June 2016

Builders Corner Something Crazy



If you are an advanced builder or have more than a few months of vaping with the use of an RDA, you’ve more than likely heard, “man, I want something crazy to vape!” “I want a crazy build!”

If you have built at or have been around a builder at a convention you’ve heard this for sure. However, a build that performs well as far as production and self-wicking is plenty crazy on its own. No, they won’t look like a 6 loop slentre. No, they won’t be that build everyone see’s and loses their mind over, but if you have only ever used a set of six wrap macro coils then fused claptons are plenty crazy.

Going from a single bare wire with zero self-wicking capabilities to a coil that allows for self-wicking, lower ramp

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time, etc. is CRAZY. When that fused coil begins to go to work heating up and producing vapor, the juice that has been trapped down in between those higher gauge wires is keeping that vapor just a bit cooler allowing for “better,” or a more pronounced, flavor. This is above and beyond anything that a subtank or t3s style tank could ever hope to provide. They come close but there is just no comparison to the vape of well-made coils in an RDA.

What is a fused clapton? Well, it is a coil comprised of two low gauge core wires then a higher gauge wire is wrapped on those low gauge wires fusing them together. This lowers the ohms while raising both wattage and voltage. It also increases the amount of amperage load on the batteries. CRAZY!

We just went from 1 ohm to subohming in one paragraph! Personally, I did not just stumble on to this innovative concept that ultimately opened up the creative and innovative process for further coil concepts. It was because of folks like Squidoode (on Instagram) and YouTube channels like the Art of Vaping (on YouTube.) These people sat down and explained the process of building and installing these types of coils for free! CRAZY!

A clapton coil, fused clapton, or even a tri-core alien is indeed crazy when you compare the vape experience to that of a t3s tank, a sub tank mini, a super tank, or a standard macro coil. So, if you are one of those who feel your build needs to be a lava monkey double back 5 loop slentre braided alien stovetop in order to fit the criteria of “something crazy” fear not, because you more than likely have not yet experienced the vape of a set of fused claptons or the elusive aliens. Which means you more than likely don’t have the time, patience, or means to build for yourself. However, there are plenty of good people/builders out there who are willing to build you something that will perform well while improving your vape experience.

The entire point of vaping as an alternative to smoking is just that, an alternative to something extremely poisonous and highly addictive. Building coils is great way to keep those idle hands busy and keep one’s mind off the rituals and habits that are formed after smoking for years and years.

This also allows for a possible growth in further understating what is happening when vaping as far as the mechanics are concerned. But feeling the need for something that is built out of experimentation and or has turned into a hobby is missing the point all together. Seek out a way to improve your experience with vaping as a safer alternative to vaping not as a way to impress your friends.

Sam McClelland is an owner and builder for Clean Builds LLC. Follow him and his crazy builds on IG @builds_and_junk and at cleanbuilds.net/.