August 2013

RSST: An RBA for beginners

An RBA for beginners

By Mike Baucum


The Genesis style atomizers are known to many as the "cream of the crop" in the vaping world due to the amazing flavor and big clouds they can produce. With that comes the rumored terrors of building coils, leaking tanks and dry wicks.     


The Rebuildable Stainless Steel Tank (RSST) is the light at the end of the tunnel for novice and experienced vapers alike.

It's not only easy to set up, but has all of the features vapers could want in their first rebuildable, including:

  • An insulated wick hole to stop vapers from shorting out the coil on their decks.
  • A plastic tank that can take a fair amount of abuse compared to glass, which most Gennys come with.
  • A spring kept positive post connection, so vapers do not bend wicks when finishing their coil.  

The RSST from SmokTech is a great way to take the dive into the world of rebuildable atomizers, and for approximately $30 vapers are not breaking the bank to break new ground on exploration to find the perfect vape.