December 2016

Let’s Ask GrimmGreen


By Nick Green Photo by Metal Jeff


I keep seeing people get bent out of shape about these closed systems like the Juul and the Cync, but I don’t understand the debate. What’s all the fuss about?

Stef Youngblood
Augusta, Maine

Hey Stef! I truly and honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about. I think vapers have the association that small “cig-alike” devices are associated somehow with big tobacco. While that might be true for lots of models like the Mark10, The newer closed system devices like the Cync or the VonErl are made by vapers and for vapers.

We need to remember that while fun and satisfying to a lot of people. Sub-Ohm cloud chasing hardware will generally not be appealing to current smokers. Some- thing like the Cync or the JUUL could quite literally save someone’s life. Vapers just need to relax.


Hi Nick! What do you think is the best tank on the market today for clouds and flavor?

Petros Ryers
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hey Petros! Lots of really great tanks on the mar- ket these days. “Tanks” is such a vague term though. Are you after a rebuildable? RTA, RDTA? Sub-Ohm coil heads? Genesis style?

In my opinion a good all around cloud / flavor tank is the Mage From Coilart. I still also love the Kayfun V5 for pure flavor, as well as the Serpent Mini 24mm from Wotofo. Any of the above would be a very solid purchase.


I love my new Recoil!! How does a project like that come together?

Terry Acheson
Palm Beach, Florida

Hey Terry! Only two things are needed for a project like that. Creativity and money. Lots and lots of money. The Recoil RDA was a bit unique in that it was all self funded. We created the design, the logos, the airflow. Did all the marketing ourselves, and contracted a manufacturer for the production process. This way we could have the final say in everything that went into the RDA.

Often times people will contact a large manufacturer like Wismec or Wotofo for help in production and creation. Going down that road is a lot less costly, but also a lot less “hands on” in my opinion. We wanted everything on the RDA to be exactly the way we wanted, and the only way to truly accomplish that, without compromises, is to fund it yourself. Glad you’re enjoying the RDA!