August 2016

Vape Bash 5: Clouds in the Windy City



Vape Bash 5 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois saw a solid turnout with a full line of vendors. Such vendors included Apocalypse Juice, Good Life Vapor, Mr. E Liquids, Elixerz, Demonic, and many more.

Unfortunately, some vendors (and a few vape hosts) had to pull out because of scheduling conflicts and other obligations. While they were missed, for the people who were there friendships were renewed, new friends met, and fun was still to be had. The fantastic weather also added to the atmosphere.

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Thursday night was the party night. The event room was open for greetings, salutations, and nice to meet you’s. It also included a debut from a T-Rex, which also made a few more cameos throughout the event. The first night was also a great time to get the bearings of the hotel/resort, as well as to get settled in for the weekend.

Opening day Friday got off to a slow start. Considering that most people had to work during the day, when evening came, so did the people. Along with the vendors just mentioned, there were also a few “vape famous” people in attendance as well. This included You Tubers Grimm Green and RubyRoo hanging out by the Namber Juice booth where they were giving away stickers and a GrimmGreen beer glass. Jeannie K and the crew from Inside Vaping had their table. Nitrobex from Mod Envy was there with his girlfriend greeting everyone and making videos.

VapeTV Live was there broadcasting coverage. A few hosts went on camera to chat about the event, what they bought, and help their audience feel like they were part of the atmosphere. This has been a tradition of theirs since the beginning as well as the group picture that was taken towards the end of the event.

On Saturday, the crowds became bigger and there were deals that had juice, swag, and equipment flying off the shelves. Demonic Vapor handed out post cards with deals and giveaways as well as a free vape towels that they were tossing into the crowd. Some vendors even had deals on their whole line that they wanted to get rid of before the end of the event.
CASAA sponsored an activism awareness workshop in one of the skyboxes overlooking the event floor on Saturday afternoon. According to those in attendance,

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the small cozy room was overflowing with people passionate about activism and vendors who were there got their marching orders.

Saturday night was the costume contest. There were only 7 contestants. Flitz, from VapeTV Live was the emcee and encouraged the crowds to cheer for their favorite costume. The winner was Harley Quinn. Those who came in 2nd to 5th place included the Stimaches, Vaperaham Lincoln, and Burlesque Baby. Each contestant that won was awarded some donated juice, a mod, and other swag.

On both nights after the event, the infamous fire pit was the place to hang out and party. Even though the weather was a bit cold at night, it was still a place to decompress and feel close with fellow vapers. Saturday night had vapers sharing the fire pit with women who were there for a Mommy Meet Convention and a wedding party. Everyone was able to get along and ask questions about what vaping was. The conversations were respectful and if there was a miseducated statement made, they were educated on the spot, and very respectfully.

As for the organizers, Windy City Vapers Club President Scott Riddle, as well as Mary and Chris Tobin (Danger Girl and Sgt. Taz on VapeTV Live), said they were pleased with the event. Tables were donated to CASAA and Vape-a-Vet. After balancing and crunching some numbers, both Vape-a-vet and CASAA brought in $688.50 each.

This was the second time that Vape Bash was held at Pheasant Run Resort. Apart from having an issue with alcohol in the event space and other areas of the resort, overall, the service and the friendliness of the staff was pretty good. There were some places, such as the lounge area where one would expect vaping complaints, but there weren’t. The rooms were the only place where vaping was allowed and if vaping happened, care needed to be taken. It was a lot easier on the ground floor at balcony level where a door could be opened.

If you are a first-timer to this an event, expect to have your mind blown. It’s not like a trade show where you have to pay a fee to get in. It’s free. You also will encounter some famous and familiar vape faces that you might’ve chatted with online and now get to see in person.

So, with the FDA regulations out now, the question is, will there be another Vape Bash next year? Chris and Mary say “We are optimistic and hope to continue this tradition. Hopefully in the next 8-10 months some changes will happen and we can announce VapeBash 6.”