May 2013

Rebuilding a Vivi Nova

By Mary Plass

The Vivi Nova, for many vapers, is a tried and true clearomizer. It has a large ml capacity, looks cool, is easy to fill and rarely leaks. It’s also rebuildable if you’re handy. First, determine what you want to use to create the wick. Silica string is standard, but it can be rebuilt with anything like stainless steel, bamboo thread, ceramic wick and even cotton. Braided cotton candlewick is highly durable and rather inexpensive. This rebuild uses cotton, but the same directions would work for all of the other materials.

You’ll need a Vivi Nova head that has had its coil removed, a length of wick and Kanthal and a sturdy object like a large, thick paper clip straightened.

Wrap your Kanthal wire around the wick and sturdy object. With the object still in place, arrange the coil neatly and space it as best you can. Five to seven coil “lines” will be around 2.0 to 2.4Ω.

Place your new wick and coil in the hardware and feed the Kanthal lengths down through the center cylinder.

Grab your atomizer hardware. Pull out the metal pin and the rubber grommet. This leaves you with three pieces. Also, remove the object from your wick and coil.

Fold the wires over the edges of the atomizer ensuring they are not crossed or touching each other in the center cylinder.

Place the rubber grommet around one of the coil lines and press it in, trapping one wire between the rubber and the outside.

Place the whole unit straight up and down between your thumb and finger. Grab the wires and turn them like you would a crank. They will snap neatly off.

With your wick and coil completed, trim it to the desired length and then, using the same sturdy object, unbraid the ends allowing the liquid to wick more easily.

Replace the rubber cap and put it in the Nova. Fill and vape!

Caution: It is NOT recommended to ever dry burn cotton. Ensure the wick is fully saturated before attempting to fire.


Replace center pin, trapping the other wire between the grommet and the center pin.

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