Big Tobacco Feeling the Steam of E-Cigs, We Are Vaping to Complete Filming

We Are Vapers to complete filming by end of April 2013

Tshirt2We Are Vapers: An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction is a documentary chronicling the stories of e-cigarette users that have switched from tobacco use and its effect on their lives.

The film will cover the history of E-Cigarettes, personal stories, the concept of harm reduction, personalities and health implications. Filming is expecting to end in April 2013. You can expect to see the film at various film festival in the near future.

For more information, check out the We Are Vapers website.

Big Tobacco Feeling the Steam of E-Cigs

65343-down-graph[1] – Big Tobacco is seeing a dent in their sales numbers and are expecting that electronic cigarettes are the reason. Analog cigarettes saw more than $80 billion is sales for 2013 but have noticed the recent interest by consumers of electronic cigarettes and are taking action. Lorillard captured Blu, an e-cig manufacturer with around 25 percent of the market share while Reynolds American has been testing Vuse, another e-cig. Electronic cigarettes are expected to have sales close to $1 billion by the end of 2013.

Indiana Votes on E-Cig Use by Minors

sic-indiana[1] – The Indiana House decided in late January that electronic cigarettes should be treated the same as analog cigarettes and users younger than 18 should be prohibited from buying or possessing them. Lawmakers voted 96-0 to send the Senate House Bill 1225 making it a Class C infraction. It is an offense for a minor to have or use an electronic cigarette, e-liquid, or electronic cigarette accessories and is punishable by a $500 fine.

My Vapor Record 1.2

mvr_mac[1] – Joyetech released MVR 1.2, a software update for Windows and Mac.  Joyetech’s My Vapor Record is used to update the firmware and view the usage of the eVic variable wattage electronic cigarette. The update offers the ability to gather more usage information from the eVic. Also included in this software update is a firmware update for the eVic, which allows the user to customize this or her home screen by adding the ability to view the puff counter, time, voltage/wattage or ohm resistance on the screen.

eCigs HQ Publishes New Report: “The FDA’s War on E-cigarettes”

the-fdas-war-on-e-cigarettes[1]As an ever-increasing number of studies conclude that e-cigarettes are no more dangerous than their FDA-approved, big-pharma product counterparts, physicians are beginning to recognize that electronic cigarettes represent our best hope against the scourge of tobacco-related disease. Despite all this, the FDA has failed to alter its outdated and misguided stance against electronic smoking products, further jeopardizing the lives of millions of US smokers.

eCigs HQ ( , a user-centric website featuring e-cigarette reviews, industry news, coupon codes, special offers and exclusive discounts, has published a new report on the FDA’s ongoing war on e-cigarettes.

The report reviews the most recent scientific findings related to the health effects of electronic cigarettes; the relative safety of these products when compared to tobacco cigarettes; their efficacy as a nicotine replacement therapy; their role in tobacco harm reduction efforts; as well as the differences between e-cigarettes and their tobacco counterparts.

“FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies, such as the patch, inhalers and nicotine gum, have proven largely ineffective, as they fail to address the psychological and tactile aspects of the smoking habit,” said eCigs HQ editor, Laura Conzo Brady. “Electronic smoking products offer a far more convincing ‘smoking’ experience, making them our best hope against the myriad of the often-lethal diseases associated with tobacco use.”

The report goes on to question why the FDA has failed to embrace the technology as a way to save the lives of millions of addicted US smokers, while it continues to plead ignorance—relying on the same “we just don’t know enough about them” excuse.

It has been more than three years since the FDA’s produced a single study of two electronic cigarette brands. Limited in scope, the study raised as many questions as it answered. The nascent electronic smoking industry has changed much during the ensuing three years. As the lives of millions of Americans hang in the balance, the report concludes that it is time for the FDA took a long, hard second look at e-cigarettes.

To read the complete report, “The FDA’a War on E-cigarettes,” visit: Photo courtesy

US Consumers Warned Off E-Cigarettes, Steered Toward Pharma Products

ecigs-large[1]—The US Department of Health and Human Services has launched a website aimed at offering the ‘best and most up-to-date tobacco-related information from across its agencies.’ is said to provide information on tobacco, federal and state laws and policies, health statistics, and evidence-based methods on how to quit.

‘The site’s social media dashboard, “Say it—Share it,” provides real-time updates from HHS’ tobacco-related social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infographics, podcasts, and Tumblr,’ the website’s announcement said.

One section of the website seems aimed at discouraging people from using e-cigarettes and promoting the use of nicotine gum, nicotine skin patches, nicotine lozenges, nicotine oral inhaled products, nicotine nasal spray, Zyban and Chantix.

New Best Electronic Cigarette Review Website Offers Electronic Cigarette CouponsgI_101485_rjrossecigreviews

PRWEB—There is a brand new best electronic cigarette review website that is offering readers electronic cigarette coupons to accompany their reviews. The website is RJ Ross Best Electronic Cigarette Review. RJ Ross is a former Connecticut computer parts salesman who decided he was bored of the computer parts biz and became an electronic cigarette reviewer instead. His most famous review is his V2 Cigs review, which he calls the best electronic cigarette in the industry. Readers will be able find reviews and deals out there for brands like V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image and SmokeStik. Visit his website at:

Smokers Utopia E-Cigarette Reviews Features Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

greenPRNewswire—The most brutal electronic cigarette review website in the industry is now featuring Green Smoke so that smokers can take a full disclosure look into the company, its products and the pros and cons that go along with choosing this company as your e-cigarette supplier.

Green smoke has been around since the beginning of the smokeless cigarette movement in the U.S. and has been a major player since the start and continues to reign in the top in sales volume of online sales.

Although the company has a great history there are still facts and practices that consumers need to be aware of before investing their hard earned money into their products and company.

“We just believe that people should have all of the information available before spending their money,” states Teresa Peach of Smokers Utopia. “We completed the Green Smoke Review so that smokers know what they are getting into before they make the switch, without sugar coated sales jargon that is the norm with most e-cig reviews sites.”

Unlike other review sites in the industry, Smokers Utopia is known for pointing out shortfalls of smokeless cigarette companies that could change minds on their buying decision with brutal facts that no others dare point out.

Smokers Utopia covers the top brands like their South Beach Smoke review, news and openly explains how they review products so that customers can make an informed decision.

For more information, visit

E-cigarettes now commonplace – You've seen them, and you've seen a couple of different versions of them. There's the electronic cigarette that looks like an actual cigarette, complete with a battery-powered orange glow coming from the end of it. Then there's the giant nicotine vaporizer that looks like it's actually a duck call, even more so when people wear them on lanyards around their necks.

"Those are modified electronic cigarettes," said Thomas Kiklas, director of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA). "They have a bigger tank in them and hold a little more power. And they generate a little bit more vapor. But the average user uses the smaller one."

Whichever one people choose, there are all manner of choices for them when they use them, a process sometimes referred to as "vaping." There are flavors that people can use when they reload their units -- from run-of-the-mill things like menthol and regular old tobacco to Cuban cigar and more baffling choices like banana cream pie, peanut butter, and blueberry -- and it seems that as e-cigarettes grow in popularity, the more options are coming open to the consumer -- and prices are dropping, too.

That's not to say that there are no controversies surrounding e-cigarettes and their larger, more powerful counterparts.


New Orleans Business Leaders Feel ‘Unfairly Targeted’

Photo by Yelp

Photo by Yelp

While the City Council votes on whether e-cigarettes are banned along with analogs in the City of New Orleans, vape shop owners feel unfairly targeted, according to

Minors already are banned from buying e-cigs, along with local universities including e-cigs in smoke-free campus policies, the site reports. Cigar and hookah bars are currently exempt from the ordinance, and shop owners say that e-cigs do not pose a health risk because they aren’t tobacco products. Health officials argue that the vapor does produce harmful second-hand chemicals.

The issue is being voted on this month. For the full story, visit

VaporFair Frankfurt Vendor Opportunities Available


International VaporFair Frankfurt, held May 2-3, invites all to exhibit at this year’s event. The self-proclaimed No. 1 international trade show specializing in hookah and vapor/e-cig products, this show provides a unique opportunity for industry specialists, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors etc. to showcase new products, innovations, establish business contacts and broaden market share.

In addition, exhibitors already have increased by almost 400 percent and attendees by 170 percent. Show’s organizers predict an even higher turnout at May’s show—160 to 200 exhibitors and more than 9,000 attendees.

Last year’s show was broadcasted by national TV channels and international trade magazines, reviewers, online video channels and more.

Indiana Attorney General Urges FDA to ‘Step Up’

Photo by

The Indiana Journal Gazette reports that State Attorney General Greg Zeller wants e-cigarettes taxed like tobacco products; put under the restaurant and public places ban; and for vape shops to be licensed.

Zoeller told the Gazette: ”We’ve tried with some frustration to get the FDA to regulate. Things for ingestion by humans in the United States are regulated. But with e-cigarettes, there’s no quality control. I really wish the FDA would step up.”

Zoller went so far as to say that the “new nicotine addiction” with youth stems from e-cigarettes, and that the product is marketed “deceptively.” He said that they aren’t a way to break a habit, instead they encourage more tobacco usage.

For the full story, visit


American Lung Association Visits Various Minnesota Businesses

Erin Simmons of the American Lung Association gives a talk. Photo by Crow River Media

Erin Simmons of the American Lung Association gives a talk. Photo by Crow River Media

Program Manager of the American Lung Association, Erin Simmons, says that e-cigarettes need to have their own category and own language when it comes to banning within public places. reports that e-cigarettes are not covered under Minnesota’s Clean Indoor Air Act, therefore vaping in businesses is not against the Minnesota state law.

Simmons visited local business as part of a “Litchfield Chamber of Commerce seminar on e-cigarettes in the workplace,” and she specified that no-smoking or no-tobacco policies need to be tailored to e-cigarettes by adding new language to the bans.

“It needs to be specified as an electronic cigarette. We need to see it in the definition section, and we need to see it added to the language itself,” she told Crow River media.

Minnesota’s American Lung Association maintains that while e-cigs don’t contain tobacco, they do have levels of nicotine, and that the vapor itself could be harmful. She said that second-hand vape isn’t just “somebody’s boiling water.”

Minnesota law does not require that e-cigs sales must be behind a counter and licensed, along with childproof packaging mandates and an 18 and over buying restrictions.

The site reports that Simmons wants lawmakers to increase restrictions on e-cigs in 2015.

For the full story, visit

Kentucky Health Issues Poll Says Six of 10 Want E-Cigs FDA Regulated

Photo by

Photo by

A new poll is out according to and it says that six in 10 adults in the Commonwealth want the FDA to regulate the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes.

The site says that the rise of poison control center calls regarding e-cigarettes pertaining to children is one of the reasons for the call for more regulatory laws.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ Vice President Vince Willmore echoed the poll’s results, stating to the stie that there also needs to be a “crack down on companies’ marketing and flavors, such as ‘gummy bear’ and bubble gum.” He urged for childproof packaging and for adults to keep more watch over their products if children are in the home.

The toxicity and addiction factor of nicotine also weighed into those polled.

For data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, visit

For results of the Kentucky Health Issues Poll, click here:

For the full story, visit

Virgin Vapor Founder, CEO Annette Rogers Hosting TPC Booth

TPC_2015_logo_Final_wDates-H3_webThis year’s TPC in Las Vegas is shaping up to be a big event, and Virgin Vapor’s CEO and founder Annette Rogers is hosting Booth 2044 at the show.

Virgin Vapor will be offering free e-liquid tastings, T-shirts and raffles at next week’s event, Jan. 28-29, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

For more information, visit Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo

VAPE Releases Video Highlighting Anticipated February Issue Cover Shoot

The next issue of VAPE is due out in February, but our faithful readers won’t have to wait until then to get a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes work of our new cover. View the video here.

Thank you to all of the people who worked so hard to put together our cover and inside pages photo shoot for our first issue of 2015!

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Ozark Vape and Supply Readies Third Store

OzarkVapeOzark Vape and Supply will open its third retail location in March in Springfield, Mo. The success and growth of the Ozark Vape and Supply brand has created an opportunity for owner Keaton Davis and his team to bring a stellar vaping experience to Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas residents.

Current plans are to place a total of six retail outlets in the area. All stores feature modern decor, a relaxing atmosphere and full flavor bar for sampling. In addition, Ozark Vape and Supply stores will bring the industry a new line of vaping products including innovative new equipment like Atom and OVS.

Owner Keaton Davis said in a release that his mission is to be the most innovative and well-researched vendor in the field of vaping. Davis, working with manufacturers, has designed a new battery that will be coming to the market later this year under the OVS brand.

After trying many different ways to quit smoking himself, Keaton decided that vaping offered a viable alternative to smoking tobacco. His mission began by committing to change his life and the lives of others through vaping. Davis’ mission led to international research trips to Europe and Asia. Davis’ research evolved into a partnership with a long-time established company Yuan-yi, more commonly know as YY E-cig. Working with Yuan-Yi, Davis is crafting a new brand and company poised to bring an international line of innovative vaping products to the market.

For more information, visit


10 States Vowing to Add E-Cig Taxes This Year

Photo by

Photo by

Last year 15 states tried to enact bills that would add taxes onto e-cigarettes, according to a recent story on North Carolina was the only state to come through in some sense, adding a five cent per milliliter tax on liquid nicotine.

Legislative sessions for 2015 are under way, and 10 states are heavily considering tax legislation on e-cigarettes.
Here is the rundown of the list as reported by
Indiana: The Indiana Attorney General has proposed taxing e-cigarettes at the current state tobacco tax rate of 24 percent of the wholesale price.
Nevada: Senate Bill No. 79 provides for the taxation of liquid nicotine at 30 percent of the wholesale price.
New Hampshire: A legislative request has been made for a bill to increase the state’s tobacco tax and dedicate the increase to tobacco prevention and control programs. The bill has not yet been drafted and details on the actual proposed tax increase have not been made available.
New Jersey: Three carryover bills from the 2014 legislative session include Bill No. A 1308 that would tax little cigars at the same rate as cigarettes (13.5 cents per little cigar), Bill Nos. A 1944 and S 1213 that would raise the tobacco products tax rate to 90 percent of the wholesale price and tax moist snuff at $2.25 per ounce, and Bill No. A 2021 that would reduce the cigarette tax by 30 cents per pack.
New Mexico: Bill No. S 65 would impose an excise tax at the rate of four cents per milligram of liquid nicotine solution contained in alternative nicotine products.
New York: Bill No. A 296 would assess a tax on electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette nicotine cartridges at a tax rate of 75 percent of the wholesale price.
North Dakota: Bill No. H 1133 would change the method of taxation on other tobacco products, not including moist snuff or chewing tobacco, to 28 percent of the wholesale price.
Oregon: Bill Nos. D 1037 and D 2268 expand the definition of tobacco products for purposes of taxation to include electronic cigarettes and nicotine solution. Bill No. D 2565 increases the tax on cigarettes from $1.31 per pack to $2.56 per pack while Bill No. D 317 increases the tax on cigarettes from $1.31 per pack to $3.15 per pack.
Virginia: Bill No. HB 1310 imposes a tax on electronic cigarettes and other vapor products at a rate of 40 cents per millimeter of nicotine liquid solution or other material containing nicotine and authorizes certain cities and certain counties to impose a tax on vapor products.
Wyoming: Bill No. D 316 raises the tax on cigarettes from 60 cents per pack to $1.00 per pack and increases the tax on other tobacco products from 20 percent to 33 percent of the wholesale price.

Vape On the Bay Event Announcement

vape-on-the-bay-flie2E6163-791x1024Our friends to the Northeast, in Green Bay, Wis. in fact, are having a vape event! Vape On the Bay will take place on March 21 frm 2-7 p.m., and show organizers are expecting more than 1,000 attendees. As of the time the Agent received this information, 13 vendors were confirmed.

Registration is free, and for more information, visit or