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Victim Of E-Cig Explosion Recommends Education In Lieu Of Vapor Product Ban

Reactionary politics have seemingly taken center stage in the debate over vapor product safety, with Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announcing Sunday that a vapor product recall should be strongly considered for products that have been reported to inflict harm upon their users.

Schumer has not been shy in expressing his opinion on vapor products, calling the devices “ticking time bombs”, following several reports of fires and explosions that have resulted in bodily harm.

(REUTERS/ Mike Segar)
(REUTERS/ Mike Segar)

While select politicians and anti-vaping zealots have taken to sharpening their pitchforks over the matter, Mike Rose, a college student who fell victim to an e-cigarette explosion, has come out in strong opposition of vapor product recalls and outright bans.

Rose is suggesting that education regarding proper use of vapor products with an emphasis on safety should be focused on instead, according to KETV, an ABC affiliate in Nebraska.

“Vapes are something I stay away from,” Rose said, “but I don’t have a negative view on them.”

In October 2015, the college student had a device blow up in his face, knocking out his teeth, which required months of reconstructive surgery, KETV reports.

“People should be aware of what can go wrong, and how to avoid it,” Rose said.

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