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By Holly9000

Wanted: VAPE Writers

hiring-writersWe had a great 2014, due in part to our wonderful core team of writers who made it all possible. We’re looking to add to this team, so we’re seeking stellar vape wordsmiths who can craft a well-written story and submit photos along with his or her work.

We’re looking for:

  • regular columnists
  • feature writers
  • technical experts
  • events coverage writers/photographers

If you display vast knowledge of the industry and wish to join the VAPE team as a contract writer, please send a resume, your area of expertise/interest and some writing clips to content@vapemz.com with “writer” in the subject line.

We thank all who apply, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

‘Vaping Brain’ Study Takes a Look at Addiction

Photo by http://www.icbs-peclub.com/imperial-college-facts/British scientsts are researching the effects of smoking on the brain, according to FoxNews.com.

The pilot study used e-cigarettes and functional magnetic resonance imaging to scan vapers while they took puffs. The aim is to understand why smoking is addictive. The lead scientist, Matt Wall from Imperial College in London, says that since other nicotine replacement therapies havent had the success to kick the smoking habit like vaping has. Therefore, he’s digging a bit deeper to see where the addiction(s) are coming from.

While there are no specific conclusions of the study yet, Wall says that there is somewhat of a link in the brain area that controls taste and smell with reward and addiction.

Wall plans on conducting larger vaper studies in the future to learn more.

For the full story, visit http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/11/11/studies-vaping-brain-may-offer-clues-on-smoking-addiction/.

Starbucks Bans E-Cigarettes

StarbucksMorning coffee and a cigarette, or an e-cigarette in our world, is no more inside of the walls of the popular chain Starbucks. UK site Metro.co.uk reports that the move stemmed from the recent World Health Organization claim that e-cigarettes may not be the healthy alternative to analog cigarettes. The report also attacked the vapor emitted from e-cigs, saying that it contains toxins that create a health risk to second-hand breathers.

For more information on the Starbucks ban, visit http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/19/starbucks-has-banned-e-cigarettes-after-health-worries-4912414/.

Registration Opens Dec. 1 for Paris Innovaping Days

VAPEXPO_infographie_enVapexpo’s first Bordelaise edition (3.780 visitors from 25 countries) followed by its Parisian edition (6.431 visitors from 57 countries) have proven a real interest for this booming sector and the confidence of the prime actors in the expertise of the Vapexpo team.

In the increasingly dynamic and innovative market, it is important for manufacturers to be visible and stand out as often as possible. Facing this innovation and novelty race, Vapexpo wants to create a new event that will facilitate professional meetings. This event will take place in an exclusive and privileged framework between the two editions of the September exhibition.

“INNOVAPING DAYS” will unite national and international distributors searching for innovations and new partners. Following the same goals as Vapexpo, quality and qualified meetings, these two days will be an advantage for the commercial development of the manufacturers fostering innovation and novelties (e-liquids, equipment, modders, accessories…).

Two days where products innovation and professional contacts will be the key words.

- A 100 percent professional meeting based on innovation and novelty

- An accessible place, with elegant surroundings favouring negotiations

- Targeted visitors (distributors, resellers, importers, wholesalers…)

- An international opening with the presence of foreign visitors

- A reduced investment compared to a traditional exhibition

- Simplified logistic: no bare stands, only key-ready stands

- One place to display your novelties to all of your distributors

- The opportunity (option) for e-liquid manufacturers to test samples anonymously via a selected panel of

professionals (reviewers, distributors, medias…)

Are you marketing a new product, a new range, a new brand, a new equipment design?

Do you want to propose a specific commercial offer to your distributors?

Do you want to reach new prospects, French or foreigners?

Do you wish to reduce the cost of a product launch while exploiting your contact opportunities?


Registration opens Monday, Dec. 1st on www.vapexpo-france.com.

California City Raises Tobacco Sales Age

HealdsburgAnyone under 21 in Healdsburg, Calif. who smokes is going to have a rude awakening the next time he or she attempts to buy cigarettes. The Huffington Post reports that the city’s council voted 4-1 to raise the age of cigarette purchasers to 21. Electronic cigarettes are included in the new mandate.

The legislation will ban pharmacies and supermarkets that have pharmacies from selling cigarettes and also requires current retailers that sell tobacco products to obtain a new license. The new legislation goes into effect at the beginning of December.


Breaking Agent News: ‘Vape’ Named Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year

OxfordThe Wall Street Journal reports that the Oxford Dictionary has announced its Word of the Year. The Agent is excited to report that the word is “vape!”

For those word nerds out there, vape can be a noun or a verb, according to the Oxford.

vapeverb: Inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

vapenoun: An electronic cigarette or similar device; an act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

The article says that editors at Oxford have found a huge rise in the use of the word vape to more than double its use in 2013.

“Vape” beat out other words such as contactless, bae and slacktivism. Last year’s word was the ever-popular “selfie.”

To read the full story, visit http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2014/11/18/vape-word-of-the-year/.



Reynolds American Bans Smoking in Own Corporate Office Areas

ReynoldsAmericanThe second largest cigarette supplier clearly loves smoking, except at its own home base. Bloomberg.com reports that Reynolds American has banned smoking in public at its own corporate offices.

Smokers now must retreat to designated smoking areas, however e-cigarettes still are allowed outside of those areas. The new rule will be “phased in” beginning in January, as indoor smoking areas must now be built to accommodate those who want to light up.

For the full story, visit http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-23/reynolds-sees-irony-in-new-office-smoking-ban.html.

Virgin Vapor Releases Two New Flavors

Virgin_Vapor_logo6AAA-500x500Virgin Vapor has let the Agent in on an exciting update—two new flavors—RY4Play and Green Goblin.

RY4 is a famous tobacco flavor invented in China when electronic cigarette flavors were in their earliest infancy. Virgin’s sexier version comes on in layers of sultry caramel, tobacco and vanilla perfectly blended to create a rich, smooth vape that will most certainly seduce your taste buds.

Virgin’s famous honeydew flavor is intimately intertwined with thirst quenching, authentic cucumber to create a vape that is both sweet and bitter, cooling and curious. This is one little monster you will want hiding under your bed!

For more information, visit www.virginvapor.com.

Santa Monica Next to Offically Ban E-Cigs

Santa_monica_beach_dehkSanta Monica, Calif.’s City Council has voted, and it’s unanimous. E-cigarettes are being treated like cigarettes in the city of Santa Monica, banned in most public places.

The new ordinance, reported by LATimes.com, took effect this week. Vapor retailers also will have to obtain a tobacco license under the rules, and sales to minors are strictly prohibited.

For the full story, visit http://www.latimes.com/local/westside/la-me-santa-monica-cigarettes-20141016-story.htmlFo.


Laguna Hills Adds E-Cigs to City Ordinance Ban

Photo by USA Today
The reality is clear, Laguna Hills, Calif. becomes the next city to ban vaping in the group with analog cigarettes. The sale of devices and use will now

be treated the exact same as regular cigs and tobacco products, according to OCRegister.com.

Businesses selling the products aren’t likely to be affected; the ban in place is to prohbit vaping in public places and places of employment. The story says that the ordinance is to “help” law enforcement enforce the law since e-cigs look so much like regular cigarettes. It’s also designed to protect those who don’t vape from what the city council calls “passive vape” or second-hand vape.

To read the full story, visit http://www.ocregister.com/articles/devices-638633-cigarettes-city.html.