VAPEVIEW: The Cloud Chasers

The Cloud Chasers

Every individual has requirements for what they would call the “perfect vape.” For some it’s all about flavor and it just has to taste good. For others it’s juice heated to a precise wattage in a fresh cartomizer and the resulting plume. For some it’s being able to blow massive clouds on a mechanical mod after toiling over sub ohm coils, repetitiously working with wire and cotton until they get the math right. These are the cloud chasers.


Cloud chasing, as the practice has been coined, is the art of using sub ohm coiled atomizers on mechanical mods. The coils can be single, dual or multi configurations. Some cloud chasers are using ribbon wire and others are configuring their setups with nifty micro-coils. They spend their time talking on message boards and subreddits about their .8 ohm coils, showing pictures of his or her builds, coils aglow resembling the color of the sun, gloating about the lack of hot spots. On YouTube you can find the cloud chasers recording themselves expelling clouds so voluminous that if you watch long enough you’ll eventually think you see an animal form. There is no wispiness in the world of the cloud chaser. I am in awe and I am jealous.


What is utterly remarkable about the cloud chasers is how, in each posting or thread, they explain that safety cannot be overemphasized. There is an inherent risk of having a mod blow up in your face and your body covered in scarring battery acid if you are not careful, do not have your math correct, or are not aware of the amp limit or discharge rate of your battery. If you do not understand Ohm’s Law and how that correlates to the drain of your battery, then cloud chasing is likely not for you. It is dangerous if not done correctly and can cause serious bodily harm or burn your house down.


There are a lot of subcultures that make up the vape community. There are folks perfectly content with their streamlined eGo setups, the juice heads that have every flavor imaginable and the mod collectors that can tell you every spec of each device they own. The cloud chasers are the builders or Pecos Bill of vapor, wrangling their equipment to tame the perfect cloud.



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Vape Expo Poland Adds Exhibitors

Cosmic Fog, Liquid State and Traditional Juice have been added as exhibitors at Vape Expo Poland, to be held March 4-6 in Warsaw.

unnamedFounded in sunny Orange County Calif., Cosmic Fog Vapors was created with a mission:  To craft only the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen.



unnamed-1Liquid State Vapors is committed to high quality e-liquid and responsible packaging, branding and marketing. They are a max VG line, using only the highest quality ingredients, flavorings and nicotine. They draw their inspirations from U.S. states and the special flavors of each state that make them unique and memorable.




Traditional Juice was founded in June of 2014 in Orange County, Calif. by Conor and Bob Denmark. Working for months on flavors alone, they took the time to make each flavor true to its description. They launched with three unique and delicious flavors, Lola, Indian Giver and Black and Blue.

Do you want to be an exhibitor? Fill out the application here

To get acquainted with the participants and to try their unique liquids, register here.

Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Borough Lawmakers Enact E-Cig Tax

Photo by

Photo by

A new tax hike on wholesale e-cig purchases has happened in Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Borough, according to The new excise tax will be 55 percent to the price of the wholesale purchase.

While revenue is said to be going to the borough government’s general fund, Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, told the news site that the tax hike will backfire.
“We know that governments in the United States and around the world have raised excise taxes to such degree that one of the major unintended consequences is rampant smuggling that undermines the health goals that have been cited as the reason to impose those taxes in the first place,”LaFaive told the news site. “With flammable tobacco, the tax rates have gotten so high that it’s been estimated recently by scholars that it would take a 100 percent increase in current excise taxes to get just a 5 percent improvement in the quit rate.” He also said the direction is an “illegal market.”

Getting the Scoop On SCC Getting the Scoop on Scope Juice Founder

November 22, 2015


By Susan Oser
Photos by Michelle Valentino

Name: Craig Scoppa
Screen Name: Scope666
Company: Scope Juice
Channel: VULive
Shows: Co-Host on Squirreling Out and Mod Envy

Craig Scoppa, known as Scope666, is not just the owner of Scope Juice, which features popular flavors such as Apricot Dreams and Popping Cherry. He’s also an online host for the VULive (Vaping Underground Live) network on, a father, a husband, a systems engineer and a drummer.

SUSAN: How did your juice line get started?
CRAIG: Two people actually pushed me into it. There was a guy named Wayne, who goes by the screen name of Vape- Medic, and also Robyn from the Vaping Militia. I met both of them at a meet here in Jersey about a year and a half ago. It was there that I also met people like Vapor Joe (Joe Petner), Smokie, TowerofVape (Rich Gavina) and a few others. At the time, I was still DIYing, and I let Wayne and Joe try my cola juice. They both liked it a lot. However, the one who pushed me really hard was Robyn. After she tried my juice, she told me that it would be a sin for others not to try it.

SUSAN: What has been the best thing about creating Scope Juice?
CRAIG: I love the positive feedback and the direct connection with people that I interact with on my shows (Mod Envy and Squirreling
Out). It is also from that interaction that I get feedback on the flavors, ideas for new flavors, enhancements, etc.

SUSAN: How did you get involved with hosting?
CRAIG: I first got into this vaping thing as a viewer and hung out in Nova where I would watch a lot of shows. I would watch Mod Envy all the time. Around the time I was getting into DIY, Mandycat of Timeless Vapor was doing a DIY show on the NOVA network where she asked chatters to come on as guests. After I was a guest on her show, it led to the idea of hosting.

SUSAN: How did you get hooked up to do Squirreling Out?
CRAIG: Originally, it was a show that I did myself. As I said before, after being a host on Mandycat’s show (on NOVA) and having other people push me to do it, I just decided to take the plunge. William from Maddcatt Vapors (who is my cohost now) was one of my first guests. Five or six months later, I saw ImahFokker in a hangout, sent him an IM and then started talking to him. Then it just kind of evolved and we had William as a guest again. Originally, the show was called Scope it Out when I moved to VULive [on]. During one of the shows, Vapor Joe said, “You guys are always squirreling out.” So the name fit, because while doing a giveaway, we would start talking about something related to it and then just lose track of time and forget about the giveaway until someone reminds us we have to do one.

SUSAN: What about Mod Envy?
CRAIG: This was a weird one but also a surprise because I was just a viewer for a year and a half. When I first started vaping, I would watch the show on my laptop while my wife watched on her laptop. The first prize that I won on the show was a subscription to VAPE Magazine. Then one day, while the show was having tech issues, they contacted me and asked if I could help broadcast the show. This happened a few times and I was a guest quite a lot. At the time, I didn’t know Joe [Vapor Joe] well until we did a couple fill-in shows together and discovered that we had a lot in common. Thus, adding me to the show made sense because I had a good rapport with the gang. This also has given Nitro- Bex a chance to be more of a host as he’s not tied up with technical issues behind the scenes. It still hasn’t sunk in yet … Sometimes on a Saturday I catch myself thinking, “I can’t wait to watch Mod Envy tonight. Oh, wait …”

SUSAN: What has it been like hooking up with VULive or going to various meets to get exposure to your product?
CRAIG: I love interacting with others that are like me—into vaping on a level that is higher than most. It’s fun to discuss the latest gear, newest juices, etc. with likeminded people.

SUSAN: How did vaping change your life?
CRAIG: I feel like I am one of those that is lucky to have discovered vaping. It’s made my kids [7, 10 and 14] happy. Granted, my wife and I always went outside to smoke, but my kids would look outside the window at us while we did it. It certainly wasn’t setting a good example. As for health benefits, I love that I can take a FULL deep breath in the morning without my lungs hurting, and having your taste buds come back to full strength is an added plus.

story continues below…
…continued from above

I got my wife into vaping around the same time I started. She had bought a cigalike and felt like it was pretty weak, but it planted a seed. Then, when I was on a business trip for work, I saw someone with a device and saw this rather large cloud of vapor it produced. I didn’t know that something like this existed at the time, and everything about his device fascinated me. He let me try it, and suddenly it occurred to me, “E cigs don’t suck, just the cigalike that we tried to quit with did.” That’s when I decided to order from Halo. The day the Halo package arrived was the last day I ever smoked. The wife had tried a drag or two after she started vaping, but was disgusted by the taste and definitely preferred vaping more.

That’s when I really got into it and read everything there was about vaping, including hanging out in shows. I’d watch videos from GrimmGreen and Phil Busardo, learned how to build coils, rebuild tanks and then got into DIY. Smoking is directly responsible for the deaths of my mother and both grandmothers. The one thing that really kicks me and that I will never forget was when I went to visit my mom toward the end and showed her a device that I was using. I let her try it and she loved it. She said that she could’ve done this instead of the smoking. Had devices like this existed sooner, I think it would have saved her. That’s what drives my passion for this community.

SUSAN: What has been the biggest surprise you’ve seen with the vaping community?
CRAIG: How incredibly giving some vapers can be. I’m amazed at how generous vapers can be, especially with donating personal mods and auctioning those things off for those in need. On the other side of that, the biggest disappointment and something that really pisses me off is how some people try to scam their way into getting free product, saying things such as, “I can’t afford to buy juice.” If you were a smoker, I’m sure you always found a way to buy a pack of smokes. There’s no excuse for that.

SUSAN: How do you feel about vaping activism?
CRAIG: It’s unfortunate that there are people out there that constantly threaten our right to vape. We are very lucky to have people like Greg Conley and groups like the Vaping Militia. Where I am in New Jersey (the first one to ban vaping in the entire country on Nov. 13, 2009) is the capital of Big Pharma, and they would rather have us buy the patch, Chantix etc. and not lose that revenue.

SUSAN: So how have you managed to survive as a vaper?
CRAIG: I’m very good at stealth vaping.

SUSAN: Why should people care about the vaping community?
CRAIG: It might help others quit. A lot of people don’t know what it is. The average person thinks an e -cig is something like a VUSE (cigalike). They have no idea that devices exist today that can deliver far more satisfaction. That’s why I try to educate people and try to vape where the smokers are in public places. I have even let smokers try my mod and answer questions, like the guy who first introduced me to “real” vaping. Just take the time to explain how it works and that there’s more to vaping than using a VUSE.

SUSAN: What do you see with the future of vaping?
CRAIG: Devices are going to get way better; those with temperature control will be able to use any kind of wire. I also envision a point where vapor can be produced without using a conventional wick and coil. It’s a big enough industry for companies to push the envelope. If I look at how far devices have come in the last two years, it blows my mind.

To catch Craig Scoppa on Mod Envy (Saturday nights from
10 p.m. midnight) and Squirreling Out (Tuesday nights from 10 p.m. midnight), visit or If you would like to check out his company Scope Juice, visit

Shop Global Vapor Q&A with Founder, Mark Evans Jr.

November 21, 2015


World Vapor Expo in May served as the launch of Shop Global Vapor (SGV), which extends B2B off the trade show floor and into the cloud. SGV is a free service open to vapor industry professionals, shop owners and exhibitors, allowing users to purchase products directly. More than 120 worldwide brands are available, along with a social media marketplace where users can get to know vendors and speak directly to owners and product operators.

VAPE: Why did you decide to start SGV, and how did that idea become a reality?
Evans: I am the co-founder of the World Vapor Expo. I love being a trade show operator. With experience developing both online and offline marketing strategies, we set off to build a wholesale vapor business-to-business network online for our exhibitors and B2B attendees. We spent more than a year of research, and along the way took my relationship with Balluun to the next level. We announced a multi-year partnership at Expo! Expo!, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) annual meeting and exhibition in Los Angeles. Together, we launched SGV.

VAPE: Can you take us through some of the exciting features of the site and what users can expect?
Evans: Vapor space retail shops, e-commerce and affiliate webmasters looking to purchase wholesale vapor products gain free access to network, connect and purchase wholesale from more than 100 brands with thousands of in-demand products SGV exhibitors utilize the platform to network, meet and conduct wholesale B2B trade. SGV has the largest selection of wholesale vapor products direct from the best selling brands in the vapor business. Additionally, as an SGV attendee member, you have the ability to submit a purchase order for wholesale vapor products directly from manufacturers and distributors representing high-demand brands from around the globe. SGV members have access to private vapor industry social media and our B2B vapor marketplace on the secure cloud hosted Balluun365 online trade show platform. There are no membership or transaction fees.

VAPE: Are there any other requirements/qualifications to be a vendor?
Evans: New members must provide a business license, legal business name, DBA, business entity, business address, FEIN, Tax ID or corporate number to gain access. Call 1-844-VAPEB2B if you require assistance with membership verification. Membership is restricted to businesses only.

VAPE: How many shops are on the site currently?
Evans: Since SGV’s launch, our attendee/wholesale buyer member base spread to more than 300 verified wholesale buyers. With more than 100 brands to buy direct from, SGV is a turnkey, all-in-one solution for both buyers and sellers of wholesale vapor products.

VAPE: What’s your goal(s) for SGV by the end of the year?
Evans: Future developments include more time saving, B2B commerce infused technology and the full release of SGV’s wholesale point of sale app, dubbed “orders pro.” The app is live on iPad pilot with a select group of SGV exhibitors. Full release is expected to be available cross platform. Join the revolution, join the community.

For more information, visit

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