October 2014

Italian Company Brings Collections Stateside

VAPE News recently spoke with Claudio Vultaggio,
owner of Officine Svapo. Since 2012 he and his partner,
Tiziano Bianco, have flown worldwide marketing and selling
their e-pipes collection, e-cigars collection and big batteries collection. With a foray into the United States ahead, Vultaggio hopes there is a space for their designs everywhere in the world.

VAPE News: How did you and Tiziano form your

Vultaggio: I am the director of sales and I take care of
the marketing and the commercial. Tiziano looks after the technical side of the products. Our main shop is in Milano, which is a historical shop in the center of town. We go all over the world and make the deals now, and when we started in Italy there were just a few shops. We said ‘OK, we like the industry. It’s interesting’ and it’s something new we could do. It’s a new field. Everybody was starting very slow and then there was a
big boom in Italy.

VAPE News: How did Tiziano come up with initial concepts?

Vultaggio: He was working on the design style, and at
the time we had the idea of thinking of the business like the iPhone. ‘Let’s do something beautiful.’ Our shop is in a very nice, important area. We wanted to design things that are beautiful and Italian. We wanted to make something beautiful and it was a challenge. We want to improve, and we are getting very close to a very important place and dealing with important partners.

VAPE News: What’s your design specialty and where do you get your materials?

Vultaggio: We make luxury wood and leather casings for
e-cigarettes that transform ordinary e-cigarettes into stylish works of art. We hand make the lightest e-pipe in the world.
Dark wood is a very rare wood from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. The wood for the pipe is from the Mediterranean Sea and from Sardinia, Italy—it’s the best wood for the traditional pipe. Our yellow wood is from Tuscany; it is very beautiful. And, the leather comes from the crocodile, python, viper and iguana. We also work with synthetic leather. For the e-cigar we use wood from the forest of Brazil. We produce everything here in Italy.

VAPE News: When will products be available for sale in
the United States?

Vultaggio: We were focused on the Italian market in the
beginning, and then we wanted to widen the field to Europe. Of course the U.S. market is a large user of electronic


cigarettes. We believe it’s a big market, and there’s always space just like any place in the world for beautiful things. Places like California; people like Italian stuff.

VAPE News: What kind of e-cigarette styles do your
casings accommodate?

Vultaggio: We started with the basic 650 batteries. Then we are now increasing, moving forward to other kinds of e-cigarettes with bigger batteries. The U.S. market is strong in bigger batteries. We can make all kinds of covers. Of course we needed some numbers and focus. We needed to know what models to focus on so it would be affordable. We are using special materials, leather skin, crocodile skin.

The good stuff is very nice; we are using very precious
covers. We work a lot on the skin. The pink crocodile
skin women go crazy go over that. It’s one of the
most expensive, but it’s just one piece so it looks very
nice. We also are working with some of the best pipe
producers in the world, so we have a large part of the
catalog dedicated to pipes. It’s very light, very balanced.

VAPE News: And you’re also working on liquids?

Vultaggio: The United States is very good at this. We are planning to make liquids for the tobacco pipes. We are working on this for possibly for the fall tobacco fairs. We make a collection of liquid pipes, and if they buy our pipes they can buy the liquids. So, all of the collections will have the liquids with them.

VAPE News: What do you want Americans
to know about
your products?

Vultaggio: We
want companies to
know our product is
good quality and a
good value. We are
strong in our three
collections: e-pipes
collection, e-cigars
collection and the big
batteries collection.
The cigar market is
very big in Miami, so
we also are focused
there. We select what
we believe is a good
target for our market.
We research and
choose and then make
it; it’s very important.


For more information, visit officinesvapo.com.