it has taken them years to do so) why can’t we? In fact, if we can come together for charity and help a fellow vaper, I wonder what great things we can do on the activist side and fight for our rights? In fact, why can’t we have the same activity on the activist side of vaping? Aren’t we still technically vapers helping vapers?

This is just one opinion on the situation.

About the Author: Susan E. Oser aka Angelwriterspeaks onVapenet (http://vapenet.com/) is an advocate for rights when it comes to vaping, equality and more. She currently works as a freelance writer and online tutor. She also has a FB knitting store/site for the vaper who is looking for something special to add to their vaping accessory collection which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/knitzyknitz. Find her at http://www.angelwriterspeaks.com, http://twitter.com/angelwriter78 and https://www.facebook.com/Angelwriterspeaks?ref=hl. If you wish to contact her directly you can do so at: angelwritercreations@gmail.com.

By Susan Oser

Amongst all the news media stories, FDA regulations and even drama concerning the vaping community, there is one story that has been acknowledged but has yet to be told. This is the story of vapers helping vapers. To me, this is one of the best kept secrets of the vaping community that really shouldn’t be kept secret, because everything going on in our government as it relates to e-cigs and vaping concerns thevaping community at large and how vapers are helping vapers.

So what do I mean by Vapers Helping Vapers? It’s more than just a Facebook page (which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpavapor/). It is about helping someone within the vaping community who needs financial help (or other resources). It is about coming together despite the lines drawn between vaping network shows, shops and the like to help someone who needs it the most.

Around Christmas 2014, a member of the Blono Smoke family suffered a serious accident. His name was Dustin Otey, and he was almost pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics came to revive him and take him to the hospital. Because of the accident and the impending hospital bills, his wife and kids were in some serious financial debt. That’s when a few of members of the Vapenet channel put their heads together and organized and auction to raise money for the family. Word soon went out on Facebook, other vaping channels, and even to vendors asking them for help and donations. Soon, donations came pouring in before and during the event, which raised more than $40,000. To say that the family was grateful is a complete understatement and Otey is said to make progress almost every day.

If it is not a personal charity, there are big charities such as St. Baldrick’s in which the vaping community came together to raise money for various vendors who were going to participate. This included Vaping Watch, as well as Hooligan Vapes who raised thousands of dollars for the organization. Once again vendors donated. Once again the community came together. It also was a great chance in the online vaping community for vapers to come together in one or at least two channels to participate in the auction, as well as to raise money.

In taking the idea a step further I’ve created a Facebook group called https://www.facebook.com/groups/
vaperspraerand postiveenergygroup/
. This basically is a vaping group in which as a vaper you can go and post any prayers or good energy you need for whatever crummy thing is going on.