The Juice Judge: Clever Vape, Fluid, FanceeJuice, Avail, Vapor Shark

The Juice Judge

Juices are rated on a scale of 1-5 based on flavor, vapor production and throat-hit.


Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop

Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop, presented in a glass eye dropper bottle with an eye-catching label, won me over before I even tasted the juice. I am a sucker for unique labeling and packaging and Clever Juice has provided a strong case in this area. Brooklyn Pop, true to its description, is a refreshing cola juice with a subtle black cherry tone. It tastes fresh and light and may become a staple in my juice rotation.Vapor clouds were gorgeous and satisfying on this 50/50 mix while throat hit was above average. You can grab a 30ml bottle for $14.99 or flavor boost it for an additional $4 at


Flavor=5, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=4

Fluid’s Tangsicle

Fluid’s Tangsicle is a tasty orange dreamsicle juice that is more reminiscent of Hi-C than Tang with a cream accent on the backend, most noticeably on the exhale.If you like orange this juice is pretty tasty. Some folks at the table found the orange a little overpowering while others found it spot on in terms of its name and description. Our tester bottle was a 50/50 mix of PG/VG and vapor clouds were large and chewy. Throat hit was average. A 30ml bottle costs $15.99 and vapers can select PG/VG mix or add menthol at no additional cost at


Flavor=4, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=3

FanceeJuice’s Cloudarita

It took a little bit of vaping and some at the table never got it, but this juice does taste exactly like a lime margarita. The flavor is there, but at first it was a little faint. Toward the end we could nearly taste the salt on the end of the drip tip. This was an overall very tasty juice and receives high marks in the flavor category. Vapor production was stellar with voluminous clouds pouring from a fresh cartomizer. The only area it was average in was throat hit. On their website vaper scan select cloudiness, (PG/VG mix) and they also offer a margarita box where you can get a big juice of Cloudarita and blueberry, lime, watermelon, strawberry and mango mixers to mix a perfect margarita in the atomizer.FanceeJuicetouts their juice as premium e-liquid, and it costs $20.99 for a 30ml bottle.


Flavor=5, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=3


Avail’s Piña Colada

If you like Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain … I can’t recommend getting it from Avail. This juice tastes like it’s large batch created, rebranded and resold. In a word, it’s gross. It only tasted marginally like coconut to one person at the table while others mentioned that it was unvapeable. Vapor production is average and we cannot say why as the bottle did not represent the mix of PG and VG. Throat hit was nonexistent. Their site currently is in launch status and has no pricing information.But, you can view their other juices, which are hopefully better, at


Flavor=1, Vapor=3, Throat Hit=1

Vapor Shark’s Ice Tart

Vapor Shark’s Ice Tart is a mentholated Pixie Stix juice. The jury is out on this one as the menthol is not very fresh or crisp and fades very quickly while the Pixie Stix flavor is very muted. Vapor production is average and the bottle did not represent the mix of PG and VG. Throathit was average for a mentholated juice. While vapers can choose the level of nicotine on the site it does not appear you can select the mix of PG/VG. A 30ml bottle is approximately $14.99 and is sold at


Flavor=3, Vapor=3, Throat Hit=3

How Should/Do You Approach Smokers?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.13.29 PMAs vapers, we have a responsibility both to our industry and to smokers out there to simply do the right thing. recently outlined some great reasons why.

  1. Every smoker is a potential future vaper. 
  2. Vapers are douche bags. Are we? Are you? What have you witnessed that should change?
  3. Our industry isn’t helping matters. We’re failing in education.
  4. How can we do it right? Conversation, communication and friendliness.

For the full story on what Daniel Hall thinks needs to change, visit

Pierce County, Wash. Facing Ban, City Council Taking Public Comments


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For those who live in Pierce County, Wash., now is the time to speak up. reports that a proposed ban on vaping in public and work places (or 25 feet away from the property) has been brought to a Tacoma Pierce County Health Department meeting late last month. The ban includes stores that sell nicotine products and selling to minors

“The health department says it wants to bring electronic cigarette regulations in line with cigarettes, in part to cut down on teenagers using e-cigs,” the story says.

Vape shop owners were strongly opposed, saying that they do not sell to minors. The health department cited supposed chemicals found in e-cigs as another reason, while only one person in the crowd spoke in favor of the proposed bans.

The health department will take public input until Oct. 19, and the five-member board will vote in November.

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Vape Expo Poland Adds Exhibitors

unnamedAgent VAPE has received word about new exhibitors at Vape Expo Poland, which will be held Nov. 20-21.



Heartlandvapes is one of America’s largest wholesale manufacturers and distributors of e-liquid products.


Pacific Packaging Components, Inc. has been supplying customers with access to new and innovative packaging solutions since 1970 and has been one of the American industry leaders in vape/e-cigarette packaging for the past five years.




Revol Vapors is a new e-liquid company that was founded by Austin Hopper.

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City of Chicago Facing Higher Tax Threat

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Chicago is the highest-taxed cigarette city in the United States, according to a recent article on, the Americans for Tax Reform site. And, according to the story, the taxes may go even higher in the form of e-cigarette taxing.

Democrats in the city are moving to tax electronic cigarettes the same as analog, tobacco filled cigarettes.

Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno is looking at an excise tax on e-cigs, amounting to $1.25 for each e-cigarette and 25 cents per mL of e-liquid. A hole in the budget is cited as one of the main reasons for the tax hike proposal, however ATR’s writer said that “Moreno’s proposal would do very little to fill the budget hole—it is projected to bring in less than $1 million, compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to balance the budget and make public employee pension payments.”

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Massachusettes Adjusting to New Sales Laws


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Photo by reports that new regulations went into affect in Massachusetts Sept. 25. Regulations include:

  • no sales to minors under 18 (devices and liquids)
  • new childproof packaging has been put in place, under regulations “approved by the attorney general’s office.”
  • no promotional giveaways or free distribution of e-cigarettes
  • e-cigarettes must be kept out of customer reach
  • no vending machine sales (except in adults-only establishments)

All regulations went into affect last month, except for the packaging law. That’s set to begin March 15.

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FIVAPE Supports Totally Wicked Challenge of Article 20 of the EU Tobacco Products Directive

unnamedAgent VAPE received this press release regarding the latest in the challenge and FIVAPE’s support of Totally Wicked’s fight:

FIVAPE, the French Vaping Federation, supports Totally Wicked’s challenge of Article 20 of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg today.

At both the national and the European level, our organization is committed to supporting the vaping revolution, a disruptive innovation that has the power to end the global smoking epidemic, which constitutes the first European cause of preventable death.

Despite its potential, the vaping revolution is currently facing serious challenges. We believe that misleading information, fear of change and assimilation to tobacco products have already endangered vapor products, thereby jeopardising further harm reduction for the 10 million of European vapersToday’s hearing of Totally Wicked at the CJEU might mark a starting point for a more appropriate legislation, aiming to prevent subjecting e-cigarettes to a stricter regulation than that for conventional tobacco products.

As expressed by Totally Wicked, Fivape believes that the health and well-being of millions of Europeans is at stake today in Luxembourg. Article 20 of the TPD might cripple efforts to offer a 95% less harmful alternative to tobacco products: vapers and independent vaping companies have the right to call for proportionate and reasonable regulations.

Today, making available high-quality and secure electronic cigarettes as well as e-liquids is the independent vaping sector’s highest priority: Fivape and many other European companies have committed themselves to long-term and open partnerships with universities, laboratories and  public authorities. The independent vaping companies have further initiated national standardization procedures, which have already considerably raised product standards in France and the UK, and have moreover established a new technical committee at the European Committee for Standardization. All these efforts reflect the determination of our sector to engage itself in favour of a renewed and proportionate legal framework, at both national and European level.

Jean Moiroud, President of Fivape, said:

Fivape believes that sustainable open systems, freedom of choice and responsibility for consumers are key to successfully reduce tobacco-related harm. In order to achieve these aims, a sound legal framework is indispensable. Fivape maintains that Article 20 of the TPD is disproportionate and jeopardises the promising future of electronic cigarettes and professionals vapers in which European private sector, scientists, universities are showing a growing interest.

Fivape represents more than 500 French vape companies, among them the leading French producers and distributors. We strive to provide highest-quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids to the currently three million French users. Fivape has committed itself to full independence from the tobacco industry and therefore has each member sign a declaration of absence of interests with manufacturers of conventional cigarettes and other tobacco products.


Vape Radio Hits All-Time High in September

September, 2015--82,563Vape Radio hit an all-time one month high in September of 82,563 worldwide downloads, a 25 percent increase from the August total of 65,549.

Norm Bour, host of the podcasts, thanks all of his faithful listeners—700,000 coming up soon!

To become a listener, visit

SFATA CEO to Host Monday Member Call

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SFATA’s October newsletter expressed concern about anti-vapor regulations going into effect, especially in Texas and Massachusetts. SFATA’s president and CEO, Phil Daman, Esq., has been in contact with the Attorney General’s office to discuss possible changes to regulations that restrict access to vapor products and businesses’ ability to sell to adult consumers.

Daman is hosting a call at noon EST Monday, Oct. 5, to discuss the matter with members.
Texas, which has faced many regulations that could have cripped its industry, fought back with help of SFATA’s Texas chapter. The rules that did pass went into effect Oct. 1, but according to SFATA’s newsletter, implementation practically is muddy.
“Online sales with age-verification and age-verified shipping continue to be points of conversation between industry leaders and the Texas Comptroller’s office. Under the new rules, vapor shops in Texas are now required to prevent direct access by consumers to products in the store, post new warnings about the risks of smoking, and employees must be trained in age verification to prevent minors from making purchases or sampling,” the newsletter states.Massachusetts’ new vapor regulations went into effect on Sept. 25. In addition to mandating a minimum purchasing age of 18 and child-resistant caps, the new rules also prohibit sampling, promotional giveaways, and other free distribution. Requirements for online sales with age verification and sales in vending machines are also addressed in the final rules.To attend the call, contact Daman at

SFATA Shares Interview with Tim Phillips

SFATA_2015If you aren’t a subscriber to SFATA’s monthly newsletter, you should be. But, if you aren’t, Agent VAPE is here to share with you the latest interview between SFATA and Tim Phillips of ECigIntelligence. Recently, ECigIntelligence, Roebling Research, E-Cigarette Forum and SFATA partnered to create the first independent analysis of the U.S. vapor shop industry with the launch of “Project Vape Manifest.” SFATA spoke with ECigIntelligence’s Tim Philips on the genesis of the survey, shared here:
SFATA: Why did you create the survey?
Tim: As consumer preferences evolve and the category continues its growth, we saw a need for accurate data on sales, trends, preferences and attitudes, as well as insight in to actual economic impact from the category on a local, state, regional and national level.
SFATA: What is the aim of the project?
Tim: This really is the first time that the industry will have independent data from vape shops, where most of the growth is now occurring, which we think will be helpful to shop owners to better compete in today’s marketplace, and regulators and other constituents to make informed decisions.
SFATA:  Why partner with SFATA?
Tim: SFATA is the largest trade association to the e-cig industry with strong ties to the vape shop community. With SFATA, Roebling and E-Cigarette Forum, we have brought together a great mix of industry leaders to start tracking important trends in the vapor industry.
SFATA: What are some of the benefits of participating in the study?
Tim:  Participants will receive a customized report that will include best practices and key economic trends and insights into the vape shop market. We are also extending SFATA members a 50 percent discount on the full final report, which we intend to conduct regularly to track longitudinal changes in the sector. Finally, by tracking the vape shop industry and making public the key findings of the report to U.S. regulators and media, we will contribute to a better understanding of this part of the sector to the benefit of its long-term future.
SFATA:  How can a vape shop participate?
Tim: The survey is anonymous, takes no longer that 30-minutes, and can be found here. We encourage all vape shops in the U.S. to participate.

SFATA Utah Chapter Press Secretary Sends Due Diligence Release

unnamed (1)Shilo Platts, SFATA Utah’s press secretary and sales team lead at Tronic Vape, has sent Agent VAPE a press release titled, “Practicing Due Diligence in Vaping.”

“With myriad options from which to select your next e-liquid products, whether it be as a retail or wholesale customer, allow me to offer you a comment on practicing due diligence prior to making your decision. As the SFATA Utah Chapter press secretary, I’m more intimately familiar with the inner workings of e-liquid manufacturing than the average consumer, which is why I am freely offering up my perspective. For full disclosure, I am also the lead account executive for Drapor Vapor, a subsidiary company of Tronic Vape. In other words, if you’re a liquid manufacturer, I’m in the trenches with you every day, all day. Yes, I realize flavor is of paramount importance to most consumers. However, as you may well know, flavor is but one minuscule piece of the overall picture. To make informed decisions about what you buy and vape, you must ensure that a company practices due diligence by researching three things: the product, the business and the business’ procedures.

When assessing the overall quality of a product, my attention turns to suppliers of raw ingredients. I am invariably concerned with the quality of nicotine, VG, PG and flavoring. Let’s face it, better ingredients yield better final products, and I am safe in assuming most consumers would tend to agree with me. Cheaper priced, bargain brand nicotine is not conducive to premium e-liquids. In fact, the variation in taste is typically noticeable.

Perhaps more crucial than the quality of a product is the caliber of the business making it. For my own peace of mind, I demand to know whether a manufacturer establishes two very simple—yet rarely achieved—safeguards on the back end: insurance and toxicology reports. Reputable companies should be carrying liability coverage policies on their e-liquids to protect both the retailer and consumer against potential medical claims. More to the point, regular, thorough toxicology reports conducted on e-liquid products should be readily available to retailers who are carrying the product line. Although these toxicology reports are not cheap, by any means, can we really put a price tag on the health of consumers? Obviously, the question is rhetorical, yet I find myself frustrated that so few of the companies with whom I’m familiar are doing these things.

Finally, due diligence involves being compliant with current regulations and policies at both the state and federal levels. Childproof caps, shrink bands, and Prop 65 warnings are the obvious essentials, but I tend to favor doing business with companies who stay ahead of the regulatory curve. For instance, implementing labels that list exact percentages of raw ingredients, along with the flavor profile, is not only more informative and convenient, but also going above and beyond what is currently mandated by law. Purchasing a SFATA membership, or even subscribing to the free CASAA email newsletter, are great tools to gain more insight into how this industry will be regulated. Remember, it isn’t a question of if, but when and to what degree.

So, in summation, be vigilant, informed and smart in deciding to whom you will give your business.