December 2016

Just In Juices


Compiled by Chris Mellides


This 70 VG/30 PG e-liquid takes a swing at recreating the decadent deliciousness of a freshly baked yellow butter cake without the need for washing dishes after dessert. Very tasty!

2 OUTDOORS & S’MORES from Campfire Juice
Enjoy a flame roasted savory hazelnut and creamy oats, fluffed on Aspen-hinted marshmallow with this rich 70VG/30 PG blend. 60ml pricing is available.

3 MR. MERINGUE from Mr. Meringue E-Liquid
A cloud of toasted meringue atop a pool of buttery and bright lemon curd accurately describes this standout flavor. A must-try for dessert lovers. 60ml pricing is available.

4 GRAHAMBIES from Eureka Vapor Co.
The best seller from the Eureka Vapor Co. line of liquids, Grahambies takes sweet, honey-glazed graham crackers, and dunks them in a generous helping of flavorful funfetti frosting.

5 TALLAHASSEE from Cult Classic Liquids
This 80 VG/20 PG juice is Cult Classic Liquid’s flagship flavor, and for good reason. Inspired by the movie Zombieland and its main character, Tallahassee, who is always on the hunt for a certain yellow sponge cake and cream treat, this e-liquid delivers on that flavor and then some.

6 TORTOISE BLOOD from Shijin Vapor
A tart and creamy 85 VG/15 PG mix that takes blue raspberry and shakes it up with a green apple sherbet for a seriously delicious vape. 15ml, 30ml and 100ml pricing is available.

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7 SKIPPER from Vapor Jerry’s
Catapulted to the top of the flavor list due to a high customer demand, Skipper is a standout peanut butter vape celebrated for its complexity. At low temps users can expect a flavor reminiscent of the inside of a peanut butter cup, and the hotter you go the more it transforms into a smooth, creamy PB that isn’t the slightest bit dry. 60ml pricing is available.

8 DUNKD from Missing Link
An alter ego of Alloy Blends, Missing Link serves up a vanilla cookie milk combo in Dunkd that’s sure to satisfy the pickiest of palates. The inspiration for this e-liquid comes from the masterful blending of vanillas that Alloy Blends has brought to you since 2013, with Vented and Blonde, just to name a few. See why this exceptionally clean vanilla can’t be beat. 60ml pricing is available.

9 120 CREAM POP from Gourmet E-Liquid
120 Cream Pop is your favorite summer popsicle all in one bottle. This delightful blend of creamy, vanilla bean ice cream and orange sherbet tastes like it’s straight from the ice cream truck! Let your taste buds run wild with this delicious, new all day vape. 120ml pricing is available.


10 APPLE JAX from Epic Juice
Apple Jax is a milky bowl of apple cinnamon cereal and a classic in the Epic Juice lineup. This flavor was inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and since 2012 remains one of the brand’s best sellers.


11 MAUI WAUI from Smoozie
A max VG blend of sweet pineapple flavor and silky smooth banana that’s topped off with a slammin’ strawberry kick to your taste buds!

12 KEYBERRY FLUX from Firefly Orchard – Apple Elixirs
A tasty green apple, kiwi and strawberry combo that’s sweet and tart and sure to be your next all day vape! This max VG e-liquid is available in 60ml and 120ml pricing.

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This max VG e-liquid is teeming with mouthwatering flavor and will leave you longing for summer fun with its explosive taste of sweet watermelon and tart berries. 60ml and 120ml pricing is available.


14 REVENGE from Cape Fear Juice Company
This creamy custard vape took years to perfect, and is anything but a slice of the ordinary. Revenge is a homemade vanilla custard pie, complete with a flaky graham cracker crust served fresh from the oven just like grandma used to make.

15 SOUL CUSTARDY from Beantown Vapor
Smooth and flavorful are words that best define this vanilla custard with very subtle bourbon, graham cracker and butterscotch notes. Soul Custardy won the #1 spot for Best Custard E-liquid for 2015 in the eCig Reviews Public Poll. So, if you like custard style vapes, this is a must try.

16 SIN TAX from Prohibition Juice Co.
A signature blend from Prohibition Juice Co., Sin Tax is a sinfully smooth peanut butter that comes complete with a sweet vanilla custard finish for an overall satisfying vaping experience. One that won’t dry you out and will leave you begging for more! 60ml and 120ml pricing is available.


17 I LOVE POPCORN from Mad Hatter Juice

Get it poppin’ with the newest flavor from Mad Hatter Juice, I Love Popcorn! This amazing blend of crisp, fresh popcorn covered with sweet, melted butter is your favorite popcorn jelly bean in a bottle! Guaranteed to transport you straight to the theater, your movie experience will never be the same with this new all day vape.