August 2016

VAPE Magazine now an official sponsor of skater Alex Perelson

Photos by Ezra Zuniga/135fotografiks

We at VAPE Magazine are proud to announce that we are now a sponsor of professional skateboarder Alex Perelson.

You may remember Perelson as the cover person for our February 2016 issue. An avid vaper and professional athlete, he was simply the right fit for our publication. VAPE Magazine is joining a list of impressive sponsors including Rockstar Energy Drinks, Vans shoes and a variety of skateboard companies.

Expect regular updates on his performance and whereabouts in the future. Over the next few months, Perelson, 25, has quite the busy schedule that will send him around the world and into televisions across the globe.

Perelson competed in the 2016 Vans Pool Party this may in Orange, California, where he faced off against 40 of the top active professional skaters in the nation. The event included Legends and Masters categories.

In June, Perelson competed at the X Games in Austin, Texas. It marked his 10th appearance at the event. He finished 11th in the vert category, but hit his career high mark of 4th place in 2015 at Austin.

Following the X-Games, Perelson travelled to Floripa, Brazil to compete in the second of five Vans Park Series events. The Park Series is a new circuit of bowl event’s comprised of the world’s top skaters and all are webcast live.

Throughout the year we will have regular updates on Perelson and his progress.