April 2015

The XPRO by Smoktech: A Review

VAPE-April201562The XPRO by Smoktech: A Review

By Leigh Oates
Photo by James Sweitzer

Smoktech recently introduced the XPRO, a full line of box mod batteries. I base this review on my usage of the SMOK XPRO M36 (45W upgrade). Having used this battery for a few weeks, my impression is favorable. I prefer the XPRO for its compact size, power capacity and versatility.

The XPRO series includes the M22, M36, M50 and now the powerful M80. I am using the SMOK XPRO M36 with the 45W mod upgrade. The logo on the body of the upgraded version shows M36. A sticker on the back of the box indicates the 45W upgrade.

There is a lot to like about this series of batteries; SMOK has been proactive on updating the product. The M36 has a 45W upgrade; the M50 has a 65W upgrade. Smoktech introduced the M80 with a big 80W of power, to keep up with the super power box trend. The M80 Plus is currently on pre-order. More powerful box mods exist, but the M80 stands out from its competitors because of its elegant design. I love the look and feel of these batteries! Smooth, and yet textured where it counts, the batteries give tactile pleasure. The SMOK XPRO 80W is larger than the M36 and M50 batteries, while the size of the M80 is more like a full deck of cards. The XPRO M36 fits in your hand like a large lighter. I am drawn to the dense, compact feel of the smaller box mods.

The popularity of the box mods is easy to understand. They don’t roll away; they stand upright. The larger size allows for more power and also space for displays. My XPRO has a range from 6W to 45W that allows me to sub-Ohm vape. Adjust the wattage, and I am ready to use higher resistance atomizers and tanks. I love that feature! Long press the up and down buttons for fast setting. You can adjust wattage by .1 increments from 6W to 45W. For me, that versatility is the major selling point of the battery. The XPRO M36 has a 2200 mAh power with an internal battery. The M50 accepts one IMR 18650 battery. With the M50 it is possible to change out the battery for a fresh one.

I referred to Health Cabin’s website and found their article titled “How to Use SMOK Xpro M50 Box Mod?” Despite characteristic awkward translation, the article provides a helpful explanation with pictures. The Health Cabin article tells about the low voltage feature of the M50. When the voltage is lower than 3.4V, the mod displays a low voltage warning. The M50 also has a short circuit and a low resistance protection feature. The mod cuts off in cases of short circuit or low resistance. Another unique feature of the XPRO is the mech mode. You can toggle between the VV and Mech Modes by using the menu. While the mod is on, press the power button three times in two seconds, and the menu screen will display. Toggle back and forth using the power button.

Smoktech also is a great source for XPRO info. The M50 product page features a video on Smoktech’s website. The M50 is “fairly light” at 115 grams. The M36 has the same body style, and the same weight. An aluminum zinc alloy comprises the “elegant” body. The M50 has a spring loaded pin for firm connection with the atomizer. Five holes in the bottom plate act as a cooling function to dissipate any heat. According to Smoktech, its patented mech mode gives a “whole wattage output from the battery.” If you want to explore a mech mode with your box, then currently the XPRO is your only option.

The body of the XPRO feels durable yet smooth. The textured sides allow for an easier grip and recessed buttons. Of course, recessed buttons make it more difficult to accidentally press them, and that’s a good thing! The battery has a locking feature to make it safe to carry in a purse or pocket. A kit included eGo/510 adapter gives even more versatility.

The XPRO has a lightning fast charging time with a USB port. Plug the battery in and watch the percentages go up. Replace the battery in your M50 by unscrewing the bottom plate. Other batteries in the line are self-contained battery units. In his video “Smok Xpro M50 Review from Eciggity—VapingwithTwisted420,” YouTube reviewer VapingwithTwisted420 said that changing the battery in the M50 can be tedious. He said that the battery has a tight fit and that the removable plate is hard to get back on. Even Smoktech themselves recommends not to dismantle the screws frequently. This is not an option I was able to explore with the M36.

The SMOK XPRO is a great little box mod. It is comparable to the iStick50 and the Sigelei vr250 in operation, size and power capacity, but has a few unique functions such as mech mode. I love the pass-through function as well. Pure convenience! Its range is 3.7 to 4.2 V and is capable of firing .2 to 4 Ohm atomizers. At a price point somewhere around $64.99, the XPRO is a great investment for a small, stealthy mod with enough power for everyday convenience and sub-Ohm vaping.