November 2013

The Shadow from Ghostmodder

From his custom replacement mod parts, to his smooth drip tips, the Ghostmodder is well known for his stylish work with brass. Now the time has come for him to release his latest creation, The Shadow.
     Crafted from beautiful naval brass, this telescoping, bottom press PV (Personal Vaporizer) has everything vapers need for a daily use mechanical mod. The recessed button keeps the mod from accidentally firing without the need for a locking mechanism. This is an ingenious design that is much less finicky than your standard setup.
     The American made and assembled Shadow does an excellent job of standing out in a cluttered mod stand. With no extra lines or flair to get in the way of its simplistic appearance, this mod holds its beauty in its elegant craftsmanship. Smooth threads, flush top and bottom caps and deep laser engravings is all this portable device needs to make a huge Impact.
       Performance is where this piece gets an A+. With a proven voltage drop of just 0.26 (less then half of some of the biggest name mods out there) and an extremely short button throw, the Shadow will bring new life to your favorite 510 threaded atomizer. Wide air channels on the top cap allow for more then sufficient air flow for the cartomizer crowd. Finally, its ability to use any of the 18mm batteries gives users the option to vape as they please.