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Vapor Shark Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Gilla E-Liquid Products In Florida State, Partnership Recently Announced


As Vapor Shark Inc. positions itself to weather the storm expected to rain down on the e-cigarette industry given the Food and Drug Administration’s laid regulatory framework, the Florida based company has recently accepted a partnership with Gilla, a fast-growing designer, manufacturer and marketer of e-liquid.

Vapor Shark will now be the exclusive distributor of Gilla’s Coil Glaze brand of e-liquid in the State of Florida. Coil Glaze is sold in over 25 countries, according to J. Graham Simmonds, Chairman and CEO of Gilla, who anticipates his company’s partnership with Vapor Shark to be crucial in furthering distribution for Coil Glaze.

gilla_logo“Our relationship with Vapor Shark demonstrates the continued success of our distributor-driven business model,” Simmonds said in a company statement. “We will continue our focus of working with leading distributors for our key brands across multiple geographies while providing our marketing focus at the store level to enhance sell-through and awareness.”

Aside from Coil Glaze, Gilla’s product portfolio includes brands like, The Drip Factory, Miss Pennysworth’s Elixirs and The Mad Alchemist. These products, along with Coil Glaze, will find a home somewhere among Vapor Shark’s 38 franchised Florida vape shops, and at more than 3,000 independent retailers that Vapor Shark has already been distributing product to.

“As regulatory pressures threaten to restrict product diversity and undermine consumer choice within the e-liquid industry, Vapor Shark is committed to preserving and broadening a portfolio of quality e-liquid products that we believe represent the best of what this industry has to offer,“ said Brandon Leidel, CEO of Vapor Shark.

He added, “We are pleased to include Coil Glaze among our list of exclusive product offerings in the State of Florida.”

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