VAPEVIEW: The Cloud Chasers

The Cloud Chasers

Every individual has requirements for what they would call the “perfect vape.” For some it’s all about flavor and it just has to taste good. For others it’s juice heated to a precise wattage in a fresh cartomizer and the resulting plume. For some it’s being able to blow massive clouds on a mechanical mod after toiling over sub ohm coils, repetitiously working with wire and cotton until they get the math right. These are the cloud chasers.


Cloud chasing, as the practice has been coined, is the art of using sub ohm coiled atomizers on mechanical mods. The coils can be single, dual or multi configurations. Some cloud chasers are using ribbon wire and others are configuring their setups with nifty micro-coils. They spend their time talking on message boards and subreddits about their .8 ohm coils, showing pictures of his or her builds, coils aglow resembling the color of the sun, gloating about the lack of hot spots. On YouTube you can find the cloud chasers recording themselves expelling clouds so voluminous that if you watch long enough you’ll eventually think you see an animal form. There is no wispiness in the world of the cloud chaser. I am in awe and I am jealous.


What is utterly remarkable about the cloud chasers is how, in each posting or thread, they explain that safety cannot be overemphasized. There is an inherent risk of having a mod blow up in your face and your body covered in scarring battery acid if you are not careful, do not have your math correct, or are not aware of the amp limit or discharge rate of your battery. If you do not understand Ohm’s Law and how that correlates to the drain of your battery, then cloud chasing is likely not for you. It is dangerous if not done correctly and can cause serious bodily harm or burn your house down.


There are a lot of subcultures that make up the vape community. There are folks perfectly content with their streamlined eGo setups, the juice heads that have every flavor imaginable and the mod collectors that can tell you every spec of each device they own. The cloud chasers are the builders or Pecos Bill of vapor, wrangling their equipment to tame the perfect cloud.



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Vaper Expo UK Returning Oct. 14-16

unnamedThe Vaper Expo UK 2016 – The Return, taking place Oct. 14-16, is already off to a flying start. Spaces and additional advertising options are in high demand. In just under two weeks organizers nearly have 50 exhibitors already confirmed.

Exhibitors confirmed so far :

Element Eliquids
Gilla Operations llc
Black Bamboo Liquids
The Yorkshire Vaper
Mohawk & Co.
Dinner Lady
Drip Forge
Eco Vape
Diamond CBD
Cotton Bacon
Vjuice eliquid
Magnifecig Online Ltd
Shenzhen Inshare Technology Co
Momo e liquid
Vape Store
12 Monkeys Vapor
Illusions Vapor
Cloudy Heaven
Just e Juice Ltd
AM Labels
U.K. Vape Supply Ltd
Advanced Dynamics Limited
Doozy Vape Co
SteamWorks Tech Ltd
demand vape
Kaat int ltd
Cuts Ice Ltd
Wick Liquor Ejuice Co.
premier e cigs
Pink Mac Ltd
QuickLabel Systems
Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd
excel packaging machinery limited
ufatrader ltd
Juice Sauz
Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co
Ultimate Juice Ltd
cafe racer vape inc

Organizers told Agent VAPE that they have exhibition spaces to suit everyones needs and budget no matter how big or small.
Take a look at the floor plan showing available spaces at

For more information, visit

CCI Maus tank hits the mark — hard

June 29, 2016






As a longtime dripper, I was reluctant for months to make the switch back to a subtank as I wobbled between the countless options. I have them all. Then I found the Maus by Cloud Chasers Inc. (CCI), of Highland, Illinois.

Few sub-ohm tanks on the market have managed to capture the all around experience in a way that would please the average dripper. The Maus changes that.

The 66mm tall tank, available in stainless and black, manages to not only be a cloud beast (as CCI is known for), but also offers what I consider the best flavor available today from a modern tank. It’s coils, available in 0.2 and 0.5 ohms, nearly resemble the SMOK TFV4 in size, but it’s the massive inlets that make the difference. In fact, they are large enough that through four coils, I have yet to drip a single drop of juice in a coil prior to priming.

While the 0.5 ohm coil offers a pleasant vape, to truly see the capabilities of the Maus, one must drop in the 0.2. Cloud production and flavor of the 0.2 rival the VCMT, only from a production coil — not an RTA.

The 0.5 coil is rated for 30-80 watts, while the 0.2 is rated for 80-130. The second week I had the tank, somehow my device was bumped to 200 watts and I got a full pull from the 0.2 coil. After gathering my senses, I took four pulls (at a less moronic wattage, of course) and it vaped clean again. I used that same coil for six more days.

Airflow on the Maus is easily adjustable and in four weeks of use has yet to leak. For me not to make it leak is quite the accomplishment, because my tanks are used and quite heavily abused (I tend to drop things.)

As far as the tanks overall features, one stands out above all — it’s top-fill system. The stainless steel cap comes on and off with only a simple quarter turn. It’s a snug fit, but not so snug that it’s difficult to remove.

The Maus also offers a 510 pin that protrudes significantly. The website advertises it as safe for hybrids. It ran flawlessly on my VCM, but it spends most of its time atop my HexOhm V2 set between 100 and 120 watts.

Coil life is about average for my style vaping — meaning I get about a week out of a coil. There was a time when four days was a standard for me, so it’s an improvement in my book.

The tank is packaged with a SS chuff and a different cap for 510 tip users. Both offer the same quarter-turn option. Also included is a spare Pyrex glass, one of each coil and an assortment of spare parts.

Overall, the Maus is a clearly well-machined subtank that fires on all cylinders. At its $44.95 price point, a vaper can’t go wrong giving this beast a chance.

For more information, visit

SURVEY: Two-Thirds of Vapers Are Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

bd5aJhimAgent VAPE received this release from Chris Harihar, Crenshaw Communications for V2:

V2, one of the nation’s leading brands of electronic cigarette and vaporizer products, today announced the results of a commissioned study in which 300 U.S. adult e-cigarette users were asked to explain why they vape. The respondents were polled online, between May 11-12, 2016.

When asked to identify the reasons they choose to use electronic cigarettes:

  • Two-thirds (62%) said they do so “to quit or abstain from smoking cigarettes”
  • 38% identified as dual users, vaping e-cigarettes “to obtain nicotine when unable to smoke cigarettes”
  • 36% said they “preferred the flavors and taste over traditional tobacco cigarettes”
  • 29% said they did so because e-cigarettes are more “socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes”

“For most adult smokers, vaporizing devices like electronic cigarettes represent a legitimate alternative to combustible cigarettes,” said Adam Kustin, Vice President of Marketing, V2. “Smokers are increasingly shifting away from combustibles in favor of vaping. This is why the recent FDA ruling to regulate e-cigarettes like tobacco products is discouraging. Big Tobacco wants to curb e-cigarette growth and maintain the status quo, especially as vaporizer technology continues to outpace their offerings and transform the category. The FDA’s more onerous limitations on manufacturers indirectly support Big Tobacco’s goals. Stifling innovation and restricting consumer choice will very possibly drive users back to smoking cigarettes.”

In May, the US Food and Drug Administration decided to extend federal regulatory control to e-cigarettes. According to another V2 poll of 300 vapers released on June 7th, among e-cigarette users, three-quarters (74%) believe that electronic cigarettes “should be subject to some sort of regulatory process.”[1] However, in an April survey also conducted by V2 with 600 respondents, 57% said that they were against any federal regulations by the FDA.[2] Of that 57%, 27% said regulations should occur locally (state, municipality, etc.) and 13% said the industry should self-regulate.

The consequences of overregulation could be devastating for e-cigarette users. As part of the FDA’s ruling, government approval of all e-cigarette products and related consumables introduced after 2007, such as e-liquid, is now required. These products must go through a formal approval process to continue to be sold. Reports estimate that submitting an application for a single product approval could cost more than $1 million for the applicant.[3] In a V2 survey released June 7th, vapers were asked how they would respond if onerous regulations drove e-cigarettes off the market. 49% of those surveyed said they would return to smoking combustible cigarettes. Considering how many report vaping as a way to abstain from tobacco in the latest V2 survey, these numbers aren’t surprising.

About V2:

V2®, the world’s No. 1 volume online retailer of electronic cigarettes, has distinguished itself as an industry leader with its ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production and great taste. For more information about V2, visit:



A Chat with The Daily Caller Reporter Guy Bentley

June 28, 2016



By Tony Ottomanelli II

The Daily Caller news organization reporter Guy Bentley has written countless articles on vaping and E-cigarettes. If you’ve ever read an article on vaping that has been shared across social media, you’ve undoubtedly read his work.

Bentley believes vaping to be very fascinating, for many reasons — first and foremost that it is likely the best option for those who wish to quit smoking. So, rather than choosing to create head-turning headlines, Guy simply covers stories and logically breaks down the facts about vaping because he believes in it.

“The only valid research data is truthfully based on the proper statistics,” he said. Thus, studies summarized on inaccurate data are not valid research results.

continues below…
…continued from above

What he finds interesting about E-cigarettes and vaping is the Public Health factor involved. He noted how people have not had success using all of the smoking cessation alternatives. For instance, nicotine gum, the nicotine patch or even the pharmaceutical solution known as Chantix have all been highly suspect in their efficiency.

“Vaping is something completely born of the market,” Bentley said. He said that he became intrigued by the vaping industry due to the giant “wave of innovation” and how vaping has been “proving to be a very effective solution” for those who are trying to quit smoking.

“Vaping is a brilliant private sector mechanism for a public health need,” he said. “I’m interested in it from those aspects.”

A life-long interest in technology only served to further his interest in the industry.

“This is an absolute textbook example of the baptists and bootleggers problem (meaning moralists and merchants)” Referring to the public health community as the Baptists and the pharmaceutical industry as the merchants.

“There are those in the public health community that seem to be militantly against nicotine use,” Bentley said. On the moralistic side, the public health sector, the “baptists,” believe they can take the abstinence only approach, claiming these nicotine delivery devices are hazardous.

Then on the merchant side, the “bootleggers,” we have the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries who see vaping as a threat to their business.

Bentley said that he doesn’t consider his work necessarily “PRO-Vaping,” yet he believes ”we need evidence on these products and in a free society, grown human beings should be able to choose what products they consume.”

In essence, he is fascinated by the phenomenon of the vaping industry. He said that e-cigarettes and vaping devices “are voluntarily being used by individuals trying to quit smoking, they’re not a burden on anybody and they’re not causing an economic drop either.”

Bentley is motivated by the fact that there are so many questions surrounding the topic.

“What we need to find is why is there so much misleading research on the subject,” he said. “Who is interested in that research? And why is the media being so complacent?”

Within his profession, many of his colleagues are under pressure to receive attention by garnishing sexy headlines. Reporting on something far more dramatic is a great temptation for a lot of reporters.

“A lot of people within the media will simply glance over a press release without looking at any other bits of information or do any other types of independent research or try to listen to any other types of opinions, ultimately sensationalizing the negative stories about vaping and e-cigarettes,” he said. “When considering stories about research studies, the media members are not looking into how these studies were conducted or whether they are credible, they simple gaze over the bullet points and report them as facts.”

Bentley believes the people suffering the most from the mass amount of misinformation floating around are those who have been smoking for 20, 30 or even 40 years — because they are the ones asking “Why should I switch to vaping?”

“It is unquestionable that vaping is safer than regular cigarettes and for the FDA to clamp down on the independent industry is absurd,” Bentley said. “The fact that someone will still have the ability to pick up a pack of regular cigarettes at the gas station, but the vape shop down

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…continued from above

the street will be shut down is entirely counterproductive.”

The biggest fear is that smokers who are desperate to quit smoking could have their right to seek out a healthier alternative completely taken away from them.

“There will be an obvious economic impact with thousands of
people affected from not being able to bring paychecks home,
jobs will be lost, small businesses will be closed down, people who
may not be able to work any other type of strict background
requirement occupations will have their businesses stripped out
from under them,” he said.

“There are a number of ramifications, but now is not the time for vapers to lose hope or give up. If vapers can mobilize themselves into a coherent constituency, then they can make a huge impact. So, now is the time to mobilize. Contact your legislators, make your voices heard in a reasonable, rational, and positive way. If vapers want to defend their right to vape and protect the industry that is helping them to quit smoking, this is what they need to do.”

The public health movement has been very skeptical and outright hostile towards the private sector and the free market. One reason is that vaping remains unregulated by any public health bureaucracy.

It is clear that there is a general hostility and skepticism of free enterprise and private sector solutions to address a public health issue. The public health movement, in most aspects of lifestyle regulation, in regards to what you can vape, eat, drink, smoke is essentially an anti-choice movement.

The vaping phenomenon could very well be one of the most significant public health advances in human history.

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