December 2016

Scenic Vapers Contributor Corner: Breanna Hulett @GreyVape

By Chris Mellides

In the last four years, Scenic Vapers photo contributor Breanna Hulett has found herself on a journey filled with self-discovery and artistic growth the likes of which she never thought could be possible.

The 19-year-old Washington state resident has traveled the country honing on and perfecting her photography while in the company of her closest friends who often stand in as models for her work.

“I have been shooting for a little over four years now,” Hulett said. “It started with landscape photos, then I dragged my friends into it so I could begin learning about portrait photography.”

Now, the young photog has found herself shooting various product photos for leading vapor product companies, while taking portraitures that capture the look and feel of the vaping lifestyle.

Hulett began vaping roughly three years ago, and her use of the reduced harm alternative became much more consistent in the past year when her art became a vehicle for creating vape-related photo content.

“What appeals to me about vaping is that you can truly put your signature on whatever setup you are using, that being the build, the cap, or the mod itself,” Hulett said. “The industry has really grown in that being able to customize a number of aspects and as a photographer, I can utilize that.”

A self-taught professional, Hulett says that she has received much support and inspiration from her peers who’ve been cheering her on during her evolution as an artist. “I have mainly noticed myself evolve as a photographer in the past five months,” Hulett said. “Of course, we are always progressing, but there comes a time when possibilities truly arise and you are able to selflessly feed off of that moment.”

For Hulett, that particular moment came in early March, when she says she was “lucky enough to take a road trip all along the West Coast.” There she visited San Francisco where she took photos at the Golden Gate Bridge and its surrounding areas, before visiting family in her home state of Georgia.

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“Being surrounded by so many incredible new things and so much love results in a lot of inspiration, at least for me,” Hulett said. “That happiness I was feeling showed through my work and it had a ton to do with my development.”

She added, “Emotions control quite a bit when I photograph.”

Hulett first heard of Scenic Vapers in February of this year and became enamored with the project’s concept. Since virtually all of her photos are aimed towards capturing the beauty of the outdoors, she was instantly drawn to the project and felt confident that her work would find a home with Scenic Vapers.

“I have been submitting my work to this project for about six months and I continue to do so,” Hulett said. “I love having my work published alongside so many other talented artists who share a love for vaping and the outdoors as much as I do.”

Asked what interests her most about the project, Hulett offered a definitive response. “It [Scenic Vapers] is able to bring people from all over the world onto one page.”

“It showcases a lot of the curiosities I have towards landscapes in other countries and even states within my own country,” she continued.

While Hulett admits to not personally knowing Scenic Vapers’ founders Tyler Price and Ian Silver before she began contributing, she was very familiar with their robust body of respective works.

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When she began exploring the backlog of Scenic Vapers photography she claims that Price and Silver seemed like, “talents of a different world” and attests to her belief that the two still are.

“They have always set the bar so high and I strive to be on their level of expertise,” Hulett said. “They push me to be a better photographer and all I can do is continue to improve.”

She added, “Every time I am featured on Scenic Vapers I feel so honored. I look up to these guys and the fact that they like my work enough to share it brings me so much happiness.”

The overall message that Scenic Vapers projects, mainly enjoy- ing and taking in the outdoors, is one that resonates deeply with Hulett who says that exploring nature and what the outside world has to offer is paramount, and should be of significant importance to everyone.

“It’s nice to just have a relaxing day at home, but I suggest us- ing your sight and legs while you can,” Hulett said. “You won’t remember the day you sat on the couch watching TV, but you’ll remember the beautiful road you drove on to get to that lake, or the obscure trees you trekked passed while climbing to that waterfall.” “A day you don’t enjoy is a day wasted.”

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