January 2017

Ask GrimmGreen

I hear a lot about diacetyl and other chemicals in e-cigarettes. How concerned should I be?

Jerry Haversham
Madison, WI

Hey Jerry! let me start by saying I’m not a doctor or a scientist. Here is what I do know regarding diacetyl. Even if used as an ingredient in e-liquid ( which you will be hard pressed to find these days ) But even if it was used as an ingredient in e-liquid, the levels of diacetyl would be very very low compared to that of a cigarette. Cigarettes have LOADS ( not an actual measurement ) more diacetyl in them that e-liquids have ever had.

Secondly, the cases of actual popcorn lung from actual microwave popcorn factory workers is very very low and blown completely out of proportion. Between 1992 and 2000 in one microwave popcorn factory there were 8 cases of people that reported suffering from Fixed Obstructive Lung Disease or “Popcorn Lung” these are people that are inhaling pure diacetal every day, 8 hours a day for years on end. In the end if you’re not comfortable vaping liquids with diacetyl in them, then don’t. At this point in 2016 it would honestly be difficult to find a vendor knowingly adding Diacetyl or AP to their juices anyway.

Since I started vaping bottle sizes have grown soo much and prices have gotten more reasonable. Do you think this will keep happening?

Peggy Gallagher
Arcadia, CA

Hello Peggy! Right now the market is all over the place. I absolutely do foresee lots of liquid vendors keeping this trend going. Unfortunately due to the august 8th deadline. The only REAL option for vendors is to keep lowering their prices, as a larger bottle size would be a “new tobacco product” according to the FDA. The Market fluctuates a lot as far as “trends”. If the FDA regulations never happened. I would have predicted that with the sway back to mouth-to-lung high nicotine vaping. That maybe next year we would see a return to a lot of 30ml premium glass dripper bottles.

How did you get started in the e-liquid game?

Hailey Buist
Prescott, AZ

Hey Hailey! excellent question. Getting started in the liquid business is really no different than getting started in any other business. It takes MONEY, and lots of it. In late 2012 I had already been making YouTube videos for a few years. I loved the industry and wanted to be a bigger part of it. I wanted to challenge myself and actually get inside the industry.

When Namberjuice first started back in 2012 we contracted some flavor artists and a lab, Sunk a lot of money into the project which ultimately fell through. We took a huge loss and actually didn’t turn a profit the entire first year that we existed. Determined to make this work we spent more time and money completely re-branding and re-launching the line with the help of Daniel Walsh and the amazing team at Purebacco in Michigan. Through them we were able to increase our presence online as well as at a wholesale level. When you are a business owner your work is never done. Every day we are working on ways to re-invigorate the brand through social media, ad campaigns and discount sales. It’s a lot of work, but it’s honestly the most rewarding thing I’ve ever been a part of.

What is the difference in the nicotine we have been vaping and nicotine salt?

John Gier
Pine, CO

Hey John! one again, I am not a scientist or a doctor. To properly answer this question would literally require a long scientifically published paper. The short answer is not much. Nicotine is a “salt” from the tobacco plant. Some manufacturers make the claim that these more natural nicotine salts are more easily absorbed into your system, making them more effective and giving the user that nicotine “rush” that comes from cigarettes.