November 2013

Janty Clearo Review

Janty is an international collaboration. Conceptualized by a Belgian, designed by a Dutch, engineered by a Spaniard, and researched, developed, and manufactured by Filipinos, Janty is a brand. It is the only brand that is marketable enough to have its own concept stores—as a matter of fact, it does. Janty has concept stores all over Spain, Greece, France and several other parts of Europe. Janty invented the eGo, and continues to innovate and develop new and exciting products. This article is going to look at the aspects of the Janty Clearo.

The Janty Clearo is not a “starter kit.” It’s the best eGo sized e-cigarette out there. The Clearo is not something you start with and then move on to something better. It is the device that’s designed and engineered for you to stay away from cigarettes. Period. I’ve tried devices from China, all the good mechanicals out there, and let me tell you—I’m vaping nothing but the Clearo at this point. It’s just the best I’ve ever tried. And, I believe firmly that this is the tool that is necessary for people to stop smoking. The trick? High nicotine juice.

Unlike the China eGo, even with high nicotine juice, the Clearo gives vapers optimized nicotine delivery and almost 100 percent of the flavor. I know it won’t compare to the premium drip type atomizers, but what’s the point in dripping low nic if your body needs high nic? You’ll either end up vaping a lot, or you’ll just go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Plus, dripping—it’s so damn inconvenient.

The Janty Clearo battery kind of looks like a mini poldiac at first glance. The button is curved with the body, unlike other regular eGos. This has both its pros and cons. A pro is that this minimizes accidental presses. A con is that if it’s laying on an uneven surface, it will easily roll off that surface. The light on the RGB battery looks good as it lights up only at the side of the button and not the entire button. The clearomizer that comes with it is straight flushed to the top like a normal cigarette. It doesn’t look like a lollipop Vivi Nova or a dildo CE4/CE5. The flat tipped mouthpiece not only helps make it look good, but also delivers better vapor and flavor.

Overall, I have no complaints on the Clearo aesthetics. I couldn’t think of any other way to improve the way it looks. For me, it’s almost perfect. If only other companies followed this design standard, the world would be a better place for all of us.

The Janty clearo is very simple to operate. Just screw in the clearomizer to the battery, unscrew the top of the Clearo, fill the tank up with juice, close it, then press the button and vape away. To power on or off, just press the button five times.

Also, there’s built in short circuit protection. If you have a shorted out atomizer, all the LEDs will rapidly blink. Charging is just like charging any eGo type batteries. Screw off the battery from the clearomizer, then screw on the USB charger and plug it in. Red LED on the USB charger means that it’s charging. Green LED means it’s done. Pretty easy to operate, right?

For different people, there are different ways of quitting smoking. The Janty Clearo paired with high nicotine juice is a very effective way of quitting. Vapers get the flavor, the nicotine and most importantly, the Janty experience. I recommend the Janty Clearo set for those who have tried to quit smoking with other starter kits and failed. I promise you, this is going to be a whole new world. Right now, I have a Janty Clearo auto base set and a Janty Clearo 900 base set. I also bought sets for my mom and dad. And I got them both to quit smoking. AThis is the only eGo that comes with a 90 day no questions asked warranty.

So in conclusion, I’d like to say, to those people who want to quit smoking, any Janty Clearo set paired with high nic juice is your best bet. For pricing and availability on your very own Janty Clearo set, visit the following Janty Philippines authorized dealers: Vape Academy, The Vape Shop, Simple Vape Cebu, Or visit to find out more about Janty products.

Specifications of the Janty Clearo:

  • 650 or 900 mah battery
  • Built in short circuit protection
  • Battery life indicator
  • Industry standard eGo threading
  • 1.6 ml tank clearomizer
  • Replaceable/rebuildable coil heads
  • Flat mouthpiece
  • 90 day no questions asked warranty
The Janty Clearo comes in different sets.


Janty Clearo full manual 650 set
  • 2 clearomizers
  • 2 650 mah RGB batteries
  • 4 replacement coil heads
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall adapter
  • Janty Clearo full manual 900 set
  • 2 clearomizers
  • 2 900 mah RGB batteries
  • 4 replacement coil heads
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall adapter
  • Janty Clearo 650 base set
  • 1 clearomizer
  • 1 650 mah RGB battery
  • 1 USB charger
  • Janty Clearo 900 base set
  • 1 clearomizer
  • 1 900 RGB battery
  • 1 USB charger
  • Janty Clearo auto set
  • 1 clearomizer
  • 1 650 auto battery
  • 1 USB charger
  • The RGB battery has a built in battery indicator. While you’re vaping it the light changes color depending on how much battery you have left. Here’s the guideline:

    75-100 percent – White, 25-50 percent – Blue, below 25 percent – Red, Low battery – Blinking Red