October 2014

Shisha Fruits Developer Mohamad Badawi Finds All-Natural Success

you feel the same as eating it. It’s easy to change the flavor in the shisha and it’s easy to wash because there’s no tar. Each shisha should have only one flavor. It’s easy to smoke. Usually to smoke shisha, you have to control the temperature because traditional tobacco is more sensitive. With shisha there is no problem. Add more, more vapor. Less is less vapor.

VAPE News: Any plans for new flavors?

Badawi: We are going to have a new category—Asian fruits—papaya, dragon fruit, etc. We don’t have it on the market yet. We try to open new fruits with seasons. We are waiting for the season, so we buy and produce and store because with some fruits the season is too short. We store it in a cool, dry place sometimes for eight to 10 months.

VAPE News: What’s your most popular flavor in the United States?

Badawi: You know it’s changing. In general it’s the mixes now, many flavors mixed together.

VAPE News: What have been some of your biggest challenges?

Badawi: With Shisha Fruits the biggest challenge was in my experience of my life. The last three to four years the rules everywhere became more strict on tobacco products. The idea was to avoid using tobacco products and to get the same effect and results. I worked on this for almost two years.

VAPE News: What are you most proud of?

Badawi: First of all I am an engineer and I have enough knowledge of machines and professional lines. I set up a different kind of manufacturing and factories.
I don’t think I’m the only No. 1 genius, but I don’t think just anyone can do it. It needs serious Shisha smoking knowledge. I know that now and the last 10 years there is a lot of investment in this to use an organic product—a fresh, organic product that we save for two years. Behind all of this I produced a lot of new shisha designs and in China I set up a shisha manufacturing factory around 10,000 sq. meters of high quality, a premium class. But at the moment we are focused on this product more than others because this is going to be huge. I have a new product now that’s almost the same for shisha vaporizing. It’s going to be soon; it’s made of natural components too, but still not tobacco.

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By Alyssa Stahr

Photo by vaporfruits.com

A road trip through the city of Shenzhen, China with a reporter and business owner just wouldn’t be complete without an interview. Mohamad Badawi speaks about developing Shisha (commonly called hookah in the United States) Fruits, fleeing Syria, and making his way to China after more than a decade in Russia.

VAPE News: You’re from Lebanon originally. How did you end up in China?

Badawi: I was born in Lebanon but moved to Russia in 2000. I lived in Russia for almost 13 years. I came to China two years ago to set up shisha production here. I didn’t think about patents in the beginning—it was a hobby. I started in 2001 doing sales in Russia. At the time nobody knew what it was. We promoted well and I decided to make my own shisha’s and add some innovation. For example, the valve on the shisha was added by me, and now it’s already standard. My production was in Syria. Syria was the biggest manufacturer of shisha products at the time. After the war started in Syria I went to Russia.

VAPE News: How did the idea for Shisha Fruits come about?
Badawi: The idea to use fruits in shishas is not a new idea. It’s more than 10 years old, but it was difficult to save product without adding any preservatives. I found that the technology did not exist before, and I set up production here in China.

VAPE News: So this is truly an all-natural product.

Badawi: We produce totally new made from natural food and components. There is no nicotine, no tar, no tobacco. Our product is made from natural fruits. The main chemical goal was how to save product for reuse. A lot of factories tried and invested a lot of money to find out a solution for this without using chemicals.

The Shisha Fruit is made from totally natural components. You can even eat it. You can use a spoon. Vapor is huge. We cannot call it smoke—it’s vapor. It’s just vaporizing. Vapor is more smooth because there’s no tobacco, no burning and it’s sweet. The flavor that we use is natural. When you smoke it