August 2016

QuickWick – The Coolest innovation you don’t even know you need



When I first encountered the QuickWick by Wet Wick Supply Co., I didn’t have to ask what it was or how it was to be used. It was obvious. My only question was where has this been all my life?

The QuickWick is a patented design that does exactly what the name says — wicks quickly. Just short of 1-½-inches in length, a perfectly sized strip of cotton is threaded into a thin plastic tube. It resembles the end of a shoe string — but it’s not.

The tube is just shy of 3mm in diameter, made to slide smoothly through a 3mm coil build. You simply hold the cotton and slide the tube through. When the full tube is inserted, simply grab the other end and pull.

Boom — you’re wicked. A quick snip and tuck then you’re ready to drip and go.

The wicks arrived in a sleek, hinged metal tin holding 10 per pack — with room to toss a couple of spare coils in as well. The pack has an MSRP of $8.

I tested the QuickWicks in two different devices: a VCM Glacier 2 and a Flawless Tugboat V1 (for its tight airflow.)
On the Glacier, I used a pair of 3mm fused Claptons from Clean Builds. With more advanced builds sometimes being more difficult to wick, the QuickWick was a pleasant surprise. Flavor quality was solid with less break-in time than I’ve experienced from some Japanese organic cotton.

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It was three days before I re-wicked, which is about a day longer than the norm for me.

With the tugboat, I used a simple 5-wrap 24g Kanthal dual coil setup in an effort to see how it would work with a standard RDA build.

The results were very similar to those with the Clapton coils. Flavor was well-pronounced, good cloud production, but I needed fresh cotton about a day earlier. However, that could have been due to many factors.

While not a drawback or problem, it’s important to note, as Grimm Green did in a recent video, to give your coils just a few seconds after a burnoff before sliding the plastic tube through the coil. It’s kind of a “duh” comment, but it’s an easy mistake.

Another thing worth mentioning, is that currently the QuickWick is only available in 3mm. Owner/inventor Zac Oxford said, however, that other sizes are coming soon.

After spending a couple weeks with these dandy little doodads, I’d recommend them to any dripper. If you’re someone who hates carrying your whole toolset around, these are a no-brainer.

Just toss the tin in your pocket and go.

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