The Juice Judge: Clever Vape, Fluid, FanceeJuice, Avail, Vapor Shark

The Juice Judge

Juices are rated on a scale of 1-5 based on flavor, vapor production and throat-hit.


Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop

Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop, presented in a glass eye dropper bottle with an eye-catching label, won me over before I even tasted the juice. I am a sucker for unique labeling and packaging and Clever Juice has provided a strong case in this area. Brooklyn Pop, true to its description, is a refreshing cola juice with a subtle black cherry tone. It tastes fresh and light and may become a staple in my juice rotation.Vapor clouds were gorgeous and satisfying on this 50/50 mix while throat hit was above average. You can grab a 30ml bottle for $14.99 or flavor boost it for an additional $4 at


Flavor=5, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=4

Fluid’s Tangsicle

Fluid’s Tangsicle is a tasty orange dreamsicle juice that is more reminiscent of Hi-C than Tang with a cream accent on the backend, most noticeably on the exhale.If you like orange this juice is pretty tasty. Some folks at the table found the orange a little overpowering while others found it spot on in terms of its name and description. Our tester bottle was a 50/50 mix of PG/VG and vapor clouds were large and chewy. Throat hit was average. A 30ml bottle costs $15.99 and vapers can select PG/VG mix or add menthol at no additional cost at


Flavor=4, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=3

FanceeJuice’s Cloudarita

It took a little bit of vaping and some at the table never got it, but this juice does taste exactly like a lime margarita. The flavor is there, but at first it was a little faint. Toward the end we could nearly taste the salt on the end of the drip tip. This was an overall very tasty juice and receives high marks in the flavor category. Vapor production was stellar with voluminous clouds pouring from a fresh cartomizer. The only area it was average in was throat hit. On their website vaper scan select cloudiness, (PG/VG mix) and they also offer a margarita box where you can get a big juice of Cloudarita and blueberry, lime, watermelon, strawberry and mango mixers to mix a perfect margarita in the atomizer.FanceeJuicetouts their juice as premium e-liquid, and it costs $20.99 for a 30ml bottle.


Flavor=5, Vapor=5, Throat Hit=3


Avail’s Piña Colada

If you like Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain … I can’t recommend getting it from Avail. This juice tastes like it’s large batch created, rebranded and resold. In a word, it’s gross. It only tasted marginally like coconut to one person at the table while others mentioned that it was unvapeable. Vapor production is average and we cannot say why as the bottle did not represent the mix of PG and VG. Throat hit was nonexistent. Their site currently is in launch status and has no pricing information.But, you can view their other juices, which are hopefully better, at


Flavor=1, Vapor=3, Throat Hit=1

Vapor Shark’s Ice Tart

Vapor Shark’s Ice Tart is a mentholated Pixie Stix juice. The jury is out on this one as the menthol is not very fresh or crisp and fades very quickly while the Pixie Stix flavor is very muted. Vapor production is average and the bottle did not represent the mix of PG and VG. Throathit was average for a mentholated juice. While vapers can choose the level of nicotine on the site it does not appear you can select the mix of PG/VG. A 30ml bottle is approximately $14.99 and is sold at


Flavor=3, Vapor=3, Throat Hit=3

Follow Your State to Capitol Hill

unnamedAccording to the Harvard Business Review, “Face-to-face communication is the broadest bandwidth communication you can have in professional life.” For that reason and because the vapor industry is under tremendous threat at the state and federal levels, this “Fly-In” season, SFATA has decided to maintain a presence on the Hill rather than organize a large one-time visit.
SFATA said in its recent newsletter that it is imperative that we keep pressure on elected officials and let them know that 2015 is a crucial year. See below for the month that your state will be hitting the Hill. Specific dates are currently being selected and are based on legislator/staffer availability.

March 18: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio
April 30: New York, Tennessee
May: Texas, Oklahoma
June: North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland
July: Kentucky, Florida, Arizona
Please contact with questions or to confirm your desire to participate.

Oklahoma County Mulls Vaping Restrictions

multco_logoOklahoma is one of the booming Midwest states for the e-cigarette business, and Multnomah County health officials are seeking restrictions on vaping and subsequent products. reports that officials held a meeting last month for the pulic and county commissioners, debating vaping age restrictions, licensing requirements for shops and further rules regarding vaping in public places.

The community agree on regulated age restrictions on e-cigarettes, while most of the argument stems from whether the unregulated e-cig is indeed a way to quit smoking or is just another way of pulling children in to a habit. However, in Oklahoma, if a heavy fine is passed on to retailers who do sell e-cigs to minors, the fine on repeat offenders could result in losing sales tax licenses.

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Center for Tobacco Products Director Named SFATA Conference Headliner

url-1SFATA is proud to announce Mitch Zeller, J.D., director of the Center for Tobacco Products, will headline this year’s conference.

As director of the Center for Tobacco Products, Zeller leads the FDA’s efforts to reduce the disease and death from tobacco use and bring previously unavailable information about its dangers to light. Zeller is dedicated to carrying out CTP’s charge to reduce the harm from all tobacco products across the entire population—with a focus on how and why people start, stop or start again after stopping.

The vapor industry is facing its most critical year yet. In 2015, vapor product face significant challenges from pending federal regulation, state taxation and legislation, as well as prohibitions and bans.

Join SFATA—the leading and largest vapor trade association—for a remarkable two-day event designed to provide attendees with the information and tools needed in 2015 to make the right business and investment decisions and continue to explore the potential vapor products have to eliminate the harm caused by combusted cigarettes. Find out next steps in advance of the FDA’s final deeming rule and in light of actions being taken in various states.

Who Should Attend:
Vapor storeowners, manufacturers, distributors, investors, wholesalers, legislators, and other industry interested parties.
Sunday, May 3
4-7 p.m.                 Advance Registration

Monday, May 4
8 a.m.-5 p.m.                General Session
5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.      Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, May 5
9 a.m.–1 p.m.        General Session/Breakouts
2–6 p.m.                SFATA Chapter Training
7–9 p.m.                SFATA Chapter Cocktail Reception

Click here for more presenters and information.

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Please email with questions.

Reserve Your Booth for ECC/VPX

urlLocated at the US/Canada border, The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls will be home to the first ever ECC collaborative effort: The Vaper’s Exhibit (VPX).

The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls combines 116,000 square feet of versatile state-of-the-art indoor meeting and event space with vibrant outdoor activities. Its unique Western New York location, along the dynamic Old Falls Street, USA, offers a myriad of customized convention, meeting and banquet options including the ability to host private outdoor receptions, just footsteps from Niagara Falls State Park and the famed waterfalls themselves. The facility is also just a quick 20-minute drive from Buffalo, N.Y.

The Vaper’s Exhibit by ECC will be a 2-day event (Thurs, Fri) and will feature both B2B and B2C sessions. Reserve your booth today.

Official Lodging partner for VPX is Sheraton At the Falls. Discounted packages will be offered to all VPX exhibitors.

California Senator Mark Leno Says ‘Hundreds of Thousands of E-Cigarette Users Will Die’

Photo by the

Photo by the

Whether it’s e-cigarettes or analogs, nicotine is an addiction and it kills, according to California Senator Mark Leno (D-Calif.). reports that Leno recently spoke to Reuters, and was quoted as saying, “We’re going to see hundreds of thousands of family members and friends die from e-cigarette use just like we did from traditional tobacco use.”

Fresh on the heels of a potential public ban in California, Leno’s remarks were offset by the American Vaping Association’s Gregory Conley.

“California smokers deserve truthful information about smoke-free alternatives, not hype and conjecture designed to scare them away from attempting to quit with these innovative technology products,” Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said in a press release.

With no solid evidence that e-cigarettes are indeed a public health threat, the tobaccoanalysis story is calling Leno’s remarks a “propaganda campaign.”

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California Department of Public Health Releases Report, Denounces E-Cigs reports that the California Department of Public Health recently released a new report, and it doesn’t look good for proponents of e-cigarettes.

Risks of the devices growing in popularity were outlined, including that they contain nicotine and “other harmful chemicals” and that they are not FDA approved as smoking cessation devices.

The state’s health officer, Dr. Ron Chapman, advised Californians to avoid usage altogether and to keep them away from children.

“The news comes as the California state legislature considers a ban on the devices in public places, as well as new measures against selling them to minors,” reported.

For the full story, visit To read the full report, click here.

Vaper Expo UK Chooses NEC, Announces Diamond Sponsors

Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC) has been chosen as the host of a brand new show—The Vaper Expo—dedicated to the fast growing e-cigarettes and vaping industry. The public exhibition will take place in the NEC’s Pavillion July 11 and 12.

The show will bring together members of the vaping community, including vendors and consumers, to showcase the most sought after products in the industry. It will benefit from the NEC’s unrivalled connectivity by road and rail and its location within a three hour drive time of 75 percent of the U.K. population to reach a national audience.

Lee Skelding, show director, said in a statement: “We believe we have secured the best possible and most suitable venue here in the UK to host our own much needed trade and public vaping exhibition. The NEC is one of the U.K.’s biggest exhibition venues and offers the space and amenities needed to bring together industry retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. We have some fantastic exhibitors lined up for the show, including; our official sponsor, Cutwood; our platinum sponsor, Diamond Mist; and the U.K.’s biggest vendor, Totally Wicked.”

David Gallagher, the NEC’s new business development manager – exhibitions, said in a statement: “At the NEC, we aim to give our visitors the opportunity to learn about new industries and we are always looking for new markets to explore. The Vaper Expo UK is one of the first of its kind in the U.K. and caters for a relatively new market so it’s a perfect fit for the NEC.”

For an exclusive look at the Vaper Expo UK, make sure to pick up VAPE Magazine’s Europe issue, out in late March.

New Surgeon General Desperate for E-Cig Clarity

mainLogo_480X91The United States appointed a new surgeon general in December, and Dr. Vivek Murthy says that public health officials are “in desperate need of clarity on electronic cigarettes to help guide policies,” according to a story on
This statement and the subsequent surgeon general’s worry came in Richmond as part of a cross-country “listening tour.” Murthy says that there are too many unknowns with e-cigs. Are they a gateway to smoking? Should the rapid growth of e-cigs be of a concern? What contents are exactly in an e-cigarette?
The Examiner reports that scientists haven’t finished “much research on e-cigarettes,” and studies that have been finished are “inconclusive.”

Maryland County’s Ban Efforts Receive Mixed Reviews

gzlogo2012Bill discussions late last month in Montgomery County, Maryland to treat e-cigarettes like analogs is up for debate. The new bill, proposed by Councilwoman Nancy Floreen (D-At Large), also prevents the sale of vaping products to minors, according to a story on

The public isn’t exactly on the vaping ban bandwagon, in a county that prohbits smoking in various public places. “Opponents of the bill included people who have used the products to stop smoking tobacco,” the Gazette story read. Opponents fear that banning vaping will hurt public health, since vaping is a healther alternative to cigarettes.

Those for the ban say that vapor is not pure, and is a public health nuisance, and that there is too much unknown. They do not want to wait for the FDA to make regulations, they want to self regulate at the county level.

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FAA Says Don’t Check E-Cigs, Carry On

Vapes-on-a-PlaneEven though you can’t puff on a plane, the Federal Aviation Administration wants you to be able to carry your e-cig on instead of checking, according to a recent story in the Washington Post. In fact, they want it to be a requirement.

E-cigarettes in checked bags seem to be more hazardous, according to the FAA, after two incidents where e-cigs caused checked bags to catch fire. One was at Boston’s Logan Airport and the other at Los Angeles International Airport. The Boston incident caused the aircraft to be evacuated, the other happened in a luggage area in a bag that missed its flight.

The Post reports that U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) took the first step by asking the U.S. Department of Transportation whether e-cigarettes should be allowed on airplanes at all. He and other senators also had urged the USDOT to ban e-cigarette use on board airliners.

While this isn’t a hard and fast rule yet, the FAA wants airlines to publicize the potential problem on web sites and at airport check-in counters.

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