August 2015

Let’s Ask GrimmGreen


By Nick Green Photo by Metal Jeff

What is the best vaping kit for starters like me?

-Ian Ashley Pagkaliwanggan Manuel

Hey Ian. There has really never been a better time to start vaping. The starter kits have become better and better over the years, and easier and easier to use. The first thing I would recommend checking out is the new eGo ONE kit. It’s a full kit that includes a 2200 mAh battery, a tank and two atomizer heads. It really could not be easier to use. Fill the tank with some juice. Attach the atomizer head into the base. Screw the whole thing together and start vaping!

Another product that I have been raving about are the iStick products. They come in 20 w, 30 w and 50 w versions. They are small, cheap and powerful. They also have the ability to let you grow as a vaper. Pair the iStick 50 w up with a nice Nautilus Mini tank. Set the wattage to 10 w. and you will be good to vape. In the future if you want to upgrade to a rebuildable atomizer or a cloud chasing tank, the iStick 50 w will allow you to use the full wattage of the device to accomplish that.

Happy Vaping!


Hey, got a VAMO V7 and want to know the best atomizer to use with it. I’m currently using Nautilus but can’t turn up the wattage without it tasting burned. Help please.

-Nathan N Robin Beck

Hey Nathan. The Nautilus tank is great, but generally can’t hold up to higher wattage settings. I don’t think I’ve ever gone above 12 w with any of my Nautilus tanks. Now, the VAMO V7 can go up to 30w and will fire as low as 1.0 Ohms. So, you can’t exactly sub-Ohm with it.

But, what you can do is grab a Kanger SubTank Mini with some 1.2 Ohm coil heads. Assuming that your coil head is nice and wet/primed. I’ve been able to use the 1.2 Ohm coil heads on the subtank as high as 20 w.

Also keep in mind that you don’t NEED to use all that wattage. A good rule that I stick to in most cases is to start my wattage low and work my way up until it feels right. Additionally, if you are feeling adventurous, there also are a multitude of rebuildable atomizers that will work on the VAMO V7. Again the VAMO V7 has a 30 w/1.0 Ohm ability. So, if you build a nice 1.0 Ohm dual coil and turned the wattage up to around 25 w it should be a nice warm and cloudy vape.

Hope that helps out!

Keep on vaping, Nathan.