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Vapor Products To Undergo New Product Classification In Belgium

Stitched PanoramaLegislation transposing the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) with a new classification for vapor products was originally drafted and suspended in late October, but will now become law in Belgium.

Beginning January 17, 2017 vapor products in Belgium, which include vaping hardware and e-liquids containing nicotine, will be considered consumer products rather than medical devices that were once exclusively sold by pharmacists and retailers with medical licenses, according to ECigIntelligence.

The new regulation will include restrictions on sales of vapor products containing nicotine, and will also include limitations on product packaging and advertising. Additionally, online sales of e-cigarette devices will be banned, ECigIntelligence reports.

The fear gripping vapers in Belgium is that the new regulatory framework that’s soon to be instated will subject vaping to existing tobacco laws, and will therefore cripple the e-cig industry and stifle expansion.

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