August 2016

Hohm Slice: Your First Advanced Mod



After having had the opportunity to review the Skillet starter kit from Hohmtech Incorporated recently, when asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Slice mod, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The Skillet’s performance and pocketability impressed me, so I expected great things from its (only slightly) bigger brother. And for what it promises relative to its price point, I felt you’d want to read about it.

My navy-blue Standard Edition Hohm Slice was graciously provided for the purposes of review by Ben Ramalho of Hohmtech and shipped by

The Hohm Slice arrives in a stylishly minimalist black box. Lifting the lid from the box, you discover the Hohm Slice under a manual along with a USB charging and firmware-update cable. The presentation strikes me, overall, as being entirely unobtrusive and user-friendly, and that’s well in keeping with my perception of this device as a vaper’s introduction to advanced devices. The Slice is a Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage and Temperature Control mod sheathed in a zinc alloy body, equipped with a 510 connection, and powered by a single 26650 battery. It is regulated by Hohmtech’s proprietary FSK (Flag Ship Killer) chip.

The standout feature of the Slice, in my opinion, is its ability to perform Temperature Control regulation on any atomizer attached to it. I had a limited ability to test this claim, but it proved outstandingly true with both Wismec/JayBo’s Theorem RTA, which is intended for temperature control regulation, as well as with a

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Uwell Crown’s stainless-steel dual-coil 0.5 ohm and 0.25 ohm atomizer heads, which presumably are not.

Venting on the Slice appears in the form of a stylized Hohmtech logo on the bottom of the device, a magnetic battery door on the right side of the body, and an extraction ribbon in the battery compartment.

Control of the Slice is performed through three buttons: a horizontally-oriented rectangular mode button at the top, a round firing button beneath that, and a vertically-aligned positive/negative rocker button below the screen but above the micro-USB charging/firmware-update port.

The Hohm Slice features upgradeable firmware thanks to the included USB cable; updates can be found at the Hohmtech web site. The only current down-side to the firmware update is that it’s Windows-only, meaning that Mac users will need to either borrow the use of a friend’s PC or have Windows running on a virtual machine. Upside: The firmware the device ships with is plenty capable anyhow.

Ergonomics & Build Quality

The Hohm Slice is one of the most compact 26650-powered regulated mods I’ve had the pleasure to hold and use. In fact, the only smaller mod of any kind I’ve ever held was the unregulated Noisy Cricket by Wismec. With that said, its compact size is neither drastic nor uncomfortable.

The build quality on the Slice is solid except for one key issue I’ll touch on momentarily. The buttons offer excellent tactile feedback with an audible and tangible ‘click’ on each press. The battery compartment offers exactly the right level of ‘snug’, and the extraction ribbon makes removing a depleted battery a breeze.

Now for the issue I mentioned above: The battery door on the unit I received is ever so slightly problematic. There appears to be an issue, specifically, with the fit. Held in my right hand, this is nearly undetectable; in my left hand, however, I can feel an unsettling level of play in the battery door under my fingers.

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I spoke with Ben Ramalho of Hohmtech regarding this issue, and was relieved to hear that Hohmtech themselves have identified the issue and have resolved it moving forward.

Real World Performance

In variable power mode alone, the Hohm Slice is an outstanding contender for a vaper’s first advanced device. It delivers the goods with the best sub-$75 variable-wattage mods out there.

But it’s when I take it into temperature control mode that it blows me away. Its ability to perform temperature control duties on any atomizer means that I can go from 55 watts with the Uwell Crown and get ‘very good’ performance to 50 watts at a regulated 500 degrees and get ‘excellent’ performance. With a tank full of Charlie’s Chalk Dust “Honey Badger” in 6mg, the Hohm Slice turned a good liquid into an all day vape, with the regulated temperature bringing the subtle flavor into vivid focus and delivering an amplified level of nicotine satisfaction that, if I didn’t know better, I would swear was coming from a higher nic strength run through a dripping atomizer.

The performance is simply that good.

Price & Availability

The Hohm Slice is available at VaporCube, and runs $59.99 for the Standard Edition or $69.99 for the Limited Edition which adds a decorative baked ceramic finish.

Recommendation & Conclusion

To explain my recommendation, let me break down the Pros and Cons of the Hohm Slice:


  •  Compact
  •  Powerful enough for most atomizers
  •  Good ergonomics
  •  Entry-level price point
  •  Universal temperature control


  • Battery door issue
  • Firmware is Windows-only

So would I recommend the Hohm Slice? Without qualification or reservation. For the vaper just deciding on their first regulated mod, it’s simply unbeatable. For the experienced vaper looking to replace an existing primary device, its universal temperature control and wallet-friendly price point make one of the most compelling choices on the market.