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By Holly9000

University of Rochester Focusing on E-Cig Research

UofRMedicalCenterWe’ve been seeing a lot of e-cigarette research happening internationally, and the University of Rochester Medical Center is putting its name in the hat to the tune of $2.1 million.

The university was awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration. Researchers will have five years of study according to the grant terms, and the research will help shape future regulations on e-cigs, hookas and miniature cigars.

Researchers will look at the effects of e-cigs not only on humans, but in rodents as well. In addition, studies will look at exposure to newborns and children. Head researcher, Thomas Mariani, Ph.D., has studied cigarettes and lung disease for more than a decade.

For the full story, visit http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/news/story/index.cfm?id=4129.

World Health Organization Calls for Stiff E-Cig Regulations

WHOLogo_400x400Reuters.com reported yesterday that the World Health Organization (WHO) not only wants restrictions placed on e-cigarette advertising and sales to minors, but also wants a ban placed on indoor use.

The health organization comprised of members of the United Nations released their latest report that will be debated at an October meeting in Moscow.

Reuters says that WHO’s biggest issue is that e-cigarettes and “similar devices pose a risk to public health” due to the lack of scientific evidence that either shows responsible usage or a lack thereof. They are simply, too new.

The e-cigarette poses a threat to tobacco control, according to WHO’s report, although they are likely to be less toxic than conventional cigarettes. The report does argue that other substances other than water vapor are produced, and there is no way of knowing for certain what the threats are until further research is done.

Another argument was the age-old “flavors appeal to children” one, and WHO called for further proof that flavors such as bubble gum are not targeted to those under 18

For the full story, visit http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/26/us-health-who-ecigarettes-idUSKBN0GQ0PF20140826.


Virgin Vapor Announces AEMSA Membership

Virgin_Vapor_logo6AAA-500x500The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association has a new member—Virgin Vapor.

Founder Annette Rogers made the announcement on Virgin Vapor’s website, saying that the company is dedicated to providing quality e-liquids that meet the highest industry standards. She finished the statement by saying that the company strongly believes that consumers need professional and responsible standards.

Virgin Vapor, founded in 2010, sells USDA certified organic e-liquid to more than 50 countries. The company was voted one of the top 30 Elite E-Liquid Manufacturers in the world by Vapor Digest Magazine and was the winner of the 13 Spinfuel Choice Awards.

For more information about AEMSA and the requirements for membership, please check out www.aemsa.org.

Are You Ready for the Electronic Cigarette Convention?

There’s fewer than two weeks until the Electronic Cigarette Convention in Ontario, Calif., and Steve Mac has some requests.

According to Mac, there still are several major announcements to make regarding the event, and the pre-ECC contests are “on fire” right now. Online registration is booming.

In Mac’s email, he asks everyone for his or her help with two things:

1) To help stoke the fire of ECC excitement, I’m personally asking you to share the ECC 2014 preview video in your channels (Facebook, website, email list, etc). The video leaves viewers in anticipation of something grand, and the production style represents the industry to the outside world in a highly positive way.

2) Help us get the word out that ECC has two B2B sessions this year. We have found that many people in our industry do not know what B2B means, so if everyone starts talking about it then maybe we can help get them some answers by posting about it. If you plan on taking advantage of the B2B sessions then one idea is to announce to shop owners and distributors that you are taking appointments and how to set an appointment with you. This can be posted on your FB/IG/Website/Email list. It should generate some action.

Mac said that if anyone needs any graphics or promotion help, email hello@ecc-expo.com.


E-Cig Ad Gets Voice of Disapproval

ecig-ad-hed-2014A new e-cig poster by London-based LeoLites telling viewers to “Love Your Lungs” has been nixed, according to AdWeek.com.

The Advertising Standard Authority didn’t approve of the tagline in the ad, saying that it was misleading. According to the article, the ad wouldn’t have been censored if it more clearly stated that e-cigs pose fewer health risks than cigarettes, rather than claiming they are a benign product or alternative to regular cigarettes.

The world, it seems, is awaiting to follow the Food and Drug Administration’s rule that will in effect clear up ambiguity on the technology product.

For the full story, visit http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/asa-stamps-out-e-cig-makers-ad-159512.

The Pros and Cons of E-Cig Banning

Photo courtesy of Bloombergview.com.Vaping bans are happening all over the United States. Some cities are viewing vaping as “smoke,” therefore treating the ban in the same vein as they would a traditional cigarette ban in public places. Other cities are following the FDA’s lead, waiting to see what regulations will come down on the devices and liquids before following in regulatory footsteps.

A news outlet based out of Victoria, Texas recently took a closer look at the pros and cons of banning.

VictoriaAdvocate.com interviewed several people about e-cigarette banning. Many felt that vapor bothered them just as cigarette smoke does. It mostly came down to the unknown—since the FDA hasn’t said for sure if the vapor is harmful, people interviewed in the article said they surely didn’t know either. Some restaurants are awaiting the FDA’s ruling to ban, others are proactively banning just in case. One woman made the argument that seeing it was a bad influence on her children because they can’t tell the difference between a traditional cigarette and an e-cig.

The other side was told in the VictoriaAdvocate.com as well, and many vapers said that it is “premature for restaurants to ban a substance that hasn’t proven to be harmful and may only be an nuisance to undereducated eaters.” Many vapors in the city said it’s an unwillingness to think outside of the box and to understand exactly what vaping is.



New Study Says Smokers More Likely to Commit Suicide

Photo courtesy of CNN.com (Getty Images).Southeast Missouri-based publication, KRCU.org, reports that a recent study is out, and vaping may be saving lives in more ways than one. The Washington University School of Medicine’s recent smokers’ study revealed that cigarette smokers are more likely to commit suicide than non-smokers.

KRCU also reports that the study found that when tobacco policies such as cigarette taxes and smoke-free air policies are strengthened, suicide rates tend to go down. Since rules vary from state-to-state, the study was able to compare the rate across the nation. Suicide records were compared from every state between 1990 and 2004, comparing smoking policies and taxation.

Researchers have known for a long time that smoking was related to suicide but not that it was increasing risk for suicide or contributing to it,” KRCU reports. “Smokers’ suicide risk is affected by tobacco policies. According to the research, getting people to stop smoking or preventing them from it seems to reduce their risk for suicide.”

More research about the effects of nicotine is needed, according to the researchers, especially with the rise of e-cigs.

For the full story, visit http://krcu.org/post/study-smokers-are-more-likely-commit-suicide.

Smoke-Free Jail Adds E-Cigs to ‘No Smoke’ List

Photo courtesy of www.electroniccigaretteconsumerreviews.com.Springfield, Ill.-based State Journal-Register reports that the Sangamon County Jail is “not interested” in allowing inmates to vape while behind bars. Sheriff Neil Williamson said that the jail has been smoke-free for 18 years, in addition he isn’t interested in bringing foreign material into the jail.

The newspaper reports that Williamson did say that it’s an “open no” and that the staff hasn’t totally ruled it out. Other prisons in Illinois are allowing e-cigarettes behind jail walls. However, the amount of weapons in prisons has been reduced 80 percent in the last 14 years, and the State of Illinois isn’t looking to reverse the trend anytime soon.

For the full story, visit the State Journal-Register.


Forty Percent of Polled U.K. Physicians Agree That E-Cigs Bring Health Benefit

BryterResearch_Aug2014Bryter Research, a market research firm in the U.K., recently conducted an online poll of specialists and health care providers, and six in 10 polled would recommend e-cigarettes to patients over tobacco.

Hospital specialists did see some questions differently than general practitioners—35 percent said that e-cigs should regulated in the same way as tobacco products. Forty-seven percent said that there should be clear health guidelines for use as with other medicines. Two-thirds of general practitioners agree that e-cigarettes are significantly better for their patients. One two percent of both general practitioners and hospital specialists said that e-cigs should be banned.

The poll by Bryter consisted of 247 general practitioners and 309 hospital specialists in the U.K. in the spring of 2014.

Hey Colorado—Fort Collins Newest City to Ban E-Cigs

Photo courtesy of Danielle SteingraberFort Collins City Council members have spoken, and restrictions on e-cigarettes continue in Colorado. They now are banned in all places where traditional cigarettes are, including hotel rooms, according to Collegian.com.

The report said that factors in the decision included “evidence regarding safety, complaints about indoor use and confusion about why e-cigarettes are allowed in some areas where traditional cigarettes are not.” Since the FDA has not yet regulated e-cigarettes the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is supporting the council’s efforts. A department spokesperson said that there “is no evidence so far that e-cigs help people quit smoking.” And “there is not enough known about them yet.”

The Collegian also spoke with store owner Shane Stringer of Colorado Vapors, and he told the Collegian that the new restrictions are not fair and are a result of ignorance. He said that e-cigs get a bad reputation they don’t deserve and there is an uneducated fear in banning them.

Fort Collins joins Edgewater, Lakewood and Durango as Colorado cities that support the e-cig ban. By the looks of things, Golden, Louisville and Commerce City will follow until the FDA gives its highly-anticipated ruling about the future of the product.