June 2016

CCI Maus tank hits the mark — hard





As a longtime dripper, I was reluctant for months to make the switch back to a subtank as I wobbled between the countless options. I have them all. Then I found the Maus by Cloud Chasers Inc. (CCI), of Highland, Illinois.

Few sub-ohm tanks on the market have managed to capture the all around experience in a way that would please the average dripper. The Maus changes that.

The 66mm tall tank, available in stainless and black, manages to not only be a cloud beast (as CCI is known for), but also offers what I consider the best flavor available today from a modern tank. It’s coils, available in 0.2 and 0.5 ohms, nearly resemble the SMOK TFV4 in size, but it’s the massive inlets that make the difference. In fact, they are large enough that through four coils, I have yet to drip a single drop of juice in a coil prior to priming.

While the 0.5 ohm coil offers a pleasant vape, to truly see the capabilities of the Maus, one must drop in the 0.2. Cloud production and flavor of the 0.2 rival the VCMT, only from a production coil — not an RTA.

The 0.5 coil is rated for 30-80 watts, while the 0.2 is rated for 80-130. The second week I had the tank, somehow my device was bumped to 200 watts and I got a full pull from the 0.2 coil. After gathering my senses, I took four pulls (at a less moronic wattage, of course) and it vaped clean again. I used that same coil for six more days.

Airflow on the Maus is easily adjustable and in four weeks of use has yet to leak. For me not to make it leak is quite the accomplishment, because my tanks are used and quite heavily abused (I tend to drop things.)

As far as the tanks overall features, one stands out above all — it’s top-fill system. The stainless steel cap comes on and off with only a simple quarter turn. It’s a snug fit, but not so snug that it’s difficult to remove.

The Maus also offers a 510 pin that protrudes significantly. The website advertises it as safe for hybrids. It ran flawlessly on my VCM, but it spends most of its time atop my HexOhm V2 set between 100 and 120 watts.

Coil life is about average for my style vaping — meaning I get about a week out of a coil. There was a time when four days was a standard for me, so it’s an improvement in my book.

The tank is packaged with a SS chuff and a different cap for 510 tip users. Both offer the same quarter-turn option. Also included is a spare Pyrex glass, one of each coil and an assortment of spare parts.

Overall, the Maus is a clearly well-machined subtank that fires on all cylinders. At its $44.95 price point, a vaper can’t go wrong giving this beast a chance.

For more information, visit cloudycollabs.com.