March 2014

Product Review: Aspire Nautilus v. Kayfun 3.1 By Steffanie Atkins

Why are the Aspire Nautilus and Kayfun 3.1 so popular in the market right now? Two words: performance and flavor. Every vaper wants that yummy taste and wants his or her parts to work just right with no leakage and minimal adjustments. The Nautilus and the Kayfun give you just that. Their prices range from $35-$45 for the Nautilus tank and an authentic Kayfun can cost you up to $170. Something must be special about these tanks to spend that much money.  

There are three key features that give both of these tanks the best performance and popularity ratings of any tank on the market right now. Both have gravity fed coil design, a chimney style airflow, which we will look at in more detail, and a locking and adjustable airflow setting.

 The chimney style design of both tanks allows the vapor that travels through that chimney portion the same kind of condensation process. This gives the vapor out of the Nautilus tank a strong flavor compared to many other box tanks on the market.


The Kayfun chimney is wider than the Nautilus, allowing room to work around when building your tank but they have almost the exact same design and shape. The bottom is a large cylinder, which then goes into a cone shape and then into the air pipe. 

This special design on the Aspire Nautilus tank makes it comparable to a re-buildable tank such as the Kayfun. The flavor is outstanding and the vapor produced is similar to the amount produced in a Kayfun.

Both tanks also have an adjustable airflow setting, which is quite convenient, another feature many box tanks do not come equipped with. The Nautilus has four adjustable airflow holes that are drilled at the bottom of the tank where there is also a locking ring. This locking ring allows for non-accidental changing of your airflow. It is a feature that is easy to use, but not so easy that it can be done while it’s in your pocket or vape sock.

The Kayfuns airflow adjustment is in the form of a threaded pin at the base of the tank, which allows you to regulate the amount of airflow going to your coil.

Similar to these two, the also popular Russian 91 has the same key features but also comes with an overflow dish on the very bottom to keep the chimney area from flooding. Besides that, it is almost identical to the Kayfun series.

The gravity fed wicking system, chimney condensation design and adjustable airflow are three things never offered in the same design before. If you have one of these tanks, you know what we’re talking about. And if you don’t, you don’t know what you’re missing.