December 2015

Letter From the Editor


One of my first questions when I interview people is, “What’s your origin story?” Now that VAPE is in its third year, and we have announced distribution in Barnes & Noble bookshelves across the country, I thought it was time to share our origin story.

Matt and I met in 2002 at a family-owned organization called Drag Racing Online. I answered an ad for a clerical worker, just trying to get my foot in the door somewhere. Matt was their art director, and over time I became the managing editor. As time went on, I went elsewhere in my career and geographically, but we never lost touch in helping each other out with projects along the way.

Fast-forward to 2014. I was living in China teaching English, and Matt embarked on a wonderful idea to start a vaping magazine. He asked me to edit a few stories for him so he could take that first issue to a show in New York. Our first international issue of VAPE centered around the Chinese market, and from there I moved stateside to continue this journey all the way to Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest retail bookseller. As of Oct. 1, VAPE can be found on B&N’s shelves in 387 stories across the country.

And, as for Drag Racing Online? They are still in the same suite housed in O’Fallon, Mo. and have achieved success and grace that I aspire to on a daily basis. The Burks have mentored us throughout our careers, and we have them and our faithful readers, partners and the entire VAPE Magazine team to thank for the success we’ve achieved thus far.

Thank you.

Happy reading,

Alyssa Stahr