April 2015

Logic Releases First-Ever Rechargeable Closed-System Vaporizer

VAPE-April201548Logic Releases First-Ever Rechargeable Closed-System Vaporizer

By Erin Hedrick

In this growing industry it seems that everyone’s out to stake a new claim in the name of vaping. With all the new mods, atomizers and tanks that keep coming out, it’s easy to for-get about the less flashy devices, such as cigalikes and vape pens. Realizing this, LOGIC Technology developed a new product to take the convenience market by storm.

“We do think that LOGIC has a role with all vapers, and we ask them to give it a try because it is different and offers a different type of experience,” Miguel Martin, LOGIC’s president, said. “We look forward to being part of the entire community.”

LOGIC is the third largest cigalike company in the United States, and they are the largest independent company. They operate primarily in the United States (although they do offer international distribution) east of the Mississippi. They do very little business online, wanting to make items that are attractive to both buyers and retailers. They offer both nicotine and zero nicotine products.

In March LOGIC released the LOGIC Pro, the first-ever re-chargeable closed-system vaporizer. It is a simple-to-use three-part system consisting of the battery, the mouthpiece and a pre-filled, vacuum-sealed e-liquid capsule that screws directly into the battery, thus preventing accidental spilling and exposure. Change the capsule to change the flavor—it’s that simple! Unlike other devices, the heating element of the LOGIC Pro sits at the base of the e-liquid capsule, making it very direct and uninhibited. LOGIC took care to significantly upgrade the materials in this device, such as the metals and methods in regards to how it was made, ensuring a quality product for all adults of age. The LOGIC Pro also promises more usage from each capsule—25 percent more than a typical 10 ml bottle, to be exact—thanks to a larger battery and more advanced heating element.

What sparked the idea for this new vaporizer? The simple answer is strong consumer interest.

“Women, in particular, take issue with the loose liquid and potential child exposure,” Martin said, “The LOGIC Pro is much cleaner and easier to handle.”

LOGIC reported an astounding number of pre-orders. They don’t advertise a wide range of flavors (in fact they only have two—Black/Premium Tobacco and Black/Premium Menthol) and said they do not plan on adding any to their repertoire in the near future, so what makes the LOGIC Pro a better choice than a more traditional vaporizer?

Martin said, “It’s a cleaner and easier experience … you don’t have the refilling and degradation of things like wicks.” LOGIC also boasts that it’s “almost completely unlike anything else on the market,” so for someone who’s looking for an evolution from the current vaporizers, this is an interesting purchase. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these bad boys (thanks to LOGIC), and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. The design is very sleek and modern. It comes with a short-cord charger and a lanyard to match, which is nice for people on the go or, if you’re like me, people who don’t want to go digging around in their purses for hours. It’s easy to assemble (as long as you do like I didn’t and remove the silicone stoppers first) and ready to go straight out of the package. While I’m not a fan of tobacco (I vape for fun and flavor, not to kick the habit), I have to say that there is something very enjoyable about Black Tobacco flavor, which is what LOGIC was kind enough to send along with my unit. There’s something very earthy and robust to it, which is very pleasant to the palette.

While dripping and filling a tank are appealing and entertaining, I have to admit that the notion of not worrying about e-liquid getting everywhere is incredibly appealing. It would be nice to not have to worry about something coming loose and dumping my vape of the day. I also wouldn’t have to stash bottles and bulky mods (don’t get me wrong— I love my Jellyfish). I think the LOGIC’s new LOGIC Pro is a hot up-and-coming item that offers vapers of every state something simple and handy. I love the idea of something I can take with me while I’m out and about—a perfect vape on the go device—and I definitely see this in the LOGIC Pro. Maybe someday LOGIC will offer a wider variety of flavors so that I can fully get on board with them. Until then I live with three smokers; maybe I can use the LOGIC Pro to convince them to embrace their inner vaper.

For more information, visit http://store.logicecig.com/.