VapeBash 2 Photos and Quotes

VapeBash 2 in Chicago was by far the biggest Vaping event we've been to yet. There were more than 1600 in attendance with the main ballrooms overflowing into the halls, lobby area and bar. The large ballroom had vendors booth lining all four walls. There was an almost palpable haze from a combination of vaping and smoke machines.

There was no order and the air felt clean, but the hotel apparently changed their stance on vaping half way though and designated some areas to be "vape free."

VAPE News magazine talked to a number of vendors and attendees, here are their quotes and more photos from the event!

"VapeBash, where do I begin? First thing that comes to mind is "EPIC" I mean so many amazing people, tons of vaping gear and E-Liquids, the reviewers we all watch via YouTube, the hosts of our favorite vaping networks, our favorite modders and devices. I mean it's on the verge of vaper overload! All that being said, the best part for me was finally meeting some of the people that I interact with through the web. The only thing I regret is not having enough time to spend with everyone, but hey, there's always next year! Big thanks to Sgt.Taz, DangerGirl, Scott(MrEcig) Weeeeee!, and Ed The Green for all their hard work on putting such an amazing event together!" - Rob Ermolovich

Fluid Flask, a unique, modular cartomizer tank. Prior to VapeBash 2 they were only available in polished aluminum finish, for VapeBash we debuted Gunmetal,Black,Red, and Blue anodized finishes along with the original polished aluminum. Also debuted at VapeBash is the PowerPro, which is a 26650 Provari conversion kit for modders.

Also at VapeBash were two prototypes of the upcoming CyBorg, which is a DNA20 driven Advanced Personal Vaporizer System. Its the first DNA20 device in tube form intended for production. 

The Fluid V.A.V (Vaping Assault Vehicle), a right hand drive Jeep with a 6-inch lift, 35-inch tires wrapped around 20-inch rims, and one hell of a sexy body wrap!

Left to right: Adam (production manager), Toni (owner/partner), Adam Knudsen (me, owner/partner)

"VapeBash was a fantastic success.  As far as I can tell, there were more vapers in attendance than any other large meet.  The list of vendors was impressive and the room accommodated everyone well.  The Windy City Vapers did an amazing job and their dedication shows in the level of organization they bring to these meets- registration table, etc.  Completely outside of their control was the way the hotel changed their stance on vaping midway through the event.  That was disappointing.  Of course, that is nothing to dwell on.  WCV hit a home run!"

" Generally, I am positive about the entire industry's future.  I believe there will be regulation, but it will be somewhat reasonable and malleable.  Vapers need to be vocal and refuse to be classified into an existing bucket- this is new territory and with that comes uncertainty.  But generally, I am quite positive.  On a more micro level, I see a return to more mechanical mods with an emphasis on rebuilding coils- within the community, of course.  E-cigs can be found all over our town now- from the grocery store to the gas station.  Sure, they aren't what I vape but who knows- that will slowly evolve as well." - Adam Knudsen

Keith Mautner talks about his products at VapeBash 2:

"We are the inventors of the infamous Drip Shield. We also came out with the Empire Mod, a telescoping bottom button tube device which made in very limited runs. We have been selling them and they utilize the 901 atomizer standard native connection. We have a premium 901 made for them and comes with them as well which is well known for great flavor and vapor production. The drip shield was made around the 901 atomizer but also will work for 510 and 306 with a 510-510 sealed adapter or raised connection like a eGo battery."

Keith Mautner, owner (left) and EmpireMods employee Dave Borrero (right).

Limited edition "Empire Mods" only available at Vapebash.

LEFT: Joe battista, owner and founder of iVape. iVape had a varity of products on display including the Tesla, Evic, Zmax variable wattage, Tec Mod Mechanicals and very realistic looking E-Cigars.

"Vapebash was a very successful event for us. We were very busy!"

RIGHT: "VapeBash was an amazing experience for the Mister-E-Team.  We all had a wonderful time and meeting all the wonderful vapers at Bash was out of this world.  There were so many people! We released a new juice called Blue Voodoo which became very popular as we sold out, in a matter of hours the first day. Apparently the Vapebash released Blue Voodoo, was so popular that a customer came up to us on day 2 and discretely showed us his 36ml bottle, (which was already half gone) mentioning he was worried about getting jumped if someone saw the bottle of delicious blue juice! " - Dan Lawitzke, Mister-E-Liquid Founder

LEFT: Ty, Katie, Adam & Mike from RoarVapor

RoarVapor specializes in items for the beginner vaper. Quitters is the brick and mortar business of RoarVapor, which specializes in online sales.

RIGHT: Delaware Vapor has been in business since October 2011 and sells liquids and vape accessories, batteries, cartos, clearos, tanks, atties, drip tips, and APVs.

"I thought Vape Bash was an excellent event. Probably the best one I have been to yet. Great turnout of people." - Andrew Wolford

Honest Vapor co-owner, Violet Nole talks about Vapebash and gives us a little background in her company.

"I thought VapeBash was incredible, I did attend last year and this event was definitely 3 times the size! I have 2 partners in Honest Vapor, my boyfriend Luciano Manente ,who is also the sole owner of the largest Vaping social network-, and his sister, Rosanna Manente. We are an online store and hope to have a brick and mortar store before our 2nd Anniversary of HonestVapor. What separates us from other vendors, aside from the fact that our juice is made in a sterile lab (which is SLOWLY becoming more common) is the fact that our bottling and packaging not only meet but EXCEED the standards of what is expected from an ejuice company. As well as the fact that our liquid is made with much attention to detail and only the top quality ingredients are used to create each and every one of my flavors."


"VapeBash was Amazing! Great People and tons of them Over 1600 in Attendance! I met lots of great friends and met many of our existing customers." - Jason Cornfeld, President of ElectronicStix Corp.

"Vapebash 2 was a great experience for me in general. This was my first actual Vape Meet that I attended. All of the fellow Vapers I meet were very nice and really seemed to be enjoying themselves at the meet. I am a blogger/reviewer of sorts and also host a weekly spot on (9pm PST Fridays) and I had many people come up and say high and also thank me for my YouTube videos ( I got to meet Mike from (Zen) and that made me very happy. I am a hybrid Genesis style vaper and without him we may not be vaping the way we do because he really was one of if not the first guy to make a Genesis style device publicly available." - James “Crash” Vapes

"Vapebash 2013 was truly an event to set the bar for next year! Being in the business for over 4 years this years Vapebash was the biggest. As a business owner and has attended previous vaping events, this hands done was not only the best, but done 100% perfectly. The WCVC crew organized and ran the event without a hitch! The only thing I regret is that we have to wait another year for vapebash 2014! Vapebash and other vaping events help my business by getting us not only to promote in states and locations we may not be known, but to also get to meet our online customers face to face. Which honestly meeting your customers is one of the highlights of this business." - Chris Ray, founder/owner of Cigtechs

"We were blown away from the turn out this year, HUGE jump from the 600 they had last year. Events like Bash allow us to talk to customers who we normally only interact on line with. We like the pre event gatherings because as a vendor its our chance to hang out with everyone and not be behind our table." - NatureVaper

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FDA Regulations on Ecigs could take a while

under pressure
FDA regulations on ecigs may take a while longer as people await a decision on ecigs. “This holdup may be somewhat understandable–but that hasn’t stopped the pressure from mounting. Most recently, FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg was called out by Congress for how long it’s taking to get these deeming regulations out. Though Hamburg promised these regulations will be announced soon, the reality is it could take another 18 months to four years before these regulations go into effect, given the rulemaking process the FDA is legally obligated to adhere to.”

“Although the FDA has promised that these proposed deeming regulations will be announced as soon as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) complete its review (which has been going on since October), NATO’s executive director Thomas Briant. In fact NATO recently learned that the FDA requested an extension of the review process, leading Briant to believe that the agency has been asked to revise some of the proposed regulations.”
Read more here.

New Vaping Convention in New England

vcc-1404-3Vaping Convention Circuit (VCC) and proudly present New England’s first vaping and electronic cigarette convention, VCCNE2014, being held in beautiful Springfield, Massachusetts at the MassMutual Center June 28-29, 2014.  Springfield, situated in southern New England, is only one and a half hours from Boston and two and a half hours from New York City. Public attendance is free, and attendees must be over the age of 18 to enter the event (no preregistration is required).

Join thousands of fellow vapers in the 40,000+ square feet convention hall with an awesome variety of vape gear, eliquid, giveaways, free battery safety and coil rebuilding classes, as well as a special welcome speech from tobacco harm reduction activist Mr. Gregory Conley of The Heartland Institute, who will also lead several legislative advocacy town hall style sessions during the event.  Mr. Dimitris “Vapingreek” Agrafiotis and the Vape Team will be broadcasting live and recording the event.

Public hours are:

Saturday, June 28, 2014, 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, June 29, 2014, 11 am – 7 pm

In order to have a general idea of how many attendees to expect, VCC requests that you click ‘Join’ on the Facebook event page, which can be found under events at

The facebook event page also contains information on hotels, parking, etc. and is updated regularly.  Don’t forget to follow VCC on Twitter @VapingCC for additional updates (#VCCNE2014), and online at

Sponsor and vendor opportunities are available.  Email Kevin Skipper at for more information or to reserve your space before they sell out.  VCC would also like to hear from you if your company plans to be a vendor at the event and if you have a product you would like to launch at VCCNE2014.

VCC and Nicvape looks forward to seeing you there in June! Vape on.

European Ecig market double original valuation

e-cigarettes[1]The European ecig market is double what the original valuation showed last year. “The analysis from ECigIntelligence claims that the previous research over-valued some national markets and underestimated others. Early figures had suggested that the European e-cigarette market was worth somewhere in the $1.2bn (£0.7bn, €0.9bn) ballpark.” The UK and Germany are the biggest markets in Europe with Poland also having a sizable market share.

Barnaby Page, ECigIntelligence editorial director, added: “These figures show that e-cigarettes are here to stay – the question now is who will dominate one of the fastest-growing FMCG markets in Europe.” EcigIntelligence expects the e-cigarette market to be transformed by the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive – a new set of regulations that govern the tobacco industry set to be in full force by 2016 – “but not destroy it”. Read more here.

First e-cig coffee shop opens in London

promo_vape-lab[1]In a sign of the growing popularity of e-cigs. The first e-cig coffee shop has opened in London, England. The UK market is somewhat small compared to the U.S. market, but a small shop offering both e-cigs and coffee shows there may be a growing need for e-cig businesses in the U.K. Vape Lab is located in a neighborhood called Shoreditch in London.

“Here in London, it’s a young market: you see people here with disposable cigarettes and they will switch to electronic cigarettes,” co- owner Jonathan Cadeilhan told The Guardian.  “In five years’ time, there will be no more tobacco.” Read more here.

NY state ban on e-liquid

image[1]State Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-Garden City) has been hard at work trying to ban e-liquid in New York. Is this another case of big tobacco and big pharma trying to ruin the ecig market or a greedy government positioning themselves for big tax dollars?

Hannon, like many politicians and activists are playing the “for the kids” card which many of us know when that card is played it simply means “we have no idea what we’re talking about to lets bring the kids into this.” Yes it’s all for the kids and not to fatten up some wallets? Read more here.

Vapebash announces special guest speakers

EcigaretteConsumer[1]Greg Conley: E-Cigarette Politics, Regulation, and Advocacy will be speaking at 7pm Friday and 4pm Saturday.

1522043_10202953180010809_167479895_nThe Vaping Militia will be speaking 6pm Friday and 3pm Saturday.

3rd Annual VapeBash, brought to you by The Windy City Vapers Club will be held at The Westin O’Hare 6100 North River Road Rosemont, IL 60018 on April 11th and 12th of 2014. Admission is free.

Event schedule: Friday 12pm to 2am, Saturday 2pm to 2am.

Visit for more info.

New Product: Gentile Packaging Machinery Bellows Filler


The Gentile Packaging Machinery Bellows Filler is an easy to use tabletop filler that uses a bellows metering pump for product fills up to 55ml. The fill volume is easily adjusted by hand and is accurate to +/- 0.5%. The GPM Bellows Filler comes with an adjustable bracket to accommodate various bottle sizes and styles. This filler is very easy to set up, clean, and change over to other products. No special tools are required. Product cycle is initiated by pressing a foot pedal. Can fill 600 bottles per hour. Go to or call 734-429-1177 for more information.

Updates from the Center for Tobacco Products

Registration to present at CTP’s upcoming public listening session on April 5 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. PST has been extended to March 27. CTP’s Office of Science is holding the session in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in San Diego. Although presentations on any topic relevant to science-based regulation of tobacco products are welcome, we are particularly interested in hearing from the public on Center priorities, including:

  • Preventing youth tobacco initiation;
  • Encouraging adults who use tobacco to quit;
  • Reducing product harms and addictiveness; and
  • Developing a science base and continuing meaningful product regulation to reduce the toll of tobacco-related disease, disability, and death.

While this is a public listening session, you must register to present by March 27. We will contact those whose presentations are selected, and provide details on submitting any slides as well as the length of time available for the presentations. Please note that this listening session will not be webcast, but a transcript will be available and posted online in May 2014.

NATO Show 2014 Booth Spaces Sold Out

image1Minneapolis, MN: NATO announced that booth space is officially sold out for the 13th Anniversary and Trade Show held in Las Vegas, NV, on April 8 – 10, promising this year’s attendees a diverse offering of products and a valuable buying experience.  At only two weeks until NATO Show 2014, the show floor is booked and includes 30+ new exhibitors this year.

In addition to exclusive buying opportunities for attendees, NATO Show 2014 is offering four cash prize drawings on the show floor totaling $5,500. Two prizes of $1,000 each on opening day of the trade show, April 9th, as well as one $1,000 prize and one $2,500 prize awarded on day two of the trade show, April 10th. Attendees must be present at time of drawing to win.

NATO’s 13th Anniversary and Trade Show is the premier tobacco-industry show for retailers, manufacturers and distributors. In addition to the trade show, the meeting features a host of outstanding educational sessions focusing on everything for tobacco retailers to thrive in a difficult sales and regulatory environment. Proceeds from the show go to support NATO’s legislative efforts to help the industry.

Due to its success in 2013, NATO’s 13th Anniversary and Trade Show held in Las Vegas, NV, NATO will again kick off the show with a Meetings with a Mission (MWM) event, a community engagement initiative for exhibitors and attendees to serve at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission on April 8. The Community Partner for the NATO MWM event, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, provides redemption, recovery, and re-entry to the homeless, addicted and those in need through direct services of food, shelter, clothing and restorative programs.

To view the entire schedule of events including sessions on Tobacco Trends and Insights, Surviving ObamaCare and Electronic Cigarettes, visit

For the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @ShowNATO.

Beverly Hills Moratorium, Idaho Shop Conflict, eCig Europe Conference

Beverly Hills City Council Considers Moratorium on All E-Cig Sales

The Beverly Hills, Calif., City Council this week considered two emergency ordinances to apply the city’s smoking restriction law to electronic cigarettes and to enact an moratorium on the sale of electronic cigarettes by all retailers, even those retailers that currently sell electronic cigarettes.

The National Association of Tobacco Outlets, Inc, (NATO) responded by submitting a letter to the Beverly Hills City Council members describing the negative economic impact of a moratorium on retailers and arguing that banning the sale of e-cigarettes will have a serious negative impact on the public’s health.

During the Beverly Hills City Council meeting approximately 25 people testified in opposition to the ordinance. The council members took no action on either the smoking restriction ordinance or the moratorium ordinance and referred both proposals to the city council’s Health and Safety Committee for further review. The Health and Safety Committee may meet next on November 25.

New vaping shops spark conflict over e-cigs

With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, some Idaho cities have taken steps to head off what some vaping critics see as a potential health threat.

While some municipalities have yet to address the use of the devices on city property, others prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in its buildings. Some have banned the use in parks and other cities prohibit employees from using tobacco or nicotine, including e-cigarettes, during work hours.

But opponents of e-cigarettes worry about nicotine’s impact on users’ health. At this point, the health effects of e-cigarettes are hard to pinpoint because there’s not much research available on the subject, Idaho Tobacco Project Manager Terry Pappin said.

“Nicotine by itself has some negative impacts, and the big question that remains is to get some independently funded research out there,” she said, noting that all of the research she’s found on e-cigarettes is funded by e-cigarette companies.

Vaping shop owners in Idaho are not required to obtain a tobacco permit, Pappin said. Last month, 40 attorneys general, including Idaho’s, sent a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urging them to regulate e-cigarettes like it does other tobacco products.

Europe’s only e-cigarette industry event to include speakers from E-Lites, UK eCig Store and ECITA

Leading e-cigarette brands and retailers are due to speak at the first ever eCig Europe: Industry Conference, two-day event dedicated to helping e-cigarette brands and retailers improve their business modelling in the fast-growing, global e-cigarette market, worth an estimated £2bn.

The conference, hosted by Technology IQ – a division of global events company IQPC – will be a unique opportunity for e-cigarette vendors and suppliers to discuss key issues for the industry including regulation, developing business intelligence and optimising profitability, and as well as supply chain management.

“The next 12 months will be pivotal for the e-cigarette industry, and this will be the place to find out how your business can thrive in the face of changing regulation and ever-more competitive landscape. Our expert speaker line up will offer their candid views on all the big issues affecting you now and in the future”. - Kate Love, Head of Production, eCig Europe

Speakers at this industry forum will include:

  • Clive Bates, the Counterfactual
  • Adrian Marshall, ex-chairman, NicoVentures
  • Michael Ryan, Chairman, E-Lites
  • Zair Al-Beyerty, CEO, TripleHalo
  • Nick Roman, Commercial Manager, Vapelux Ltd
  • Michael Clapper, Chairman, Vapestick Group
  • Atif Tanvir, Director, UK ECig Store
  • Jide Yao, CEO, Hangsen
  • Chris Dunhill, CEO, GDC
  • Katherine Devin, Operations Director, ECITA

eCig Europe will take place on December 4-5, 2013 in London, UK. Find the full program, speaker list and registration form at, call +44 (0)20 7036 1300 or email