The Juice Judge: Clever Vape, Fluid, FanceeJuice, Avail, Vapor Shark

The Juice Judge

Juices are rated on a scale of 1-5 based on flavor, vapor production and throat-hit.


Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop

Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop, presented in a glass eye dropper bottle with an eye-catching label, won me over before I even tasted the juice. I am a sucker for unique labeling and packaging and Clever Juice has provided a strong case in this area. Brooklyn Pop, true to its description, is a refreshing cola juice with a subtle black cherry tone. It tastes fresh and light and may become a staple in my juice rotation.Vapor clouds were gorgeous and satisfying on this 50/50 mix while throat hit was above average. You can grab a 30ml bottle for $14.99 or flavor boost it for an additional $4 at


Flavor=5, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=4

Fluid’s Tangsicle

Fluid’s Tangsicle is a tasty orange dreamsicle juice that is more reminiscent of Hi-C than Tang with a cream accent on the backend, most noticeably on the exhale.If you like orange this juice is pretty tasty. Some folks at the table found the orange a little overpowering while others found it spot on in terms of its name and description. Our tester bottle was a 50/50 mix of PG/VG and vapor clouds were large and chewy. Throat hit was average. A 30ml bottle costs $15.99 and vapers can select PG/VG mix or add menthol at no additional cost at


Flavor=4, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=3

FanceeJuice’s Cloudarita

It took a little bit of vaping and some at the table never got it, but this juice does taste exactly like a lime margarita. The flavor is there, but at first it was a little faint. Toward the end we could nearly taste the salt on the end of the drip tip. This was an overall very tasty juice and receives high marks in the flavor category. Vapor production was stellar with voluminous clouds pouring from a fresh cartomizer. The only area it was average in was throat hit. On their website vaper scan select cloudiness, (PG/VG mix) and they also offer a margarita box where you can get a big juice of Cloudarita and blueberry, lime, watermelon, strawberry and mango mixers to mix a perfect margarita in the atomizer.FanceeJuicetouts their juice as premium e-liquid, and it costs $20.99 for a 30ml bottle.


Flavor=5, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=3


Avail’s Piña Colada

If you like Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain … I can’t recommend getting it from Avail. This juice tastes like it’s large batch created, rebranded and resold. In a word, it’s gross. It only tasted marginally like coconut to one person at the table while others mentioned that it was unvapeable. Vapor production is average and we cannot say why as the bottle did not represent the mix of PG and VG. Throat hit was nonexistent. Their site currently is in launch status and has no pricing information.But, you can view their other juices, which are hopefully better, at


Flavor=1, Vapor=3, Throat Hit=1

Vapor Shark’s Ice Tart

Vapor Shark’s Ice Tart is a mentholated Pixie Stix juice. The jury is out on this one as the menthol is not very fresh or crisp and fades very quickly while the Pixie Stix flavor is very muted. Vapor production is average and the bottle did not represent the mix of PG and VG. Throathit was average for a mentholated juice. While vapers can choose the level of nicotine on the site it does not appear you can select the mix of PG/VG. A 30ml bottle is approximately $14.99 and is sold at


Flavor=3, Vapor=3, Throat Hit=3

Washington Legislation Could Make it Strictest State

polletRep. Gerry Pollet (D-Seattle) is proposing a bill that could make Washington State have the strictest vaping laws in the nation. reports that the proposed bill would require special licenses for all retailers, require manufacturers to list all ingredients in e-juice, ban non-tobacco flavored vaping products, and tax e-cigarettes and the supplies at the same rate as tobacco products. That tax would stand at 95 percent.

Pollet, who also teaches public health at the University of Washington, said that he wants to reduce youth smoking by raising prices and eradicating flavors. He also told the news site that vaping is not safe and that it’s highly addictive. Shop owners in the state are fighting back, afraid that if the bill passes they will go out of business.

For the full story, visit

SFATA Executive Director Cites ‘Major Turning Point’ in Vaping Industry

SFATA_Capitol-Hill_LOGO1113-A1Below is a note sent to Agent VAPE from SFATA Executive Director, Cynthia Cabrera:

We are at a major turning point in the vapor industry. You may know that the FDA has begun sending warning letters to vapor companies about the marketing of their products. The Center for Tobacco Products warned these companies that using language or graphics implying FDA approval of the products is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. This is only the beginning of enforcement actions.

The FDA’s actions, coupled with the increased activity against vapor products at the state level indicates we are about to see a fundamental shift in vapor landscape. With the deeming rule decision likely to be finalized this June, our member companies across the nation are going to face needing FDA approval of marketing materials, including packaging, for products that were not on the market before Feb. 15, 2007. They are also going to have to try to maintain compliance with all the different state and local legislation that is cropping up and balance it against federal guidelines.

Every day SFATA works with businesses to advance the vapor industry. All of them are small businesses started in the last few years. They are e-Liquid companies in California and Utah. Mom and pop retail shops in Delaware and Illinois. And FDA’s decision about how to treat vapor products  could likely put them out of business.  If the states handled properly they may do it first.

You can be part of vapor history – Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, Mitch Zeller, JD, has never before addressed a vapor audience. Until now. 

Business owners have a unique opportunity to represent themselves and the industry at the only conference designed especially for them at the 2015 SFATA Conference May 4 & 5 in Chicago.

Attending trade shows and vape fairs can be fun but getting the information you need to make the right decisions for your business’s future is essential.

The insight Zeller will offer on into the FDA’s thinking will be a valuable tool to everyone in the room and we will have a wealth of sessions that everyone working in the vapor industry should hear:

  • John Fuisz’s presentation “Protecting Your Intellectual Property” is an important message for small business owners in a crowded industry constantly threatened by lawsuits.
  • Les Weinstein, Senior Consultant, EAS Consulting Group, will present “Navigating FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)” and is not to be missed.
  • The State Advocacy Panel will offer insight on how to most effectively work at the state level where we are seeing new burdensome regulations far too often.
  • Many more presentations are scheduled and all designed to inform you and assist with long-term decisions.

After an intense day of learning and strategizing, join us on May 4 for an open bar reception where you can mix and mingle with potential business partners and colleagues. May 5 will be another half day packed with information while the afternoon of May 5 is reserved for special training for all SFATA Chapters.

Register today and we are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Nicopure Revamps Halo Cigs Premium E-Liquid Packaging

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.33.12 AMNicopure’s Halo brand aims to be different, standing out in the electronic cigarette/e-liquid industry.

Halo’s packaging conveys an edge vibe, with vibrant vapor-inspired graphics, foil and gloss UV accents. A wrap around rigid window showcases the generic bottle, while color coding creates flavor cues for e-liquid consumers.

The MPS pre-press team in Carlstadt, Calif. evaluated the artwork on its 144 SKUs, translating it into G7 calibrated proofs to ensure the expected colors were achieved on the press.

MPS Toronto executed a hard-window-application process through management of various components, as well as assembling the rigid windowed carton to exact product dimensions. Toronto also applied a matte/gloss combination on various title treatments, and silver fire graphics are embossed with a touch of UV gloss to add a shimmering reflection.

With this new packaging, Halo Cigs has established design consistency across its wide range of award-winning flavors.

Vapefest Ireland Coming Nov. 15

Vapefest-Ireland-InfographicDid you know that e-cigarette market sales in Ireland grew by a whopping 478 percent in 2013, generating €7.3 million? There is an active and thriving vaping community in Ireland, and Vapefest Ireland is coming Nov. 15.

Steve Barrett is the managing director of Purplebox Vapours, a vaping and e-cigarette ecommerce store and shop based in Temple Bar in Dublin. Barrett has shared with Agent VAPE an infographic outlining everything to know about Vapefest.

North Carolina Lawmakers Introduce SB 286

2000px-Flag_of_North_Carolina.svgA new Senate Bill has been introduced in North Carolina, which would require child-resistant packaging and warning labels on e-liquids, if passed.

Sens. Stan Bingham (R-Davidson) and Don Davis (D-Pitt) are co-sponsors of Senate Bill 286, as reported by The law would ban the sale of any product in the state that does not comply with the new law, which would take effect Dec. 1 if passed.

The N.C. Commisssion for Public Health’s rules would be the benchmark for the warning labels, and anyone who doesn’t comply would face misdemeanor charges.

North Carolina does have a minor sales law already in place of under 18.

New Study Says E-Cigs Will Save Medicaid Billions

imgresA press release sent to Agent VAPE says that a new study finds that electronic cigarettes could hae saved Medicaid as much as $48 billion in Fiscal Year 2012.

The estimated savings from e-cig utilization is 87 percent higher than all revenue generated by state cigarette taxes and tobacco settlement payments combined.

According to the study, published by State Budget Solutions, e-cigs hold the promise of dramatically improved health outcomes for today’s smokers. Consequently, smoking-related healthcare costs should decline as more traditional smokers convert to e-cigs.

Medicaid is disproportionately comprised of smokers—at levels twice that of the nation at large (51 versus 21 percent). The potential cost savings to the Medicaid system is therefore vast.

Notwithstanding the benefits of e-cigs, government at various levels might discourage their use—whether it is the FDA regulating them as a drug or states heavily taxing e-cigs as if they are traditional cigarettes.

State Budget Solutions is a national nonprofit organization with a research focus on the fiscal responsibility of state and local governments. To read the full study on e-cigs and Medicaid savings, CLICK HERE.

Connecticut Lawmakers, Vapers Battle

12311701-growing-movement-to-ban-cigarette-use-in-publicThe fight is on in Connecticut, as lawmakers are arguing that electronic cigarettes should be included in the state’s smoking ban. Of course, vapers in the state oppose the proposed legislation, arguing that vaping is a way to stop smoking analog tobaco products. Their argument is that e-cigs don’t burn tobacco or emit smoke.

A recent story on reports that Rep. Jay Case (R-Torrington) proposed HB 5449 would define vaping as smoking. A group moving for the bill wrote testimony stating that “nicotine delivered electronically is just as addictive and damaging as nicotine inhaled or otherwise absorbed by means of traditional tobacco products.” The group added that flavoring added to e-liquids are enticing our youth. Others stated that allowing e-cigs to be vaped publicly shows that it’s OK to be addicted to nicotine and tobacco.

Smoking is prohibited in most public places in the state of Connecticut, along with several outdoor spaces.

Vapers who oppose the bill ranged from cancer survivors to those who have stopped smoking completely with the help of vaping. They testified at a recent hearing that vaping has proven to improve their overall health.

For the full story, visit

‘Mistic Machine’ to Debut New Livery At Grand Prix Of Louisiana

unnamedFour-time Series champ Sebastien Bourdais will pilot KVSH Racing’s No. 11 Mistic E-Cigs car with a new livery at the 2015 Grand Prix of Louisiana being held at NOLA Motorsports Park from April 10-12.

Mistic®, independent maker of electronic cigarettes, vapor products and U.S.-made e-liquids, will serve as primary sponsor for the No. 11 car (aka Mistic Machine) during the Grand Prix of Louisiana. The Mistic Machine’s new livery will include an updated version of the car’s iconic white and green scheme, as well as the addition of the 2015 Chevy Aero Kit, which was introduced this year to improve performance by lowering drag and increasing downforce.

Mistic serves as co-primary sponsor for the No. 11 car driven by KVSH Racing’s Sebastien Bourdais for the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series. With 32 career wins and 33 career poles, Bourdais currently sits in sixth place in IndyCar’s overall standings and is coming off his best finish in five starts last month at the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

Race fans also will be able to enjoy Mistic’s brand experience at IndyCar racetracks during the 2015 season. Adult smokers can visit the Mistic-HAUS kiosk and engage with members of the Mistic Pit Crew to learn more about the company’s products, while fans can ride in virtual race simulators and get the chance to compete against Sebastien Bourdais in mock competitions.

For more information, visit and, follow on Twitter @MisticEcig and @HAUSpv, watch on YouTube, or like on Facebook at MisticElectronicCigarettes and HAUS.

eCig Global Releases Canadian Market Insights Report

logoeCig Global explores key trends and challenges impacting the Canadian market in a new report, Canadian Market Insights, including insight from e-cigarette retailers and influencers. This report takes a closer look at harm reduction and regulation; regulatory framework for e-cigarettes; growth and restriction; eCig Canada market snapshot and retail trends.

Download the report here:

eCig Global’s inaugural eCig Canada conference is the only meeting in Canada that provides answers and real user case study experiences in the e-cigarette industry. The uncertainty surrounding the current regulations, differentiating yourself in a highly-competitive market, understanding tobacco harm reduction and reaching your target audience are all challenges e-cigarettes companies are facing.

Find out more here:

Today is Final SFATA Conference Hotel Discount Day

unnamedHave you registered for the SFATA conference taking place May 3-5 in Chicago? Today is the final day to receive the hotel discount of $129 a night offered to conference attendees.

Click here to reserve your room.

Conference attendees will also get to see panels on:

  • Anticipating the Final Deeming Rule
  • State Advocacy
  • Harm Reduction Strategies
  • E-Liquids: The Science Behind Vapor

The agenda includes:

  • Keynote: The Deeming Regulations Mitch Zeller, Center for Tobacco Products, FDA
  • Reliving History: How the Tobacco Wars Became the Vapor Wars, Scott Ballin, JD Health Policy Consultant
  • Vapor In The Risk Continuum, Joe Gitchell, Pinney Associates
  • Quality Manufacturing Without Standards, Gal Cohen, Ploom
  • Taxation: Strategies & Alternatives, Paul Blair, Americans for Tax Reform

Register for the conference today so you don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from experts in the vapor industry.