June 2016

Orlando Vapor Show


The Central Florida Fairground was the setting for the Orlando Vape Show this past March 2016. Orlando, along with the state of Florida, is one of the hotspots for vaping the US, so it is a natural fit for a top notch vape show.

The hall at the fairgrounds is a medium-sized event venue that was easily able to accommodate more than 40 vendors, and the show was organized by vape show veteran Mark Evans Jr.

The venue turned out to be a good choice for the show, as it is located within the Orlando area, but far enough away from the area theme parks that the nightmarish traffic could be avoided. This was particularly important with the show taking place during the heart of spring break.

Tony Taylor, one of the owners of Potions Unlimited, a premium e-liquid manufacturer, said “This vape show completely exceeded all expectations,” and those in attendance “completely fit our demographic.”

Chris, co-owner of Daily Dose, had a slightly different take. He said he would “like to see maybe more of a turnout,” but added that the people he met with were “good contacts.”

Markus, the wholesale manager from Lizard Juice referred to the show as “better that I thought it would be — the business to business part was great.”

If Evans can build on the successes of the past two Orlando shows, they should only get better from here.

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