December 2016

Armageddon Manufacturing: Apocalypse RDA


By Chris Mellides

Armageddon Manufacturing is an American company built on a partnership and the fundamental desire to provide a cleaner smoking alternative. With that eventually came the need to design the ultimate rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

Feedback recorded by Armageddon MFG from intermediate and advanced users alike was carefully considered when designing the Apocalypse RDA—a piece of vaping hardware that borrows features from some of the best drippers on the market, but stands tall on cloven hoofs as a beast that’s uniquely its own.

Referred to in some circles as the “Goon Killer”, the Apocalypse certainly does show some similarities to the Goon RDA. However, there’s enough going on under the hood to set it apart, with added features and improvements over the Goon that make it one hell of a contender.

The Apocalypse is a four-piece atomizer that when completely disassembled consists of a wide bore black delrin drip tip, a top cap, barrel section and deck.

The drip tip that comes stock with the RDA is on the stubby side, but displaces heat remarkably well. It is replaceable, which means that third-party drip tips are fair game, and those that are compatible include the Battle Cap tips from Comp Lyfe, and those wider acrylic tips released by Half Moon Mods.

The barrel comes etched with two deep and very clean engravings. On one side there’s a gasmask, which speaks to the name of the company and product name, and then on the other side the word “Apocalypse” appears in a font not unlike what you’d expect to see from a metal band logo. It’s not all that easy to read, but it looks the part and compliments the overall aesthetic nicely.

The dripper measures 24mm in diameter and boasts a 21mm build deck with a 4mm deep juice well. The depth of the juice well is spot on and can accommodate a tremendous amount of cotton, which means that you can go longer between dripping and that’s a huge plus.

Admittedly, I’m an over dripper. When it comes to topping off an RDA I’ll usually position my dropper over the deck and let loose a tsunami of e-liquid that can sometimes drown out my wick and coils.

Having said that, there has not been a single instance where the Apocalypse has leaked on me. Not once. This is thanks in part to the aforementioned juice well being as deep as it is, as well as the placement of the air holes on the barrel section of this RDA, which are positioned slightly higher than those I’ve seen on other drippers.

The two air holes, by the way, are absolutely massive! They each measure 5mm in diameter, so if you run hot builds and love blowing ridiculous clouds, then the Apocalypse has got you covered.

On the other hand, if it’s better flavor you’re after, a “teardrop” airflow control system built into the device’s ridged top cap will give you maximum customization. Finding the perfect draw that best suits your style of vaping is made simple and easy. The possibilities really are endless.

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Much like the Goon, the Apocalypse makes use of a bridge clamp system to trap the leads of your coils during installation. This offers a lot of flexibility for chunkier builds, but notches milled into the plates that make up the clamps do a good job at catching round wire builds as well.

Unlike the Goon, those plates found on the Apocalypse are thicker and much beefier, which in my opinion will outlast those seen on the Goon, which tend to curve and bend when tension is applied to trap the leads of your coils. The Apocalypse does not suffer from this issue.

Lengthened Phillips head screws are found on each clamp and appear to be quite durable. You’ve got 13mm of total wire space under those clamps to play with, so if you’re a builder who needs the extra room, you’re covered.

The deck and clamps are gold-plated to ensure maximum conductivity, and it would appear that the 510 threading and 510 pin are also gold-plated, though I’ve not confirmed this. Since receiving the Apocalypse, my stainless steel Goon RDA has been bumped out of my daily rotation, and that says a lot.

The materials used here are of a great quality. Build quality in general, from the machining to the engraving is stunning, and installing coils of any kind with the redesigned clamp system is a snap.

As I said, adjusting your airflow couldn’t be easier and will satisfy the tastes of most users. I’ve found that while flavor with the air holes turned down to about halfway is rich and saturated, the flavor isn’t wasted when those air holes are cranked open wide. It still comes through, and that really is something.

My only slight concerns are that you’ll want to be careful when dry-fitting the barrel to the deck because you may damage your o-rings, and that the RDA can get warm depending on the build and your airflow hole configuration, but never to where I felt it to be uncomfortable.

Overall, the Apocalypse RDA comes highly recommended. Whether you’re a serious builder with a penchant for installing monstrous alien and clapton coils, or if you’re someone who prefers round wire builds, like myself, then this RDA is an absolute treat.

What’s also worth mentioning is that included with the RDA are extra screws, and o-rings, which all come tucked inside a nicely embroidered satin-like pouch.

The Apocalypse RDA is available in black, gold, stainless steel and heat treated versions with retail pricing starting at $79.99. The Apocalypse can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at: and from authorized retailers.

Coil Specs:

  • 8x .3mm Ribbon WireWrapped in Parallel 38g N80 and 38g 316ss
  • 3m m Inner Diameter Polished With 2k,3k,5k, and 7k Grit Sandpaper and Run Through an Ultrasonic Cleaner