April 2016

Mods & Me – A Vape Journey of Inevitability


By Tony Ottomanelli II

So what is it exactly that I have to share about Mods. Well, at this juncture in my vaping lifestyle, I actually have much to report on the matter at hand. I have recently switched over from strictly Vape pens to using primarily Mods with RDAs. This is my story about that transition.

I think the best place to begin with the story of my journey of becoming a vaper is to simply start from the very beginning of my days where I was first exposed to tobacco cigarettes. After all, most vapers are former smokers.

Taking this into account, the very first time I smoked a cigarette, I was in Middle School and I was doing it to be cool, or so I thought. I wanted to look older than I was, because when you’re that age, being an adult seemed “cool,” since adults had more freedom than teenagers. Now when I look back on it, I wish vaping was around rather than just the deadly tobacco cigarettes. Could you imagine if vaping were around back in the early to mid-90s? That would have changed my lifestyle over the past 20 years a great deal.

Given how much vaping has evolved, I’m still impressed with the technological advancements. I can not even begin to imagine what the market would be like if vaping had been around for more than 20 years.

Not only does the market continually evolve in technological features, we, as vapers, also evolve. For example, I was a smoker for more than 15 years. Sure, I enjoyed it, but I began chain smoking while living in Chicago where cigarettes were literally $10 per pack. That is quite a bit of wasted money when you consider I smoked more than a pack a day; that’s nearly $100 a week.

At this point, you may be thinking “seriously what does this have to do with mods?” Don’t worry I’m getting to it.

When I finally gave into switching from tobacco cigarettes to participating in the art of vaping, I first started using e-cigs, or cigalikes, such as VUSE or BLU. Those were the very first two brands I tried for almost two months, but of course, like most vapers, I didn’t want to support Big Tobacco products. I needed better flavor with more vapor production.

So, like a parallel entity of the evolving vape industry, I too began my vaping evolution. As suggested in the title, it is inevitable, a vaping journey surely will evolve no matter what the case.

Therefore, after switching to strictly vaping, I upgraded to vape-pens. At first, it was just the basic eGo set-up — 600mah battery with a cheap knock-off top fill tank, in which I only vaped tobacco flavored E-Liquids. Basically, slowly but surely, I was learning how to vape. Correctly.

After using this slightly unsatisfying device for a couple weeks, I moved onto something better. A device with variable voltage battery power, the Vision Spinner II with a Nautilus mini tank, Vaping more fruity flavors. I quickly became obsessed with collecting Vape-pens, each one with different flavored juice accompanying each tank.

Everyone urged me to at least get a device that was subohm, but I vaped 12mg, and vapers know you don’t want to be caught dripping 12mg or vaping any nicotine strength above 3mg or 6mg with today’s mods. I guess it depends on how tough you are, because I have a friend who vapes 18mg out of a sub-ohm tank and box mod setup. Perhaps some do drip 12mg with an RDA, but for most vapers, that’s just far too harsh. Furthermore, for about a year I preferred the higher nicotine strengths, so I continued to use pens exclusively.

All of my vaping friends would urge me to get a real mod, but I could never give in because I didn’t want to give up the

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stronger nicotine. Taking this into account, I came across a Sigelei 50w Box Mod for only $30, what kind of a vaper would I be to pass up that deal? My time had come, the evolution of the vaper was beginning to take hold.

My next purchase was an INNOKIN iSub APEX Tank. Using the APEX tank, I was getting great flavor and producing large clouds of thick vapor. Oh boy, watch out now, I’m a pro. Next thing you know I’ll be blowin’ some Os. I wish I were kidding but I have been practicing and let me tell you, it ain’t easy to make O rings, yet practice makes perfect.

After buying that Sigelei Box Mod, it was all over for my vapepen obsession from there. My 12 mg preference was now a 3 mg preference. I began searching far and wide for the perfect RDA. I got lucky and I found that perfection in a Royal Hunter RDA.

Nowadays I don’t leave my house without at least three mods at all times. I typically now carry my Sigelei 50w box mod with either an RDA or my Aspire Triton tank as the top piece. The funny thing is even though the Sigelei was my first mod, it’s not even close to my favorite. That title goes to my iPV D2 mod with a Royal Hunter RDA. Quite the change for the pen-addict.

The other device I carry is my Tribus Alpha TC made by Royaltech. This particular device is somewhat special to me due to the fact that it was free. I did a review video of the mod, and fell in love with it.

Regardless, no matter how or when you begin vaping, eventually you will work your way up to the world of mods. It may take a while — at least it did for me.

Of course I’m going by my own personal experience. However, most of the vapers I know or talk to tell me they began with the tobacco or menthol type flavors and then transitioned to fruity or custard flavors. For all of you who are just beginning your journey or those of you who are hesitant to make the move to a mod, give it some time — it’s inevitable.

– Tony Ottomanelli II