April 2015

Let’s Ask Grimm Green: Big Clouds Small Budget



By Nick Green Photo by Metal Jeff

Fairly new to this but loving every minute. Wanting an awesome mod for heavy thick clouds but flavor is really important …. any thoughts? Also my cash funds are limited.-Shawn

Hey Shawn. For this were going to have to use something I call my “vape budget hands.” Everything in the vape world costs money. It’s up to you to decide where you want to invest that money. Between mods, atomizers and batteries, it’s easy to quickly get into the hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

I would suggest getting on Google and looking for the SelectVape eBay store. They specialize in “mod kits” for around $50 to $60. You can purchase a kit that will have a mech mod, an atomizer and even a good Sony or MXJO battery included. This is a great way to really get started with almost everything you need to start blowing clouds.

The performance of the gear you buy depends heavily on how you build your atomizer and what kind of battery you have inside your device. It is possible to get VERY big clouds that also have a very nice flavor. Practice practice practice. It pays off in delicious vapor every time.



What’s the best setting for a eLeaf iStick 20w with a Nautilus mini tank?


Hey Chris. The easiest thing to do when trying to figure out what wattage to vape at is to adjust to taste. I do this all the time. I’ll start my wattage very low and work my way up to where if feels right. You can always back it down again if it starts getting burnt tasting.

This method will give you a good starting point. So, next time when you plug on a new coil head you can remember “My last coil head was 1.5 Ohms and I was at 15 w. So, this time I’ll start at 15 w and see how that tastes.”

I end up adjusting my wattage both up and down occasionally during the day. There is no one perfect setting for everyone’s tastes. Some people like a shorter hotter vape, some people like a longer cooler vape. Just adjust and see where you like it.