October 2014

Stealth Vaping

By John Bohrer

I am a Stealth Vaper. I do not like being nicotine deprived, and I have to spend time in places that not only ban cigarette smoking but also e-cigarettes and vaping. Some workplaces, hospitals, New York, airports, cabs, restaurants, the list is long. I have been Stealth Vaping since 2008 and enjoy it immensely. It is a very liberating experience, reminding this 58 year old of the wonderful days when one could smoke everywhere. Now I vape instead of smoke, and I vape everywhere without problem.

What is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth Vaping is inhaling without detection by others. People cannot complain about something of which they are not aware. It is my own personal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. I don’t bother to inquire about permissions or restrictions, I just Stealth Vape.

Successful Stealth Vaping requires the proper equipment, materials and technique. Eliminating visual cues like anything that looks like a cigarette or any sort of cloud is critical, along with odor detection. An innocuous technique helps forestall any detection.

Back in 2008 I was using one of the venerable Crown 7 devices. Along with the pricey (about $150 back then) refillable rechargeable units, Crown 7 also offered a lanyard, shown below with the original Crown 7 device. The lanyard covered the light at the end of the unit, eliminating an important visual cue. One can puff off the device while it is in the lanyard and it looked to others like I was chewing on a pen or piece of black licorice. The Crown 7 had its limitations, though. In addition to a relatively short battery life (about 200 mAh), it was rather long and delicate, with brass fittings. More importantly, the e-liquids back then from Crown 7 were somewhat inconsistent, with varying amounts of PG vs VG and no real number for the milligrams/millimeter of nicotine.
Low, medium and high were the only designations. I had to buy
a bunch of different e-liquids from Crown 7 to get the right mix
of PG/VG and a flavor that had minimal scent. Unflavored
e-liquids were not offered, but I found their ‘Cream’ flavor
had minimal scent.

These days, the proper e-liquid for Stealth Vaping is easy to obtain from a number of sources. I only use U.S. or Swiss made e-liquid, as they have been the highest quality for Stealth Vaping, very consistent. The proper e-liquid does not produce any visual vapor upon exhalation, and it has no odor whatsoever. That e-liquid is unflavored 100 percent PG. Flavors produce telltale scents, which in itself is a problem in hours long Stealth Vaping. PG is odorless. Blind testing with unadulterated noses has borne this out. Are you vaping for nicotine or something else? Stealth Vaping is for nicotine inhalation, so willingly lose the flavoring. I do this for the nicotine. If I want to taste peppermint, I will eat a mint.

Exhaled 100 percent PG produces no visual vapor. The key word is “exhaled.” Puff lightly off 100 percent PG and one will see some vapor, but inhaled completely into the lungs and exhaled, no vapor will appear. I use 24mg/ml nicotine to minimize the number of hits I take for full nicotine fulfillment.

Technique is important, and you can perfect yours at home.
Press the heating coil button, inhale some, release the button while inhaling and continue inhaling for a second or two to clear out any remaining vapor from the device. Inhale a little further from surrounding air, hold the total inhalation for a further second or two and then exhale. No visually detectable vapor! With a little practice, your Stealth Vaping is undetectable. Some of the vaporizers shown below easily are concealed in your hand.

Modern Equipment
You can’t buy the original Crown 7 anymore, but you have quite a few excellent choices available in small devices that will be easily hidden in your hand and/or stealthed with a sheath. All the pictures here show a grid with lines 1-inch apart for scale.

The CE-V8 (uppermost) is one of my favorites for where I am
just sitting for hours. It is very small, light and somewhat delicate, being plastic with friction fits for the battery/clearomizer joint. Even to the initiated, it does not look like a vaporizer. It is oblong, thin and wide, perfect for a shirt pocket. Black is my preferred color, of course. Nothing bright or flashy. Nothing to see here.

In long-term environments where I have to move around, like the workplace, I prefer the Mini eGo, shown in the middle. This tiny unit is much less delicate than the CE-V8 and will survive being stuffed into tight pants pockets all day long.
In meetings, an e-Smart (bottom) works well, as they just look like a pen, especially with the black clearomizer, even more so when one puts a pen clip on it. Not as delicate as the CE-V8 or as obvious a vaporizer as the Mini eGo, it has its niche in my Stealth Vaping arsenal. Painting the clearomizer’s metal parts flat black turns the unit into a boring pen to observers.

If I am just wandering around a mall, visiting a friend in the hospital or doing something at one of the local universities, I just stealth my standard battery/clearomizer in a sheath, like the one shown below. The material is thin enough for me to easily find the power button and the material air permeable enough to vape with the unit in its sheath. This Lux lanyard is holding a 900mAh battery with a T3S clearomizer. Only a bit of the clear plastic mouthpiece is visible, and just barely.

Properly done, you can inhale your nicotine anywhere without questions, comments or problems. Happy Stealth Vaping to you!