Big Tobacco Feeling the Steam of E-Cigs, We Are Vaping to Complete Filming

We Are Vapers to complete filming by end of April 2013

Tshirt2We Are Vapers: An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction is a documentary chronicling the stories of e-cigarette users that have switched from tobacco use and its effect on their lives.

The film will cover the history of E-Cigarettes, personal stories, the concept of harm reduction, personalities and health implications. Filming is expecting to end in April 2013. You can expect to see the film at various film festival in the near future.

For more information, check out the We Are Vapers website.

Big Tobacco Feeling the Steam of E-Cigs

65343-down-graph[1] – Big Tobacco is seeing a dent in their sales numbers and are expecting that electronic cigarettes are the reason. Analog cigarettes saw more than $80 billion is sales for 2013 but have noticed the recent interest by consumers of electronic cigarettes and are taking action. Lorillard captured Blu, an e-cig manufacturer with around 25 percent of the market share while Reynolds American has been testing Vuse, another e-cig. Electronic cigarettes are expected to have sales close to $1 billion by the end of 2013.

Indiana Votes on E-Cig Use by Minors

sic-indiana[1] – The Indiana House decided in late January that electronic cigarettes should be treated the same as analog cigarettes and users younger than 18 should be prohibited from buying or possessing them. Lawmakers voted 96-0 to send the Senate House Bill 1225 making it a Class C infraction. It is an offense for a minor to have or use an electronic cigarette, e-liquid, or electronic cigarette accessories and is punishable by a $500 fine.

My Vapor Record 1.2

mvr_mac[1] – Joyetech released MVR 1.2, a software update for Windows and Mac.  Joyetech’s My Vapor Record is used to update the firmware and view the usage of the eVic variable wattage electronic cigarette. The update offers the ability to gather more usage information from the eVic. Also included in this software update is a firmware update for the eVic, which allows the user to customize this or her home screen by adding the ability to view the puff counter, time, voltage/wattage or ohm resistance on the screen.

eCigs HQ Publishes New Report: “The FDA’s War on E-cigarettes”

the-fdas-war-on-e-cigarettes[1]As an ever-increasing number of studies conclude that e-cigarettes are no more dangerous than their FDA-approved, big-pharma product counterparts, physicians are beginning to recognize that electronic cigarettes represent our best hope against the scourge of tobacco-related disease. Despite all this, the FDA has failed to alter its outdated and misguided stance against electronic smoking products, further jeopardizing the lives of millions of US smokers.

eCigs HQ ( , a user-centric website featuring e-cigarette reviews, industry news, coupon codes, special offers and exclusive discounts, has published a new report on the FDA’s ongoing war on e-cigarettes.

The report reviews the most recent scientific findings related to the health effects of electronic cigarettes; the relative safety of these products when compared to tobacco cigarettes; their efficacy as a nicotine replacement therapy; their role in tobacco harm reduction efforts; as well as the differences between e-cigarettes and their tobacco counterparts.

“FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies, such as the patch, inhalers and nicotine gum, have proven largely ineffective, as they fail to address the psychological and tactile aspects of the smoking habit,” said eCigs HQ editor, Laura Conzo Brady. “Electronic smoking products offer a far more convincing ‘smoking’ experience, making them our best hope against the myriad of the often-lethal diseases associated with tobacco use.”

The report goes on to question why the FDA has failed to embrace the technology as a way to save the lives of millions of addicted US smokers, while it continues to plead ignorance—relying on the same “we just don’t know enough about them” excuse.

It has been more than three years since the FDA’s produced a single study of two electronic cigarette brands. Limited in scope, the study raised as many questions as it answered. The nascent electronic smoking industry has changed much during the ensuing three years. As the lives of millions of Americans hang in the balance, the report concludes that it is time for the FDA took a long, hard second look at e-cigarettes.

To read the complete report, “The FDA’a War on E-cigarettes,” visit: Photo courtesy

US Consumers Warned Off E-Cigarettes, Steered Toward Pharma Products

ecigs-large[1]—The US Department of Health and Human Services has launched a website aimed at offering the ‘best and most up-to-date tobacco-related information from across its agencies.’ is said to provide information on tobacco, federal and state laws and policies, health statistics, and evidence-based methods on how to quit.

‘The site’s social media dashboard, “Say it—Share it,” provides real-time updates from HHS’ tobacco-related social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infographics, podcasts, and Tumblr,’ the website’s announcement said.

One section of the website seems aimed at discouraging people from using e-cigarettes and promoting the use of nicotine gum, nicotine skin patches, nicotine lozenges, nicotine oral inhaled products, nicotine nasal spray, Zyban and Chantix.

New Best Electronic Cigarette Review Website Offers Electronic Cigarette CouponsgI_101485_rjrossecigreviews

PRWEB—There is a brand new best electronic cigarette review website that is offering readers electronic cigarette coupons to accompany their reviews. The website is RJ Ross Best Electronic Cigarette Review. RJ Ross is a former Connecticut computer parts salesman who decided he was bored of the computer parts biz and became an electronic cigarette reviewer instead. His most famous review is his V2 Cigs review, which he calls the best electronic cigarette in the industry. Readers will be able find reviews and deals out there for brands like V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image and SmokeStik. Visit his website at:

Smokers Utopia E-Cigarette Reviews Features Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

greenPRNewswire—The most brutal electronic cigarette review website in the industry is now featuring Green Smoke so that smokers can take a full disclosure look into the company, its products and the pros and cons that go along with choosing this company as your e-cigarette supplier.

Green smoke has been around since the beginning of the smokeless cigarette movement in the U.S. and has been a major player since the start and continues to reign in the top in sales volume of online sales.

Although the company has a great history there are still facts and practices that consumers need to be aware of before investing their hard earned money into their products and company.

“We just believe that people should have all of the information available before spending their money,” states Teresa Peach of Smokers Utopia. “We completed the Green Smoke Review so that smokers know what they are getting into before they make the switch, without sugar coated sales jargon that is the norm with most e-cig reviews sites.”

Unlike other review sites in the industry, Smokers Utopia is known for pointing out shortfalls of smokeless cigarette companies that could change minds on their buying decision with brutal facts that no others dare point out.

Smokers Utopia covers the top brands like their South Beach Smoke review, news and openly explains how they review products so that customers can make an informed decision.

For more information, visit

E-cigarettes now commonplace – You've seen them, and you've seen a couple of different versions of them. There's the electronic cigarette that looks like an actual cigarette, complete with a battery-powered orange glow coming from the end of it. Then there's the giant nicotine vaporizer that looks like it's actually a duck call, even more so when people wear them on lanyards around their necks.

"Those are modified electronic cigarettes," said Thomas Kiklas, director of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA). "They have a bigger tank in them and hold a little more power. And they generate a little bit more vapor. But the average user uses the smaller one."

Whichever one people choose, there are all manner of choices for them when they use them, a process sometimes referred to as "vaping." There are flavors that people can use when they reload their units -- from run-of-the-mill things like menthol and regular old tobacco to Cuban cigar and more baffling choices like banana cream pie, peanut butter, and blueberry -- and it seems that as e-cigarettes grow in popularity, the more options are coming open to the consumer -- and prices are dropping, too.

That's not to say that there are no controversies surrounding e-cigarettes and their larger, more powerful counterparts.


Belfast Vape Team Creates GoFundMe Sponsorship

5764450_1440387963.9799The Belfast Vape Team is on a mission to get people to stop smoking and start vaping!

Aaron Hawkins told Agent VAPE that he wants to help as many people stop smoking and start vaping as possible.

“I am in full-time employment, but don’t have the funds to sponsor people who are constantly asking our team about giving up,” he said.

Hawkins announces a sponsorship to help people quit smoking by providing them with oil, coils and an e-cigarette for the first month of the exciting adventure.

“If not for ourselves, but for future generations who don’t stand a chance against the smoke filled homes in the U.K. alone!
I myself stopped smoking and started vaping, and I’ve never felt better about the way I look and the way I feel! Healthier, fitter and cleaner; I even smell better too,” he said.

To contribute to the Belfast GoFundMe, visit

SFATA Utah Chapter Press Secretary Shares Thoughts on New Jersey

Photo by

Photo by

People still are talking about what happened at the NJ Vape Expo, and Shilo Platts, SFATA Utah Chapter press secretary and sales team lead at Tronic Vape, has sent Agent VAPE a press release regarding the subject.

New Jersey Vapor Nightmare

With vape conventions being held seemingly every week somewhere in the United States, one must pose the question of how much saturation is too much. As I’ve flown from coast to coast across our country, jumping planes from New York to Miami or Chicago to Las Vegas, I’ve often wondered what constitutes a quality vapor convention. Store owners, e-liquid companies and consumers were all served up a prime example recently, in New Jersey, of a bad convention. How bad, you may ask? Really, really bad! My love for New Jersey and New York City—having personal roots in the latter, and an appreciation for the former—is evidently not cause to bias my summation of what turned out to be a colossal disaster.

To kick the event off, exhibitors were not allowed to begin setup for the New Jersey Vapor Expo until the day of the show, which left some of us larger companies scrambling to put the finishing touches on our booths while prospective clients were dodging fork lifts and unrolled carpet as they attempted the trek from the convention hall entrance into the maze of unorganized aisles. Had the comedy of errors from day one been the totality of our poor experience, the expo may have, indeed, gone well overall. However, what transpired from day two through the remainder of the convention was remarkable enough to receive national attention.

Local New Jersey State Senator, Joseph Vitale-D, was presumably alerted by a state health inspector—who paraded around harassing both vendors and consumers—that a vape convention was in progress, and people were vaping indoors. So, Vitale opted to make a personal appearance, on convention center private property, to drum up false allegations of further misconduct. Though his stay was short, the State Senator prompted a ban by the health department of any indoor vaping at the convention. Obviously, this presented an insurmountable obstacle to exhibitors who were there to showcase and demo their e-liquid products. Subsequently, those vendors who chose to allow consumers to sample their products were slapped with fines ranging from $250-$2,000! To their credit, the New Jersey Vapor Expo did offer up an alternative to vaping inside by setting up several plastic picnic tables located just outside of the convention hall, right next to the industrial size garbage dumpsters. Apparently, presentation and aesthetics are added value, rather than a standard feature.

A large distributor—who shall remain anonymous—systematically visited exhibitor booths to gather up contact information for a class action lawsuit he intends to file against the organizers of this event. To those who were not a party to this disaster dressed up as a trade show, such legal action may sound harsh. However, having attended many vapor product conventions, I can unequivocally say this one was the most mismanaged and overall worst I’ve ever experienced. If the New Jersey Vapor Expo hosts wish to avoid a civil suit, the very least they should do is refund the money of every exhibitor who was at this show, even those who packed up and left early. My advice to those who were present is this: dispute the charges on your credit card because you were basically the victim of fraud.

One local e-liquid company co-owner emphatically made his personal appeal to outside companies known when he said, “I’m embarrassed for my state … this is not an accurate reflection of the best New Jersey has to offer.” All I could do was nod my head in agreement because it just goes to show you that a few extra dollars and a passion for vaping is not sufficient to organize a quality, worthwhile vapor convention after all.

What Are Your Rules for Vaping in Public?

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Photo by

A writer for recently outlined her guidelines for vaping in public. Do you agree with these? Have any others that you’d like to add to the list?

  1. Don’t Assume, Always Ask
  2. Vape Discreetly
  3. Show Some Respect—No Means No
  4. Don’t Vape Around Children
  5. Be Ready to Educate

Do you believe that vaping is a public nuisance? Should it be banned in public? Or should you be able to vape whenever and wherever?


Are You Registered For Vape Nights?

unnamedHalloween weekend is a great time for a trade show, and Vape Nights is coming to Ontario, Calif. Oct. 30 and 31.

Vape Nights will be setting up an area so that manufacturers, retailers, media/press can finally meet the ones who have helped our industry grow exponentially. Organizers are working on growing this list of “stars” and have their support in drawing consumer recognition to brands and also to retail shops that care about our industry.

Registration ends on Sept. 15 or when sold out, whichever comes first. To register, click here.

Vapor Hub International Announces Supply Agreement with Major Manufacturer

vaporHubLogo_mediumAgent VAPE received this press release this morning:

Vapor Hub International Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a supply agreement with Jasper Technology, LLC, headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif.

Jasper Technology is one of the largest manufacturers of e-liquids in the United States and is capable of manufacturing more than 13 million bottles per month. Jasper also is known for its high quality manufacturing standards in the production of e-liquids and its extensive reach into the global market.

“We are delighted to be working with Jasper Technology, which we know is one of the premier manufacturers of vaping products in the world,” Justin Moreno, Vapor Hub’s chief operating officer, said in the release.

Vapexpo Announcement: Get Your Badges Online For Free

unnamedThere’s less than a month before the Vapexpo third edition grand opening in Paris.

You can now get you badges online for free HERE!

After the success of its second edition, (6,431 visitors from 57 countries), organizers invite you to join them at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris on Sept. 20 (general public day) and on Sept. 21 and 22 (professional days). More than 200 exhibitors from 25 countries will be distributed over an area of more than 8000m². See exhibitors list, which is updated daily.

Afinia Label to Exhibit at This Weekend’s Vape Blast

Are you attending Vape Blast 2015? Stop by Vivid Data’s booth No. 163 at Vape Blast from August 28-30 in San Antonio to see the Afinia Label L801 Color Label Printer in action.

The L801, powered by Memjet technology, features industry-leading cost of ownership and high-impact, full-color output at up to 60 feet per minute.

Can’t make it to the show?

View Afinia’s featured e-liquid solutions (below), request a printed label sample or contact us for more information. Visit our website for our full list of labeling solutions.

Celebrities Hopping on Vape Train

Katherine Heigl photo courtesy of

Katherine Heigl photo courtesy of

Celebrities who vape are becoming more prominent in the public eye, as evidenced by this story on The Upcoming.

From Kate Moss to Lindsay Lohan, and whether they were once smokers or not, a number of celebrities have picked up vaping. In addition, many celebs are starting e-liquid lines, including VAPE Magazine interviees Saliva and Kyjuan and Murphy Lee.

For a list of vaping celebs, visit


Second China Vapor Expo, CECMOL, to be Held in October reports that CECMOL is back, this time expected to be even bigger and better than the first. The first China International Vapor Expo attracted more than 300 exhibitors and 100,000 buyers and visitors.

China is the top tobacco consuming country in the world, and the birthplace of the e-cigarette. The second CECMOL will be held Oct. 20-23 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

CECMOL, according to PRNewswire, will bring the top brands and leaders of the global vapor industry together to further develop the market. Many products will be making their international debuts on the 100,000 square-meter floor space. Attendees can look forward to a New Product Release Conference, an Investment Promotion Conference and a Vape Cloud Competition.

Show promoters expect more than 200,000 attendees this year.

For the full story, visit

Northwest U.S. County Threatens Indoor Vaping Ban

Photo by

Photo by

Another day, another ban. Snohomish County, Wash.’s Health District is threatening a ban that could put smaller vape shops out of business. reports that Heather Thomas, spokeswoman for the Snohomish Health District, said that “she’s not saying you can’t vape, rather, you can do so in private.”

Matt Bradley, a Washington small vape business owner and one of the stars of the Deadliest Catch, was profiled in VAPE Magazine this year, and he spoke out regarding the potential ban. He said that a ban like this could put his shop out of business.

For the full story, visit